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Updated 9/22

new moon manifesting cycle                              sun & Moon 25º virgo     september 17 @ 4:00 Am pdt 

Quarter Moon - September 23, 

Libra Sun/ Capricorn Moon



The Quarter Moon energy is all about making adjustments, dealing with challenges and taking action that let's the Universe know that we are willing to cooperate and do our part to make our dreams come true even if it takes a little effort on our part. I like to remember that whatever I do toward making any one thing on my list become a reality, is activating all the other items on my list.


This First Quarter Moon is under the Virgo umbrella. The Sun has changed signs and is now in Libra, but we are still feeling the Virgo influence. The Moon is now 90º from the Sun and in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is all about structure and order with some elements of control about just how and who decides on the details of that structure and order. Libra, the Moon sign for this phase wants everyone to get along, play fair and assure justice for all. This may mean an effort from the emotions to deny or just hide the mess with something pretty.


If you are aligned and seek the next indicated step for you at this time, you are likely to fare better and make progress. So how does one get aligned? My suggestion is consider a gratitude list. As you count your blessings, you are sure to be reminded of times like these and how you successfully navigated such terrain. You might also in gratitude recall errors of the past with ideas on how to do better now.


The Virgo umbrella holds an important key—the rulership of Mercury. Let your wise and flexible mind support the value of structure and security sought by the Capricorn Moon with the aesthetic of the Libra Sun seeking kindness, beauty and justice. Invite images of how that might be and practice it in your life here and now. Remembering with gratitude the many good things that have come your way eases the tension of the Sun/Moon square and this prepares the way for imagining success that comes with the Gibbous Moon on Sunday afternoon.

Waxing Crescent

Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon



Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon

Years ago someone described the Crescent Moon as the “Cheshire Moon”. For this phase I look at the evening sky, after sunset and see the Moon smiling at me like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. This is the phase that supports growth. During this phase I like to focus on one or two items on my manifesting list and get some ideas about my next indicated step.


I’ve made my list and now I’m looking for the opportunity to do my part in cooperation with the manifesting power of the universe to make it happen. This harmonious relationship between the Sun and Moon blends the practical and orderly Virgo energy with the intensity and drive of the Scorpio Moon. The good news for me is all I have to do is be present and open up the lines of deep communication. The natural order will reveal itself and all I have to do is follow orders to take my next indicated step.


PS Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon would be a great time for planting. Make sure you keep in mind summer plants are out because there is less and less light and the air will be chilling. There are lots of cool weather crops, like kale, broccoli, carrots, beets. This is a great time for planting greens. It’s all the little things that help keep life fresh.


**Just a note here. I am a day late in posting don't waste time in getting to attending to you work for this phase. Tomorrow evening the First Quarter Moon is exact and you will be moving to the next phase. Also we are officially in fall as the Equinox is today, September 22, 6:30 am pdt. We will continue under the umbrella of the Virgo New Moon, but now all will be flavored with Libra.








The Sun and Moon are in the same sign for each New Moon. This helps us examine and focus on the particular area of life and energy frequency that is being activated at this time.  I have come to deeply appreciate Virgo as the sign of service, work, and loving care. This is the sign of discernment and analysis and when true to itself, the sign in which the mind is in service to a power greater than itself.


Virgo, the maiden, is one of only 3 signs of the zodiac represented by a human form. It is a mutable or adapting sign in the element of earth. Virgo is said to be ruled by Mercury. Some modern astrologers attribute ruler ship to Chiron (Clow; Mason) while others suggest Vesta (Bloch and George). Certainly our old version of Virgo is not enough to contain its many gifts and assets.


The gifts of this pivotal sign are needed at this time when there is so much to digest.  The body function under Virgo's rule is digestion, the gut. Work, service, small animals, and routine are Virgo issues as is health, healing and the practice of the healing arts. Key phrases for Virgo are I analyze, I heal, I discern. The Virgo approach can take things apart and reassemble them for maximum benefit and efficiency.


To use Virgo energy, enlist the help of the Divine Feminine, often portrayed as a virgin. This aspect of the Divine is sure to listen and help identify, refine and reach our goals. Ask Her help in making your manifesting list. Take time to write your list as this helps make it more concrete. No need to limit or even be “realistic”, though Virgo energy might suggest just that.


Here are some things I'm thinking of putting on my list:


I work “smart”.

I am efficient and organized.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

My mind is orderly and disciplined.

