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full moon releasing cycle

scorpio full moon cycle                                   may 15 - may 30

Full Moon in Scorpio

Moon 25º Scorpio/ Sun 25º Taurus

May 15, 9:5 PM PDT (May 16, 12:15 am EDT)

Lunar Eclipse



Full Moon time is the time of illumination. We have the benefit of the light of the Sun during the day and the Moon illuminates the darkness at night. This helps us see the shadow side of the Moon sign. Take time during this time of illumination to be real and honest. Use the shadow light to see and own what is revealed and release it. Use My Moon Guide to give you tips along the way.


For this Full Moon, the Sun is in earthy Taurus, illuminating the Moon in Scorpio. The key phrase for Taurus is I HAVE. It is the sign of luxury, wealth, possessions and true value. Taurus elevates form and infuses light into matter. Since Taurus is a fixed sign in the element of earth it is extremely stable and seeks stability (and can be greedy, stubborn and unwilling to change).


Scorpio is the sign of transformation and includes the quality of intensity.  I DESIRE is the key phrase of Scorpio. A few of the areas of life that fall especially under the influence of Scorpio are sex, taxes, property, investments, death, and above all –transformation. This releasing cycle of the Scorpio Moon is time to examine patterns and behaviors within the Scorpio energy field with the intention of release. The more honest you can be in owning and naming these defects, weaknesses, and flaws, the more freedom and healing will come.


This is a good time for releasing grudges, sexual trauma, and issues around business partnerships. Review issues of death, taxes, and legacy. What gets passed down the family line that concerns money, death, and sex? Look at blocks to real transformation on any and all levels. This is time to see, know, and let it go


Here are some suggestions for a release during this Full Moon:


I release blocks, obstacles, and resistance to transformation.

I release grudges and resentment toward __________.

I release family attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that interfere around shared money, investment, death, and sex.

I release bad business partners and choices.

I release fear of death.

I release blocks and obstacles to inheritance.

I release sexual trauma.

I release jealousy/envy/craving.

I release all illness and negativity held in my reproductive organs.

I release patterns and habits misuse of sexual energy.

I release obsession, cruelty, and intolerance.

I let go of my version of reality (This one can be a real game changer).

I let go of those patterns, behaviors and attitudes that are lifeless and no longer serve me.


You may find more ideas occur to you for release in the next few days. It’s fine to add to your list. Make sure you actually write your release list. Be brave. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. You will be using this as this cycle goes on.

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May 12

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Virgo

 Image Fulfillment


If you have been watching, you have seen the Moon growing with every day. She is starting to look like a gleaming egg in the sky. This is the sign we are in the magical time of the Gibbous Moon, the time to use your imagination to bring the items on your manifesting list into reality. 


Here are some suggestions for using this Moon-


Look at your manifesting list and read it aloud.  Remember the Universe is listening and really wants to bring all and everything to you. Remember your wishes come true easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned. Give yourself complete permission to use your imagination freely and completely.


OK now it’s playtime!

Take time to imagine in detail and brilliance your list fully and completely manifest in your life. Do your best to include every single one of your senses. See, feel, taste, hear, smell, and experience the fun and gratitude that is yours as abundance, wealth, value, and beauty come to your life in the way you want. Maybe you feel surprise and gratitude, as you are free to share your wealth and give time and energy to projects while living on a satisfying level of luxury and refinement.


Do as many of these visualizations as you find time for during this period between now and the Full Moon. Give it a try. Put intensity behind it. There are powerful forces on your side now. Use them!


First Quarter

Sun in Taurus/Moon in Leo

May 8

Gratitude and Action


First Quarter energy is all about making adjustments, dealing with challenges and taking action. It’s time to let the Universe know that you are willing to cooperate and do your part to make your dreams come true. I like to remember that whatever action taken toward making any one thing on the manifesting list become a reality, is activating all the other items on the list. So let your focus and trust guide your action.


Since the Moon will be in Leo and the Sun in Taurus for most of this phase notice any conflict that might arise around issues of stubbornness. Check your heels for signs of digging in just a bit too vigorously. Are you holding a position that might not be in your best interest? Are you holding a position out of ego?  


This can be a time of self-doubt or fear of loss.  So take time in the Quarter Moon phase to make a gratitude list. Gratitude is like a nutritious meal. It strengthens and supports the entire system. It opens the mind and heart. Gratitude nourishes the seeds of hope.  In the light of gratitude reflect on your life and recall how often softening and trust in a power greater than you supported you in unexpected ways.


