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Updated 3/24

new moon manifesting cycle sun and moon 4º Aries  March 24 @2:30 am pdt 


Sun and Moon at 4º Aries

March 24 @ 2:30 AM PDT



Aries, the ram, is ruled by Mars and is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a cardinal sign in the element of fire. It initiates the first step on the journey around the yearly wheel of the zodiac. This is the journey of the soul through its 12 stations or signs. Each sign like the breath has 2 phases—the manifesting cycle of the New Moon and the releasing cycle of the Full Moon.


The focus of Aries is action, new beginnings, identity and expression of the self. Use this cycle to build a powerful self-image, initiate new and innovative projects, and strengthen your physical self and leadership abilities. The building cycle of Aries is a great time to begin an exercise program or dance and move from the fire within. It’s a good time to add to your wardrobe clothes that express your personality. Use this Aries cycle to build a personal image that taps into the self as your singular expression of the Divine impulse.


As with every New Moon, this is the time to make your manifesting list using the qualities of Aries to guide you. Make the list adventurous and brave. It can be as long as you like there are no limits. Pretend you are a little kid talking to Santa and Santa wants to give you whatever you ask. Make sure to write your list down and read it aloud. The power of the sound and word especially aids in increasing the manifesting power.*


Here are some suggestions for manifesting statements that might help implement Aries energy. Use them as a starting out point.


For starters, you could use the key phrase of Aries: I AM …

Then notice what follows. Get in touch with yourself as a particular expression of Divinity. To know yourself is to know the Divine. It’s a good practice to remember that everyone else is also an expression of the Divine.


I am an expression of the Divine.

I am enthusiastic in my approach to life.

I am filled with the energy and passion that brings dreams to reality.

I courageously express myself.

I win with ease and grace.

I am a good and powerful leader.

I express my soul's purpose.

I take good care of my face, skin, and personal appearance.

My personal style is a true expression of who I am.

I accept myself. 

I am.


Once your list is made and you have read it aloud, fold it a special way and put it in a special place. Other ideas may occur to you during the next few days. Be sure to put them on the list to become manifest through the power of abundance.


For this particular Moon Chiron, the celestial body that is connected with healing joins the Sun and Moon. Saturn in Aquarius supports this configuration with the luminaries and Chiron. This suggests that we can count on new structures that are systematic to assist in bringing healing we need. This is a good time to align with other like-minded groups that come together at the time of the New Moon to elevate the world consciousness. It is important to be grounded , kind, and a force for good. 


*It helps me to remember a phrase Beatrix Quntanna added to her manifesting list:

"This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned." 

Full Moon in Virgo

Sun 19º Pisces and Moon 19º Virgo

March 9 @ 10:48 AM PDT



When the Moon is full the energy of the Sun is focused on the earth all day and at night the reflected light of the Sun comes to us via the Moon. Here on earth, we are between the two luminaries. Our world is illuminated for seeing the most obvious and that which can often be hidden. For this cycle, the hidden side of Virgo is open for us to explore and to use the illumination of this time to free ourselves in a particularly focused way of clinging issues associated with the sign of Virgo. We have the opportunity of that flash of insight that comes when the opposing signs are experienced together.


For this Full Moon, the Sun is in the sign of Pisces an emotional water sign with a changeable nature.  The Moon is in the sign of Virgo. The nature of Virgo is changeable also, but the element is earth. This combination winds up the astrological year, which begins anew with the Equinox on March 19th this year and the New Moon that follows on March 24. We can use this releasing cycle’s purifying quality to clear, cleanse, and release all that may hold us back from moving forward fully and completely into 2020 which will begin clear and fresh with the Equinox and New Moon in Aries.


The Pisces Sun brings forward consciousness of the element of water. According to the USGS, “Water is called the ‘universal solvent’ because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid’.”  The Virgo Moon is very much about substance and matter. It is the sign in which the feminine gives form to spirit. This is the time for Virgo's analysis to bring attention to routine behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve us, especially in the areas of our job and workplace, our health, pets, and service. For this Moon, allow the Pisces spiritual shower of grace to release reliance on the mind for solutions and allow that Power greater than you to clear the way for rejuvenation, rebirth, abundance, and good health.



Here's how I am using this Moon:


I am writing a release list using the qualities of Virgo to direct my focus. Here are some suggestions you might use as a place to start your own list:


I release blocks and obstacles to good health and healthy habits and routines.