I establish a good routine of exercising my physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

I am discerning without being judgmental.

I know Divinity is in the details and I am pleased to deal with the small stuff of life.

I accept “good enough” when it is good enough and let go of perfectionism.

I have a job I love that satisfies me (and I know when to quit).

I am healthy/healed/ and a healing presence.

I am happy serving the Divine in Its many forms.


That is the start of my Virgo manifesting list. It’s good enough for now. I am going to be working on this list and hope you find time to do so for yourself. I like to add "this and better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned."


I’ll write my list. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. Have fun with this. Now is the time to discover the hidden power of Virgo as a new and different expression of the feminine.

Balsamic Moon
Sun in Virgo/Moon in Leo
September 13

The Balsamic Moon phase begins September 13. This is the final phase of the releasing Moon cycle that began with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is the time to take your release list, speak it aloud and burn it. This is time for complete release and trust that all is in Divine order and your part is done. The rest is up to God, the Universe, the Divine—whatever your name is for that Power that is.
I love this phase because it is time to totally and completely let go and know I have done my part to identify and process inner material for release. This is the time to let go of those things that have served their purpose and no longer belong in my life. I remember that I can do my part—no more no less and it is up to a Power greater than me to set the timing.
During this time, I remain awake and alert to events, people, thoughts and subtle influences that come to my life. I believe these hold clues to the coming cycle, like seeds that hold the complete plant in pattern, but will need proper circumstances and time to come to reality.  I surrender in this time to the embrace of the Divine and enter my inner temple to await the rebirth that I know comes at the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new season and cycle soon to come. The new Moon in Virgo is on September 17, at 4 am. The Sun’s move into the sign of Libra and the Equinox (Fall for the northern hemisphere and Spring for the southern) marks a balance point in the earth’s orbit around the Sun. Day and night are equal and  change is part of the pattern.


I especially like what Dane Rudhyar has to say about this phase in The Lunation Cycle.
"This phase of the waning moon symbolizes in one sense, the final letting go of the seed of the cycle about to end. It also represents the moon's entrance into the sanctuary of the solar realm; and as she enters, she brings to the sun, as it were, the new "need" of the earth. She is the mother, or beloved, petitioning the divine spirit in the name of confused and disintegrating earth creatures. She is the penitent asking for mercy, the nun offering her prayers for the sake of humanity lost in sin. She is the incense ("balsam"?) or prayer rising to the sun, calling for a new revelation, a new Messiah, a new outpouring of spirit and light through a new lunar structure-- a new body, a new image of reality, a new concept to solve man's ever-recurrent doubts and uncertainties."

Last Quarter
Sun in Virgo/Moon in Gemini
September 10

We are in the middle of the releasing cycle of this Moon. By now we have made a release list and done the disseminating work. The Last Quarter Moon now requires us to do some deep and maybe challenging work. The Last Quarter is the phase of active participation with Divinity in the work of release, liberation, and freedom from negative patterns that repeat and do not serve us.


We are still under the influence of the Pisces Full Moon, but the Moon has now moved to Gemini making a Square (90º angle) to the Sun in Virgo. We can use the mental energy of the luminaries to remember those events in our lives that contributed to shame, blame, and trauma that lead to those negative patterns we seek to change.

Look over your release list and let your mind wander. Notice what occurs to you—any event, person, or situation that comes to mind is there for a reason. Honor it. Allow any emotions connected to these thoughts to be as they are. Breathe. Remind yourself these events are passed. Emotions may be experienced and with the breath may simply pass through you safely and easily.
As experiences come to mind, the mental nature of both Virgo and Gemini may become activated and seek to place blame, fix on details, and construct a story to go with the feelings. Ask: Am I willing to let this go? If you are willing, a great approach is a forgiveness process. Here are some tips on a forgiveness process I have found helpful:


Identify the direction of the forgiveness—are you wishing to forgive a parent, friend, lover, or other who has cause you harm or damage or is it more important to start with forgiving yourself? Below is an example for self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself for being a victim or martyr
1.    ID a situation in which I was a victim
2.    What did I do to get into the situation or perpetuate it? What is my part?
3.    Apply the power of mental clarity, curiosity, reason to answer
4.    Write it down – I (name the behavior or attitude with no excuses)
5.    Write I forgive myself for (the behavior or attitude identified above)
6.    Breathe and acknowledge that event is in the past. I can learn from it and let it go.