With the support of gratitude and a proper alignment of personal will with Divine will, you will find you can have what you want with ease. You may even notice all the times that has been the case. With the open heart that comes with gratitude, notice your path open before you and take the next indicated step.


*Reminder: Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. This is a great time to remember things said, acts taken that fell short of kindness. How would you have done them now if given a chance?


Waxing Crescent

May 4                                                                                     



Here we are in the waxing crescent, the second phase of this Taurus New Moon. Cycle During this phase focus in on one or two items on your manifesting list and get some ideas about your next indicated step.


You’ve made the manifesting list. Now look for the opportunity to do your part in cooperation with the manifesting power of the universe to bring this item of focus to reality. The good news is all there is to do is be present and open up the lines of communication and follow orders.


Just a note

Mercury has moved briefly into Gemini. Mercury is in its storm (forward motion slowed to less than 40 minutes of arc per day). This period behaves as the retrograde with stationary, seeming no movement,  the more intense period. Make notes during this time and the retrograde. Ideas will be coming during this time. Action will come later with Taurus energy that supports manifestation.

As all retrogrades but especially Gemini, back up all your devices.

During the retrograde – in Gemini part review your communications and communication style, family and neighborhood stuff, your mind and style of thinking. During the Taurus part the review is of finances, what you value, your personal treasure (this can be on a number of levels).

taurus new MOON                 april 30  1:28 pM PdT

MOON & sun @10º taurus

Taurus New Moon

The Building Cycle


New Moon in Taurus – 

May 4, 3:45 PM PDT


This Building Cycle of the New Moon with the Sun and Moon in Taurus is the time to use the power that occurs when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign to bring the power of manifestation into our lives and what a lucky and powerful time it is! Taurus is the sign of abundance and gives us the opportunity to bring light to matter. 


Each of the New Moons of the year has a particular area of life to use as a focus in the building cycle. Last cycle in Aries we focused on new beginnings, our self, self-image, and our personal power. Now we are in Taurus, the time when earth energy grounds the fiery brilliance of I AM of Aries and the focus becomes abundance, beauty, quality and value.  The key words of Taurus are I HAVE.

In Taurus, we find wealth and abundance. Form is filled with light and life is elevated with beauty, quality and consciousness. This is the time to set up the powerful forces of attraction to magnetize prosperity, business and financial success, and grounded spirituality. In Taurus we come to know what has true value and to elevate our lifestyle with real quality. Here's what I'm doing for this mega manifesting Moon cycle:        

I'm going to start with a deeply felt sense of gratitude by counting my blessings and in a very concrete way looking at what I have right now, especially those things that contain the qualities or elements I want more of in my life. I’ll write out a manifesting list and be careful to use wording that is positive and assumes the items on the list are already mine.

Here are some examples for this manifesting cycle:

I have financial success and security.

I have quality friendships and relationships.

I manifest abundance and quality in my life.

I bring light into form.  

I elevate the quality of life with love, beauty, art, and luxury.

I increase my tolerance for luxury and fine living.

I manifest prosperity and generously share my bounty.

My business is a financial success.

I manifest wealth on all levels

Of course I'll fill in the details and expand in ways that work of me.

The key phrase of Taurus is I HAVE and this building cycle is the time to make sure we ask enough of the Power of Manifestation. Are you feeling enough love to ask for what you want? Did you release resentment and jealousy during the Full Moon release in Scorpio last autumn? Are you ready to allow ease in bringing concrete form to the structure of abundance? Are you worthy?


Of course you are and if you don’t quite believe it yet, pretend. Then, take time to write out your manifesting list. Read it aloud, fold it in a special way, and put it in a special place. I always add to my list, “This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned.” During the Gibbous Moon phase, you will read your list once more and use your power of imagination to fully and completely experience fulfillment. Then you will completely let go and believe. For now, make use of the power of the building cycle of the Moon- the manifesting cycle - by initiating the process by making your list. For this Moon, the manifesting power is aided by Saturn to help make your dreams real.


Sun 26º Aries/Moon 26º Libra




For every Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposite sides of the sky, this is called an opposition in astrology. The Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun and allows us to see the shadow side of the Sun's focus. This is why we call the Full Moon phase the time of illumination. For this Moon the Sun is in Aries, whose keywords are I AM. Aries is concerned with identity and the expression of self.