I release rituals, habits, and routines that are outdated or lifeless.

I release clutter and mess.

I release perfectionism.

I release imposing my version of order on others.

I release problems at work.

I release blocks to being of service.

I release the need to understand everything.

I release fear of losing control.

I release negative mental focus.

I release work as an escape from being fully present.

I let go and let God.


Know you can add to this list and if you get "off topic" a bit, that's fine.  Trust this particular release item came to you at this time to be included in your releasing process. It must belong, so honor it and write it down.


This list will be used all during the releasing cycle, so make sure to write it down. Take time to read the list aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. At the end of this releasing cycle, you will read it again, note your progress, and burn the list as a final act of release.


***Special note: For this Full Moon the grounded energy of Capricorn mitigates the intense polarization that is the quality of the Full Moon. Staying grounded helps us remain robust  (a quality of both Mars and Jupiter). With world health on everyone’s mind, focus on the positive is essential. When worry or fear comes up, go to grounded gratitude. Let go of old strategies of avoidance and escapism. 


We can be of service by maintaining good health—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Practice good hygiene on all levels of life—wash your hands with soap and water. Clean your emotional and mental bodies with meditation and acknowledging nothing is permanent except change. Thoughts will come and go. Let them wash through you as water cleansing as it passes. On the spiritual, let Divine grace wash over you as a sweet rain.

Stay healthy and be kind.

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Cancer

Gibbous Moon

March 5 


The Gibbous Moon is the last phase of the building cycle. Now is the time to use the magical power of imagination to fully and completely experience fulfillment of the items on your manifesting list. For this phase, the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer. As we approach the Full Moon when the Moon will be in Virgo, the Moon will pass through Leo. This will give us a boost of heart energy that will fire up the magic of this special time.


The Cancer Moon deepens or emotions to provide the raw material and energy. Cancer energy can ground us in our bodies and bring to earth our imagined reality. The Leo Moon adds the power of will to belief and can align with the power of the Universe that makes all things possible. The Pisces Sun can imagine all sorts of magical solutions to problems and retro Mercury is on hand to bring images of past bounty—you didn’t think Mercury retrograde only brought up memories of suffering and failure, did you?


The Leo Moon will help focus on you and your identity as an expression of the Divine that is unique in all the world. Simply being grants the gift of manifestation. Make use of that gift through image fulfillment. This is the time to harness will, spirituality, and a firm belief that all is possible in an abundant and loving Universe. 


Read your list aloud. Use all your senses to fully and completely imagine your life with those items you have been working with as realities in your life. Experience these realities with gratitude and be sure to include ways in which you generously share your abundance. The final step is to affirm and know it is done easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned. 


There is one tiny note of caution—Keep your mind focused on the positive. This might be a challenge with Mercury retro, but use Leo’s will and Virgo’s discipline to do so. Save worry and negative thinking for another time. The world needs a positive outlook now more than ever.


There is a difference between a positive outlook and denial. Use that powerful tool of your imagination the world you wish to see for your friends, family, neighbors, children and those to come. I will fully and completely imagine a world filled with healthy and happy human beings that are committed to service in alignment with Divine will. I will imagine a bountiful life for all and a renewed sense of kindness and open heartedness. I will imagine doing my part to bring that world forth. How about you? How will you use your imagination between now and the Full Moon in Virgo (March 9, at 10:48 am pdt—daylight saving time)?


I thought you might enjoy this from Carolyn Myss:


“Imagining the Impossible


I do wonder how many people would really take a leap into the unknown realm of their own imagination – not just cautiously – but with a sense of abandon, allowing themselves to imagine outrageous, magical, enchanting, wondrous adventures in their lives. Would you?


You realize, of course, that imagining sets the wheels of creation into motion. Even if what you imagine does not manifest exactly as you envisioned – it rarely does – you are imagining breaking out of familiar patterns. You are utilizing the power of your imagination to set into motion a different combination of action-reaction and cause and effect.”

Caroline Myss

Visit her website

First Quarter Moon

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini

March 2


Taking an Action Step


The First Quarter Moon is all about making adjustments and using resistance to take a step forward. The Sun and Moon are in a friction position for the Quarter Moon. Pisces energy wants to drift and dream, maybe escape and Gemini Moon energy fusses and thinks about what to do. There is nervous energy in this position.


