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updated 9/25/2022 Be sure to scroll down for recent updates in planetary changes and hints on how to use those changes to make your life better.

Astrological Update


September 22 – October 23


Libra is a cardinal sign in the element of Air. Libra brings in a change of season at the point of balance, the equinox, when day and night are balanced and at the midpoint of the north/south seasonal journey of the Sun. In the northern hemisphere, Libra is the entry to autumn and the beginning of movement within. Libra represents the opening of the soul to “the other”.


The symbol for Libra is the scales and the sign is ruled by Venus. Libra is the sign of “we” consciousness. Peace loving and refined Libra seeks justice and harmony. At its best Libra is diplomatic and works well with others especially in projects that bring beauty and kindness to the world. They are often lovely in appearance and bring willingness to compromise, forgive, and work on relationship. The greatest challenge to Libra is acknowledging and tolerating the negative and uglier/dirtier side of life. Often wishy washy and challenged by decision making those strongly influenced by Libra find it hard to set boundaries and say and mean “no”.  There is often a sense of being unjustly treated or betrayed by friends and partners.


In the journey of the soul Libra is the point at which the personality recognizes the need for relationship for growth and happiness. Kindness for the other balances the needs and drives of the ego. Beauty makes life more tolerable. In Libra there is always a place for grace.







Where are the planet?

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Sun in Libra a7

9/22 6:04 pm pdt

Sun in Scorpio a8

10/23 3:36 am



Mercury in Libra d7

8/25 6:03 pm pdt

Mercury storm


Mercury Retro in Libra dn 7

9/9 8:38 pm

Mercury Retro in Virgo dn 6

9/23 5:04 am pdt

Mercury Direct in Virgo  dD 6

10/2 2:07 am pdt

Mercury leaves storm


Whew that’s over and it was a tough one.


Mercury in Libra d7


Mercury in Scorpio d8




Venus in Virgo f6

9/5 8:41 pm pdt

Venus in Libra f7

9/29 12:49 am

Venus in Scorpio f8

10/23 12:52 am pdt



Mars in Gemini g3

8/20 12:56 am pdt

Mars Retro in Gemini hn3

10/30 6:26 am


Jupiter Retro into Pisces hn=

10/27 10:10 pm pdt

Jupiter Direct in Pisces hD 28=

11/23 3:02 pm pst

Jupiter into Aries h1

12/20 6:32 am pdt



Saturn Direct in Aquarius j D 18-

10/22 9:07 pm pdt



Uranus Retro in Taurus kn 162

8/24 6:54am pdt



Neptune Direct in Pisces lD 22=

12/3 4:15 pm pst   



Pluto Direct in Capricorn ; 260

10/8 2:56 pm pdt



Chiron Direct in Aries c D 111

12/23 1:31 am pst



This Mercury Retro is really punishing me. You too? I’m guess that is a definite “yes”. Somehow all the info I had posted on this retrograde disappeared into digital space. When I failed to find it and my web hosters are doing maintenance. I’m so glad I got the newest New Moon stuff up. OK. You find below the dates and degrees of Mercury retro, shadow, and direct- all the other planets also. I’ll do what I can to get us something about the retro. It is enough to start with this is all about communication and relating and relationships. Mercury is still retrograde and is very close to the Sun/Moon conjunction we call the New Moon. This contributes to most people thinking they are the only ones having challenges. Venus is close also. You would think this would soften the effects and it might, but it is more likely this will contribute to heightened sensitivity and taking it all personally. Strangely, Pluto offers some help. All I can say and suggest is you bring some oxytocin on board. Hugs help. It might make it easier to be kinder and softer and more forgiving and remember we are all feeling this.

This will be the third retrograde of Mercury of 2022. The first was in January in Aquarius and Capricorn. The second was in May in Gemini and Taurus. This one is September and will be in Libra and Virgo. Our “bonus” retrograde will cross us into 2023 as the retrograde begins December 29 of 2022 Capricorn to Sagittarius.