I found that taking some time for this brought helpful and powerful release and though I started with me, I have noticed ripples went out to others as well. It is like a cleansing shower of grace that let me enter the final Balsamic phase fresh and clean and open.  Consider giving it a try.




The second phase of the Full Moon releasing cycle is the Disseminating Moon. This is the phase between the Full Moon and the Last Quarter Moon. During this phase, the Moon goes from looking egg like and oval to looking like a half circle. As the Moon is shrinking we are releasing.

Take another look at your release list. Read it aloud and as you do, notice if a particular person, event, or situation comes to your awareness. Just see what bubbles up from who knows where. Since focus on just one thing keeps your entire list activated,  allow one item on your list to deepen as a result of what came to your attention as if by magic. Explore it. Come to know it. Can you connect it with something symbolically? Your action step of this phase is to disseminate something, give something from yourself that can represent what came to your attention as you let your unconscious lead you.


We are in the Pisces releasing cycle with the Sun in Virgo and Moon now in Taurus. This is a very harmonious configuration. The Pisces umbrella of this releasing cycle is spiritual and etheric while the Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon are earthy. How might that work for disseminating?

Here are some ideas for disseminating:
Use your voice (Taurus) to disseminate spiritual energy by singing or praying out loud. Sound vibrates the air and the influence is subtle and powerful. Anytime is a good time for prayer, but I’d say now is particularly good.
Give (disseminate) funds to individuals or organizations that promote music and the arts, spiritual growth, peace, or recovery from addiction-all these are connected with Pisces.
Give (disseminate) from your personal treasure (Taurus) to a good cause. This “treasure” might be money, good items that you no longer want or need, or something from your treasury of wisdom.
Support agencies and activities that aid victims (Pisces) of crime, abuse, trafficking.

This might be the right time to use your voice (Taurus) some way in social media (Uranus is in Taurus now, you can use that energy as a boost.)
Visit a prisoner or persons who are sick or dying.
Offer your time in meditation as world service.


These are just some ideas for using this DISSEMINATING MOON. Remember, it is important to make it an actual, down to earth, concrete activity in which you give. Bring consciousness to that activity and allow yourself to experience and enjoy the act of giving.  Generosity always sets the stage for abundance since it is an attribute of the Divine, the source of all things.




Full Moon
Sun 10º Virgo/Moon 10º Pisces
September 1, 10:21 PM PDT
Full Moon - Illumination

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun lights the day and the reflection of that Sun, lights the night. This intense illumination lets us see areas that are now open for release. The moon sign directs us to the area being revealed and gives us clues to the qualities, situations, blocks, and blind spots that may be ready for release. This is the time to be honest and brave and identify negative patterns that seem to repeat or simply name strategies that just don’t work any more—and maybe never did, and set about a process of letting go.
Making a release list can be the first step in systematically letting go. The idea is to identify those people, things, behaviors, qualities and attitudes that no longer serve you. Clues to narrow your focus are found in the Moon sign of the current Full Moon. For this Releasing Cycle the Moon illuminates the sign Pisces.
Here are some suggestions for releasing statements for this Full Moon:
I release foot pain.
I release disconnection with my body.
I let go of resistance/objection to being human and present.
I release being a martyr or victim.
I release procrastination, mental fog, melancholy, and timidity.
I release addiction to _____________________ (this could be a long or short list).
I release escaping through drama or suffering or _____________.
I release blocks and obstacles to healthy boundaries.
I release codependency and the need to abandon myself to another.
I release unconscious blocks to happiness, success, and abundance.
I release blocks and obstacles to psychic ability and mystical experiences.
I release blocks to spirituality and connection with Divinity.
Release negative karmic patterns.
Take time to write out your release statements. This might be a bit of a challenge, since Pisces is vague and slippery. You might want to approach the list by going deep within and allowing insight to bubble up to consciousness. Keep your notebook handy. The Virgo Sun will assist you in the details once you start putting things into writing.
The planet Neptune in Pisces assists in making a strong spiritual connection. That’s fine, its just the ego self in denial or seeking justification. You might find a place for this on your release list. This is the time to release addictions, outmoded escape strategies, and blocks to using and developing psychic abilities.
Write a release list to aid in the letting go process. Your list can be as short or as long as you like, but it must have a concrete form. Always remember, by working on any one statement, you activate all. A prayerful, spiritual attitude can guide you to areas ready for release. Pisces influence can disconnect us from here and now and interfere with being realistic and honest about our part in the wound or trouble. You may find yourself rationalizing and making excuses for holding on. You might hold back until you can make a perfect list (Both of these relate to Sun opposing Moon/Neptune). If you notice this, breathe, occupy your body, and know that all is in divine order.

