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Welcome to My Moon Guide where you can find help in using the energy of cycles. This Full Moon Releasing cycle begins July 23. Each half of the Moon cycle lasts about 14 days. Like the breath, cycles alternate in quality between building and releasing.  Using the law of cycles supports being present and in harmony with our world and mymoonguide will help you work with this cycle 


The Full Moon begins the Releasing Cycle, the time to identify and intend to release those habits, behaviors, attitudes and activities that no longer serve you. This helps make space for the fulfillment we set in pattern in the New Moon cycles. This particular Moon releases to prepare for the manifestation cycle coming in the beginning of 2022.


The key phrase for Leo is I WILL and for Aquarius, I KNOW. The illumination that comes at the Full Moon shows us the challenges in holding the axis of the Sun/Moon opposition. Now the light of the personal will can shine a light toward what holds us from true freedom.


This Moon is the celebration of Guru Purnima. The feast celebrated by many traditions to honor Guru, the dispeller of darkness. This is the time to recognize all our teachers and their lines. I think of it a time to honor those who carry that energy that pushes me to align my will to that which drives self-realization, awakening, and knowledge of true reality.


Begin the Releasing Cycle reflecting on a better world and those who have guided humanity toward making that world a reality. Take time during this releasing cycle to explore release and forgiveness. Allow time to identify those things that bind you to unhappiness, shame, and judgment of yourself and others and finally take pause, rest, and trust in Divine action and timing.


USING THE MOON will give you ideas to best use this building cycle in ways designed to bring dreams to reality and manifest the abundance that is already yours. MOON INFO will guide you to finding the Moon and connecting with nature in a special and powerful way. 


ASTRONEWS is a quick way to get an idea of where the various planets are and just how their energies might be affecting us. I hope you can make use of the exercises and suggestions designed to help you use the power of intention and law of cycles. i update every 3 or 4 days with tips on using the current Moon phase. Be sure to check in often-Life is too short to leave out the magic and My Moon Guide brings a bit of magic to life every day.Tell your friends and share.




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I'd like to share with you the basics of astrology using the chart you will likely find the most captivating--your own. It will be what you will use to learn and/or review the basics of astrology.

Astrologers of all levels are welcome, but no astrological knowledge is required. Interest, curiosity, and sense of adventure are essential.  What happens in class is strongly influenced by the happenings of the day and time.

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