            AUGUST 25 – SEPT. 9

 The hallmark of Mercury in Libra is diplomacy and relationship. This encourages skillful use of tact. It is in this sign that Mercury will station (seem to stand still as it seemingly changes direction). Mental focus will be on fairness and civility.  

Mercury will be in its storm (moving very slowly) from September 4, to actual retrograde on September 9.  



            SEPT. 9- SEPT. 23

During the Libra portion of the retrograde the review will be of close relationships- marriage and intimate relationships, partnerships, one to one relationships, and known enemies. I encourage those in close relationships to review, reexamine, and reconcile disagreements and misunderstandings of the past. Retrograde is not a time to be begin new projects but it is a time to tie up loose ends. When Mercury is retrograde attention to what is said is extremely important. This will also be true in the Virgo portion of the retrograde.


Though this retrograde could bring major miscommunications in any close relationship. It can also offer a chance to put relationships right. Lovers, friends, and enemies are likely to revisit you in some form or another. Take the time to use this review to let go of relationship baggage and clear up misunderstandings.

This retrograde is particularly focused on agreements between 2 parties. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or to put something writing. Pretend everyone is speaking a different language and make sure the translation is accurate. If there is old business that left you unsettled, this is a good time to finish it up.

As always, some things can’t be delayed or the timing is beyond our control. If you must go forward, ask lots of questions and read the fine print. 



            SEPT. 24- OCT. 2

During the Libra portion of the retrograde focus was on relationship. During the Virgo portion the focus is on granular review of details of life, health issues, and job-related topics. Carefully take a look at what habits are working for you and make a plan of what you might do differently in the future. Wait til we are back in Mercury forward motion to put these plans into action. Use your ability to analyze the small things and take an honest look at the success for failure of past approaches to making positive changes.



            OCT. 2 – OCT. 10

Mercury is in its storm for the Oct. 5 then just a few days before the move to Libra. I hope you might have used the end of the retro and beginning of direct motion to REst and set in place some updates to your approach to job, handling the small stuff, and health.



            OCT. 10 – OCT 29

At last, we will revisit Libra direct with some of the baggage we brought sorted and released. Now what was it you reviewed with your partner back in the beginning of September? I hope you took some good notes. Let’s make these retrogrades count and the insights they brought become the material of positive change.

Mercury in Libra is the diplomat so bring your skillful and kind mind to the present.


Just a note: I am curious to see how this retrograde impacts the US and the world. Let your curiosity drive you to look at the world stage to learn more about. For this look at position of the slow moving planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto relationship with Mercury.



Venus in Virgo

Sept. 4 – Sept. 29


Venus is uncomfortable in Virgo, the sign ruled by Mercury. Venus is not particularly happy or comfortable with the cool mental quality of Virgo, nor is she at peace with taking care of details. I think the goddess of love and beauty can find plenty to do and even enjoy during the stay in Virgo. This is a great time to beautify your workspace, take care of house plants and pets and generally pretty things up.


You might use the energy of Venus in Virgo to make healthy meals beautiful as well as tasty. While Mercury is retrograde, plan the party you would like to have when Mercury and Venus and the Sun are all in Libra. A gathering to honor friendship, commitment to love, beauty, and civility. Libra time is a time to practice peace and prepare for the movement within that comes in the Autumn.


Mars in Gemini

August 20 - March 25


Mars, the planet of action and passion as well as war will be in Gemini into March of 2023. This includes a lengthly retrograde that will have us all on a personal level reviewing what puts us in motion, what is worth fighting for, and what drives our passion. 

The extreme energy of Mars is in the mental enviornment of Gemini. This could definitely increase the need to wiggle and fidget, but could also drive passionate oratory.






Jupiter in Pisces

December 27,2021 



Jupiter changes signs every year. We are finishing up Jupiter's time in Aquarius and now the Big Planet of expansion is moving into watery and sensitive Pisces. There will be opportunities for either escapism and denial and its consequences or elevating our consciousness and choosing the way of the mystic and peacemaker and facing reality and Reality. There are consequences either way.