Gibbous Moon
Sun in Virgo/Moon in Capricorn
August 30

This is prime time for using your imagination as a powerful manifesting tool. We are still under the Leo influence, so take another look at your list. Use the Sun in Virgo to help imagine the detail and the practical Capricorn Moon to fully imagine the reality of living with your list fulfilled. Take advantage of Pluto in Capricorn to go very deeply in the process of using your imagination for image fulfillment.

Take time today to read your list aloud. Remember when you use your imagination. It’s best to engage all of your senses as you fully imagine just how you will be using those things, situations, attitudes and blessings that are coming your way as the result of your work during this building cycle.


The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter is doubt that it can really be this simple. The Moon moves into Aquarius and stays there for most of this phase. Aquarius is the sign of the new paradigm. It would be a swell idea to repeat your image fulfillment exercise under that influence and make use of the activation of Uranus in Taurus. A square is a working angle. It takes work, but the rewards are there.

I am going to use this time to fully and completely imagine the good things in my life that may not have fully manifested. I'll use all my senses to do this. I will aid the process by naming clearly as many of life's blessings as I can. I’ll be specific and feel intense gratitude for the many blessings that grace my life right now. (Yes, I am taking time to include all of you who check in with as part of that gratitude.) All that gratitude will fuel my ability to imagine even more blessings coming my way.

I will take special care to avoid worry-the biggest misuse of imagination there is. I will use my good and skillful will to reign in worry, jealousy, negative thoughts of all kinds. They are just not good for me right now. Sure, I will notice them and take any creative warning for what it is worth. I just won't dwell on these thoughts.

Between now and the Full Moon on Tuesday night (10:23 pm pdt), I will continue this exercise. As I do so, I will feel my personal will coming more and more in line with what I call the Divine Will and feel the comfort and confidence that comes with that strong connection. Then when I look up in the sky around Sunset and see the egg shaped Moon in the eastern part of the sky I will see a beautiful and beneficial future forming.

Join in. Call it an experiment and make notes on what you experience in a state of gratitude. How easy or challenging is it to fully and completely imagine all the good things in life coming your way? Many of us have to increase our tolerance for wealth, pleasure, and fulfillment. You might consider this a good time to set a course for happiness, fulfilling service, and love. Make sure to appreciate and note each and every movement toward a better, fuller, richer life. Use gratitude as fuel.

First Quarter Moon

August 25


Sun in Virgo/Moon in Sagittarius


The Sun has moved into Virgo, but we are still under the influence of the Leo New Moon. With the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Sag, the adjustments that are called for will likely deal with  mediating the detail oriented Virgo approach with the broad stroke grand vision of Sagittarius. All this is under the Leo umbrella that insists on making sure there is love and joy and heart in the project.


How can we possibly include so many elements and take action? The First Quarter Moon energy is all about making adjustments, dealing with challenges, and taking action that lets the Universe know that we are willing to cooperate and do our part to make our dreams come true. I like to remember that whatever I do toward making any one thing on my list become a reality, activates all the other items on my list.


We don't have to know all the details to take an action step toward bringing our future into the present, just enough to take the next indicated step. I have found making a gratitude list is very helpful at this time. Counting blessings can be a real eye opener and a reminder of times when love guided our steps toward making a daydream a reality. We may need to bring the Leo will into line with the devotion of Virgo and willingness to touch wisdom and risk that comes with Sag. Scorp


So take that step, giant step or tiny step into your future in gratitude and confidence because Divinity has your back.

Waxing Crescent

August 22

Sun in Leo/Moon in Libra


Take a look at your manifesting list and find an item or two to highlight. The Crescent Moon is the second phase of the Manifesting cycle and asks us to focus. Focus on one item helps us know the next indicated step to take in bringing our intention to reality. Remember, acting on one items serves to activate all the items on the list. So fearlessly identify and attend to that one item that excites you and fires you up.


