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Welcome to My Moon Guide where you can find help in using the energy of cycles. Each half of the Moon cycle lasts about 14 days. Like the breath, cycles alternate in quality between building and releasing. Using the law of cycles assists us in being present and in harmony with our world. 


At the time of the New Moon the Sun and Moon are together at the same degree and sign. This time brings together our inner and outer selves, the conscious and unconscious, male and female elements of our being to determine what we want in our lives and join with Divinity to manifest that.


For this New Moon the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Virgo with Saturn exactly 120º away. In astrology we look for angles for activation of energy. 120º angle is called a trine and this is a powerful angle for positive growth. Pluto and Jupiter are close to Saturn and contribute to the energy of the trine. In fact Pluto the slow moving force of transformation is driving much of this growth. This configuration makes this a particularly powerful Moon.


Follow along with USING THE MOON to take simple and easy steps to partner with The Power of the Universe to bring your dreams to reality.

Using the Sun/Moon sign as a guide we: identify our dreams and desires and set the intention to make it so.  Then we use just one or two of these desires for our focus knowing that working on any one item activates all. We work with the energy of gratitude to take concrete steps toward our goal. Finally we fully imagine the fulfillment of our intention. I like to remind myself during the manifesting cycle of something I learned from Beatrix Quntana. She always added, “this or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned". 


The New Moon cycle will end with the next Full Moon. Take time during this manifesting cycle to work with the Law of Cycles and Abundance to bring your dreams to reality. Experiment with the practices found in USING THE MOON. Connect with the obvious cycles of Nature and just follow along and notice how life begins to change for the better. 


MOON INFO will guide you to finding the Moon and connecting with nature in a special and powerful way.  ASTRONEWS is a quick way to get an idea of where the various planets are and the energy that might be affecting us. I don't have a current pod cast right now, but keep checking. 


 I update every 3 or 4 days with the tips on using the current Moon phase. Be sure to check in often- Life is too short to leave out magic! My Moon Guide brings a bit of magic to life every day. Tell your friends and share. 


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Experimental Astrology Class

Astrology is a major tool for living a magical life. This experimental and experiential class invites archetypes, as represented in the planets and signs of astrology, to express and inform us of their influence and impact with one another and on our lives. 

What happens in class is strongly influenced by the happenings of the day and time. This is an informal class. No previous knowledge of astrology is needed however, a sense of curiosity, willingness to play and experiment, and a tolerance for fun is essential.

Next Class date TBD.

Next up will be Uranus: Awakener     

Fee: $20.00  with advance registration. $35.00 on day of class



or call me for details  858 481-6300

Join us - no astrological knowledge needed for this class. 

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