Jupiter's challenge is an ego that stays right sized. When this is so, justice and fairness are the rule. Beware of excess and grandiosity. This transit has promise of great breakthroughs and sudden insights-- and hope. 


Uranus and Jupiter just might make beautiful music together and all will benefit. 







Saturn in Aquarius

December 17, 2020 - March 7, 2023



We are already feeling some of what this will mean as groups (Aquarius) are restricted (Saturn) and the future (Aquarius) seems serious and dire (Saturn). We always get a hint of what is to come at the ingress. We can use the lessons of Saturn of to move forward. 


Saturn in Aquarius

December 17, 2020 - March 7, 2023


It takes Saturn about 30 years to travel through all the signs and it will be in Aquarius til early 2023 with a bit of back and forth that year, finally landing in Pisces. Saturn is the teacher and the disciplinarian. It is under the influence of Saturn that bills come due and karma exacts its price. In Aquarius issues of the future, innovation, brotherhoods and activity of like-minded groups get the careful scrutiny of Saturn.

 Stay tuned.


"No matter how unpleasant a Saturn transit seems at the time, it represents what you really want in life and is helping you get it. Most people are out of touch with what they truly want. If you thoroughly understand your needs and wants, you will find that Saturn simply brings about their manifestation".

from Planets in Transit by Robert Hand







MARCH 6, 2019-JULY 7, 2025

NOVEMBER 8, 2025-APRIL 26, 2026


Uranus in Taurus is a very mixed bag. Uranus by nature is chaotic, forward thinking, revolutionary, and explosive. Taurus nature is conservative, fixed, fond of the past and seeks wealth and stability. I am going to spend the next few weeks looking at the news to get an idea of how this strange configuration is going to manifest.


The last time Uranus was in Taurus began in 1935. This was a time of war, a rise in dictators, extreme changes in fortune for many. We will surely see changes in our monetary system, the markets, real estate, and likely food production. This is an excellent time to modernize infrastructure and use innovation to do so. But we are dealing with Uranus here. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and the unplanned. 


On the day Uranus entered Taurus, this picture was taken. It says it all about the energy of Uranus in Taurus - electricity and earth meeting. Stay tuned for more on this big change.


PS Uranus will take up residence in Taurus until 2025. 




2012- 2025

Neptune in Pisces


The Master of the Mystical begins forward motion in Pisces. This trip through Pisces will continue through 2025. We may as well get comfortable with examining spirituality, illusion, addiction, and mystery.  Neptune will be working with Saturn this year to assist in bringing true spiritual values into form and structure. Look forward to cultural embrace of magic and the enduring value of love and compassion.


Neptune retrograde in Pisces 

June 21-November 27

18º Pisces - 15º


The slow moving planets impact the world in a general way, but form aspects to the individual chart as well. Because they move slowly, the impact can be cumulative. Look forward to more on this topic.







Pluto is the planet of transformation and as one of the outer planets, its effects are wide spread. When Pluto travels through a sign the particular area of life that sign rules is transformed on a fundamental level. Its message can be "change or die". Since Capricorn rules structure, all structures are likely to be overhauled. Since Capricorn rules government, governments are likely to be transformed.


On a personal level, look at your natal chart to get a good idea of the areas of your life that are likely to be shaken to their foundation. 

Chiron being given Asclepius

Chiron in Aries

April 17, 2018 - April 2027


Chiron is a slow mover and we are just learning about this newer member of the heavenly bodies we track here on earth in astrology. In the myth, Chiron is a divided being- half human and half horse, half god and half man. In our natal charts, Chiron represents those areas in which our wounding can lead to our healing and the healing of others.


Chiron has been in Pisces steadily since 2011 and is now moving into Aries. This will likely bring about more consciousness around issues of healing and sacrifice. This could well mark a time when we may become aware of cultural wounding and begin to seek remedies rather than supressing awareness of pain. We may become more accutely aware of suffering and seek an active rather than a passive response to injury, illness, or disorder.


The myth of Chiron is one definitely worth reading and exploring as he trained warriors and healers, used his affliction for the benefit of humanity, and sacrificed himself in the service of justice and bringing light to human beings. 

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