To honor the Sun in Leo use your good will to find your focus item. To honor the Moon in Libra you might consider sharing with a special someone that you have set your sights on manifesting ________ . (Fill in the blank with that focus item from your list). Libra is all about “we” and “us”.  This would be a great time to try on a new behavior that is in line with how it would be if that item on your list were solid reality. Use Leo’s acting ability and try on the new behavior with a friend. Give it a try and see how it feels and works.

New Moon

Sun and Moon in Leo 

Sun 26ºLeo/Moon 26ºLeo

August 18 – 7:41 PM PDT



New Moon

Sun and Moon in Leo 

Sun 26ºLeo/Moon 26ºLeo

August 18 – 7:41 PM PDT



For every New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. The Moon energy is in full agreement and alignment with the Sun. This is the time for new beginnings, intitiating new projects, building, and setting a pattern of manifestation. Use this time to make your manifesting or wish list using Leo as the focus. Make sure you write your list and especially in Leo, make it bigger than life, like the Sun sign Leo. I always like to add, "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned"*.  Remember you can ask anything and expect everything.


Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. It is ruled by the Sun and is the sign of the heart and the will. Leo is about self-expression, fun, and creativity. Leo is the time to own our loveable and regal self and enjoy our chance to play on the stage of life.  In Leo, we align our will with the will of the Greater Will and open our hearts to the Divine.


Key phrases for Leo:

I love

I will

I create


Here are some suggestions for a manifesting list. Use them as a jumping off spot to make your own Leo List.


I have a healthy heart and circulation.

I express myself freely.

I love, am loved, and feel loveable.

I enjoy life.

I show my brilliance.

I let my light shine.

I allow myself to be seen.

I have healthy self-esteem.

I fulfill my inner child's need for appreciation and praise.

I increase my tolerance for pleasure and joy.

I am an expression of my soul's purpose.

I accept myself as a beloved child of the Divine.

I align my will with Divine will.



Write your list down. Make it as big as you like. Remember Leo is expansive. Mars in Aries is making a trine to this New Moon so bring in energy and passion.


Read your list aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place.  This is sharing your list with the Power of the Universe that is your beloved Friend. You can expect miracles.


PS. Remember Leo is the time to roar! This fire sign helps us focus on the heart, love and will. When we are connected through the heart and the deepest meaning of love, we connect with real power. Once that power is engaged, we realize our royal lineage and generosity, compassion and joy result. Even though the Sun will be in Virgo for much of the New Moon Cycle, the entire cycle is under the Leo “umbrella”. I’m thinking Virgo might just aid in manifesting our Leo wish list by enjoying the details. Let’s see.


Balsamic Moon

August 15

Sun in Leo/Moon in Cancer

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi


During the Balsamic Moon we enter into our internal sacred space. For Leo time this is the deepest place of your heart, the place of complete vulnerability, the Temple of Love. Let go of ideas here and surrender with intention to the Power of Love Itself. It is likely the mind will rebel at the stillness of this deep space. Treat it like a dog. A dog is meant to be the faithful servant of humans. A good dog can be on guard and relaxed. It can protect and be a good companion without yapping and demanding constant attention. This takes some training, but with that training it can learn to SIT AND STAY. The same is true of the mind when it is taught with love, will, and practice.


Take time during this phase to look at your release list. Read it aloud. Notice any sense of new flexibility and freedom. Recall your exercise in forgiveness and appreciate any new sense of lightness of being. Engage a strong sense of gratitude and know that release is coming in the most easy and pleasurable way. The Power and Source of all life is on your side and regardless of your attention that Force is working tirelessly for your liberation. 


After you read your list, burn it. Let it go. Know that all is in Divine order. Move into your own deep place of peace and connection. This is a good time for prayer, journaling and poetry to calm the mind and feed the soul.

Last Quarter Moon

August 11

Sun in Leo/Moon in Taurus



At the Last Quarter Moon the Sun and Moon are 90º from one another. This configuration intensifies feeling stuck or blocked. You might find yourself looking at your release list and blaming someone or some thing outside yourself to get some relief from the discomfort of feeling things aren’t going your way or you don’t have what you want when you want it. I suggest this is an excellent time for inner work. 


Look at your release list and notice any item that brings up something connected with the idea of this kind of stuckness or pattern of working against your own best interest. Try using this time to release regrets and losses you might be holding on to as though they were treasure. Do your best to feel the feelings that arise and ask for an internal update.


