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Monthly Experimental Astrology Classes - $20.00

Learn the language of astrology in a different way. Each month we experience and experiment with some of the planetary and archetypal energy that is at work in the world around us. 

For more information contact Suzann.  


Get a free copy of you birth chart - a $19.95 value 

Contact me with your name and date, place, time of birth with your e-mail or mailing address and I will send you a copy of your birth chart. I will include for you your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Moon Phase.

I promise your information will stay with me for the purpose of making your chart and no other reason.


Understanding your birth chart

With your date, time, and place of birth there is a basis to assist you in learning better to use your unique gifts and face your unique challenges. I include a brief look at current trends and influences.

The typical chart reading is 90 minutes and we can meet in person, via Zoom, Skype or Face Time, or by phone. 



Your personal astrological update

Take the birth chart information to the present and beyond. Astrological techniques of progression and use of coming transits look at the current year and the year to come.

The typical chart reading is 90 minutes and we can meet in person, via Zoom, Skype or Face Time, or by phone. 


Counseling based on current astrological influences

Current trends and influences are used with the birthchart to assist in navigating life and its challenges. This is a great session to bring problems and plans and see how they might be influenced. with a Masters in counseling psychology and as a certified transpersonal counselor, I will bring all my skills to your service to coach you and assist you in making life better and more meaningful.

Meeting can be in person, via Zoom, Skype, Face Time or phone. 

Couples chart

Explore and benefit from the interaction between you and your significant other. Identify patterns and strategies for working together and apart to make life better and more fulfilling.

The typical sesion is 90 minutes and we can meet in person, via Zoom, Skype or Face Time or by phone.



I can accept payment through PayPal, Square, Venmo or you may use your credit card or check.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail



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1519 Rubenstein Ave 

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

Phone: +1 858 481-6300

Astrology 101

Astrology is a language of pattern, energy, and archetype. Like any language it has its own alphabet and structure, complexity and nuance. It had provided a lifetime of discovery for me.

I'd like to share with you the basics of astrology using the chart you will likely find the most captivating--your own. It will be what you will use to learn and/or review the basics of astrology.

Astrologers of all levels are welcome, but no astrological knowledge is required. Interest, curiosity, and sense of adventure are essential.  What happens in class is strongly influenced by the happenings of the day and time.

Join me for this online class.

Next Class date TBD.


or call me for details  858 481-6300




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