My suggestion is to turn it around. Use the lunar energy to put the mind to work finding the issues you might run from. Process any loving insight that comes to you through your spiritual connection. About that spiritual connection: Mercury retrograde is pressing you to review your beliefs about that connection. Open your mind to magic and mystery. Trust that you are a cherished piece of life and loved completely as you are. Invite spirit to direct you to your next indicated step. Then take that step.


If you start to feel stuck, turn your attention to gratitude- gratitude for the many blessings and comforts that already fill your life. Engage in a random act of kindness toward my fellow travelers on this amazing soul journey. Invite someone to share time and a meal and be sure to say grace.



Waxing Crescent

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Taurus

February 28



Take a look at your manifesting list. As you do this, remember attention to any item on your manifesting list activates all the other items on the list. It’s now time to use the energy of the bountiful Taurus Moon to pick one or two items on your manifesting list to be your focus of action.


Review your list. Read it aloud again. Scan for the item that has the “juice”. Then make use of the manifesting power of earthy Taurus to help bring your desires and wishes down to earth. Make sure you ground yourself into your body and rely on your physical presence as a guide and point of stability. Focus will help you determine the next indicated step in the building process that brings your dreams to reality.


Your part as a co creator with Divinity is to take an action of some sort with the knowledge that you are part of a creative team. Taking action toward your goal is demonstrating knowledge and belief in the process of manifestation. The new world with the new paradigm is yours to grasp. You will be amazed at what comes your way when you take that next indicated step and find the path open before you.


I want to thank Beatrex Quntana for introducing me to the phrase, "This comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned". This helped me become more comfortable in making my manifesting list big and broad. It convinced me that my abundance and ease in life is for the good of others in ways I may never know. I am grateful for that message and the gifts that have come as a result.


Pisces New Moon

February 23

Sun and Moon in Pisces




" I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service is joy." -Tagore


Drama, Dreaming, Dynamic


Pisces is about the mystery, the dream, and connection with the Great Oneness. This sets the tone for the entire building cycle, which begins with the New Moon. This particular Moon brings in lots of diverse planetary influences. At this time the forces of extreme change and intense energy calling for structured action are working to support our personal selves to take a spiritual approach to make our lives better. This spiritual approach is to pragmatic and fully grounded rather than escapist or too drifty.  


For this cycle, there is an invitation to live a magical life. We are invited to trust in a loving Power that we can know by a number of names that loves and cares for us unconditionally. This is the time for magic, miracles, and manifesting from that sacred source of abundance. It also supports embodied compassion and doing our part in manifesting divinity on earth.


Under the Pisces influence we might be dreamy and fluid and in touch with our intuition. We can also be more than a bit flakey and on the look out for an escape. Pisces can be overly sensitive and subject to denial, but at its best Pisces is mystical, magical, compassionate, and strongly connected to Divine Love.


The key words of Pisces are I believe. I'm starting my manifest list with -I believe in magic.

Here are some other suggestions:


I believe we can have a better world and I can help make it happen.

I believe my intuition is getting stronger and more accurate.

I believe I can be present and responsible in the world and remain connected to Spirit.

I am compassionate.

I am sure footed on my life journey and guided by Spirit.

I am safe being sensitive.

Dreams bring good things to life.

I can be sensitive and intuitive and have good personal boundaries.

I serve the Divine through service to all beings.

I believe in a Power greater than me that I can relate to.


It might be difficult to get language for the Pisces Moon, but allow yourself to float in the deep waters and ask for clarity on what is longing to come to you and write your list. It may be vague at first. That is the nature of Pisces. But it will take form. 



**For this particular New Moon in Pisces, the planet Mercury is standing still close to the Sun and Moon. Mercury is currently retrograde period (that is when the planet seems to be moving backward in the heavens). Mercury retrograde is always a bit confusing, but in Pisces that is likely to be compounded. The usual Mercury retro rules apply—not a good time to sign important papers, begin new projects, set plans in motion. Mercury IS a good time to review and update. With Pisces, this review and update is regarding spiritual matters, issues of suffering and victimization and your relationship with Spirit and the Divine. This is a great time for spiritual renewal and begins now as the Christian season of Lent is beginning February 26, Ash Wednesday.



This New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology the zodiac is represented as 12 different animals. This year is the Year of the metal Rat. 


The year of the dog is behind us now--tell my dog that! Every year is year of the dog for this guy. Here's a wish for a very happy year of the metal rat!

You might find Donna Stillhorn's info on Chinese astrology interesting. Here's a link.

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