A helpful practice for this phase is making a forgiveness list and make sure to include yourself. I may not start with myself, but life goes better when I own my negative habits, patterns and behaviors and forgive myself. I've found that forgiving myself opens the door to forgiving others. It softens my heart and a soft heart can stretch to become more loving and tolerant.


Consider using a short version of a process used by the Hawaiians called Ho’oponopno, the practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Imagine the person toward whom your heart may be hardened and say:

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

Even if you don’t really mean it say it. Allow it to soften your heart with compassion.  Repeat as necessary. This is a sure step toward release and liberation.

Disseminating Moon

Sun in Leo/Moon in Aries

August 7   


With your release list as your guide, pick one item to guide you in this next activity.  Don’t worry about limiting by focusing on one thing—the Aquarian energy of the Full Moon could persuade you that you freedom means no limits. The fact is focus on one item will activate everything else on your release list.


You may find as you read your list aloud some item is more alive and connected to you than others. Let yourself get a real sense of the energy that is tied up in this item. I like to then take this event, concept, situation, whatever it is and imagine some way to link that to an opportunity to give or literally disseminate something.


As the Moon is seen as shrinking as it changes from an oval at the beginning of this phase to the half circle of the next phase the Last Quarter Moon. The Moon seems to be giving itself away, shrinking or disseminating. Disseminating is a bit like broadcasting. Something is let go, given out, and the hope is that it lands in a good place and grows. It isn’t quite like planting but more like spreading something from a place of abundance and releasing it.


We are in the Aquarius releasing cycle, and the key phrase for Aquarius is I KNOW. The Moon is in Aries, I AM.  There is a fiery energy in this pattern and it makes it easier to disseminate knowledge and information in an active way, with energy. Use this to your advantage to give of the bounty of your knowledge and personal energy. Give your attention and consciousness to honoring what you know and those things you have come to know as a result of curiosity and opening to the something new and innovative.


Aquarius is about a better world for all. You might be able to find something you know that you can share that is related to innovation, the future, the causes of young people, or the causes of equality. This is a time to come from your abundance and plant a seed for the future. This may be something you say or do or it could be financial support for a group of likeminded individuals supporting a cause based on humanitarian or egalitarian values. Remember, generosity always sets the stage for abundance.



August 3

8:59 AM PDT

Sun 11º Leo/Moon 11º Aquarius



For every Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposite sides of the sky, this is called an opposition in astrology. The Full Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun. This can bring ILLUMINATION that helps us see the other side of the Sun's focus. A peek into our own "dark side" can help us name and seek release of patterns, behaviors, people and things that block growth, happiness, abundance, and success.


For this cycle, the Sun is in the sign of Leo, the lion. Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. Key words for Leo are I will, I love, I create. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and it is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a fixed sign in the element of air and the key phrases for Aquarius are I know, I liberate.  


For the Full Moon, I like to make a RELEASE LIST. For this cycle use the Moon sign, Aquarius, for clues to what is being activated for easier release. Here are some of the things coming to mind with this Full Moon that is activating the Leo/Aquarius polarity:


I release inflexibility, rigidity, and the need for freedom at any cost.


I release dependency fears.


I release any problems with technology.


I release groups, organizations that don't support me. 


I release boredom, detachment from feelings, and impatience.


I release needless rebellion or fear of rebellion.


I release fear of being too hopeful and optimistic, or too imaginative and innovative.


I release escape into the abstract to avoid connection or emotion.


I release fear of being called or considered "weird".


I release blocks to living out my uniqueness.


I release blocks to fulfillment of the vision of a better and kinder world that honors and supports all beings.


I release blocks and obstacles to liberation for myself and others



You might want to use these as suggestions for your own release list. Take time to let your mind wander and follow trails of connection to discover particular situations and issues that arise. Since independence, rebellion, impatience with detail and boredom are in the Aquarian field, it might be a challenge to settle down and actually make the list. Do your best. Get a few things written, you can always add to it later on.


After you have made your list, read it aloud, fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. This is sharing your list with the Power of the Universe that is your beloved Friend. I encourage you to be brave and honest when making this list. This is your opportunity to free yourself of blocks and burdens. Use it and expect miracles.




This New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology the zodiac is represented as 12 different animals. This year is the Year of the metal Rat. 


The year of the dog is behind us now--tell my dog that! Every year is year of the dog for this guy. Here's a wish for a very happy year of the metal rat!

You might find Donna Stillhorn's info on Chinese astrology interesting. Here's a link.

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