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full MOON IN aries


Welcome to My Moon Guide where you can find help in using the energy of cycles. This Full Moon Releasing Cycle begins October 13, and ends October 27. Each half of the Moon cycle lasts about 14 days. Like the breath, cycles alternate in quality between building and releasing. Using the law of cycles assists us in being present and in harmony with our world. 


The Full Moon is the first phase of the Releasing Cycle.  In this phase the Sun and Moon appear to be on opposite sides of the earth. The Sun lights the day and the Moon reflects the Sun's light to light the night.  The darker aspect of the Moon sign becomes visible and allows us to release blocks and obstacles associated with the Moon's sign.  We can partner with the Power of the Universe to identify and release those beliefs, patterns, behaviors and attitudes that stand in the way of being our best self and living the life of our dreams. What we do now clears the way for manifesting during the New Moon in Aries that will come in the spring of next year.


Take time during this releasing cycle to do your part by making your release list, making the symbolic offering of the disseminating cycle, exercising forgiveness, and relaxing into the void with confidence that the Divine plan is in motion. You can find some help with this by looking at  USING THE MOON on this site.


During the releasing cycle do your follow along with My Moon Guide's USING THE MOON on this site. Every day make sure to take a look at the Moon to strengthen your connection with this supportive and energetic celestial object. Take time to appreciate your human life on this planet and the unique opportunities human incarnation offers us to learn and develop to be the best we can be.   


MOON INFO will guide you to find the Moon and connect with nature in a special and powerful way. ASTRONEWS is a quick way to get an idea of where the varius planets are and the energy that might be affecting us. I don't have acurrent pod cast right now, but keep checking. 


I update this site  every 3 or 4 days sithe tips on using the current Moon phase. Be sure to check in often. Life is too short to leave out the magic! My Moon Guide brings a bit of magic to life every day. Tell your friends and share.

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Experimental Astrology Class

Astrology is a major tool for living a magical life. This experimental and experiential class invites archetypes, as represented in the planets and signs of astrology, to express and inform us of their influence and impact with one another and on our lives. 

What happens in class is strongly influenced by the happenings of the day and time. This is an informal class. No previous knowledge of astrology is needed however, a sense of curiosity, willingness to play and experiment, and a tolerance for fun is essential.

Next Class date TBD.

Mercury Retrograde and you. 

Friday, October 18. 6:30-8:00           for details, contact     

Fee: $20.00  with advance registration. $35.00 after October 16.



or call me for details  858 481-6300

Join us - no astrological knowledge needed for this class. 

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