The Moon is opposite the Sun in the sign of Libra. It is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Libra is the sign that rules intimate relationships, marriage, all one to one relationships, and known enemies. The key words for Libra are I BALANCE. The Aries/Libra axis asks us to hold both the energy of me and we and notice where the “we” part of the equation requires cleansing, balance, an update, and renewal.


What illusions regarding relationships and balance are ready for release?  What can be let go so an “I am” attitude allows the other to be who and what they are? What “we” attitude can you release that reduces your space to be yourself or the other to be honored? Relationship, harmony, codependence, and allowing oneself to be seen in an intimate way by the other are all part of the Libran field which is also a field of beauty and refinement.


Now will be the time to identify challenges that arise regarding being oneself in relationship and finding a balance point between me and we. Now is the time to release what stands in the way of peace and connection. It is a time of release and forgiveness.


The Releasing Cycle is time to make a release list. Take time to let your mind wander and follow trails of connection to discover particular situations and issues that arise in the area of intimacy, marriage, and relationships. See the shadow and call it out. It is a good time to release hurts, resentments, and betrayals related to past relationships. Time to let go of bad choices in friends and lovers. The work you do now will open the space within that invites deeper and more meaningful relationships later in the year during the Libra New Moon.


Here are some release statements to get you started:

I release fear of abandonment. 

I release ambivalence.

I release living through and/or manipulating that special someone. 
I release co dependence and people pleasing.

I release an unbalanced lifestyle.

I release needing to be right and believing I always know what's "fair".

I release giving up myself for the sake of harmony.

I release all blocks and obstacles to peace.

I release blocks to good relationships.

I release fear of connection, love, and intimacy.

I release blocks to my relationship with the Divine.


Use these as a jumping off place to make your own list. Write it down. Put it in a special place. You will refer to it later on in the cycle as you do simple exercises to aid the releasing process. Make sure to take a look at the beautiful Moon as it lights up the night and illuminates what might be missed in the light of day.



Full Moon in Virgo

Moon 27º Virgo and Sun 27º Pisces

March 18 @ 12:18 AM PDT



When the Moon is full the energy of the Sun is focused on the earth all day and at night the reflected light of the Sun comes to us via the Moon. Here on earth, we are between the two luminaries. Our world is illuminated for seeing the most obvious and that which can often be hidden. For this cycle, the hidden side of Virgo is open for us to explore and to use the illumination of this time to free ourselves in a particularly focused way of clinging issues associated with the sign of Virgo. We have the opportunity of that flash of insight that comes when the opposing signs are experienced together.


For this Full Moon, the Sun is in the sign of Pisces an emotional water sign with a changeable nature.  The Moon is in the sign of Virgo. The nature of Virgo is changeable also, but the element is earth. This year the Moon stands alone in the last few degrees of Virgo with the Sun and all the other planets on the opposite side of the heavens. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is close adding to the Sun adding a mystical quality to the times. The planet is immersed in emotion.



The Pisces Sun brings forward consciousness of the element of water. According to the USGS, “Water is called the ‘universal solvent’ because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid’.”  The Virgo Moon is very much about substance and matter. It is the sign in which the feminine gives form to spirit. This is the time for Virgo's analysis to bring attention to routine behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve us, especially in the areas of our job and workplace, our health, pets, and service. For this Moon, allow the Pisces spiritual shower of grace to release reliance on the mind for solutions and allow that Power greater than you to clear the way for rejuvenation, rebirth, abundance, and good health.



Here's how I am using this Moon:


I am writing a release list using the qualities of Virgo to direct my focus. Here are some suggestions you might use as a place to start your own list:


I release blocks and obstacles to good health and healthy habits and routines.

I release rituals, habits, and routines that are outdated or lifeless.

I release clutter and mess.

I release perfectionism.

I release imposing my version of order on others.

I release problems at work.

I release blocks to being of service.

I release the need to understand everything.

I release fear of losing control.

I release negative mental focus.

I release work as an escape from being fully present.

I release distress around the details of life.

I let go and let God.


Know you can add to this list and if you get "off topic" a bit, that's fine.  Trust this particular release item came to you at this time to be included in your releasing process. It must belong, so honor it and write it down.


This list will be used all during the releasing cycle, so make sure to write it down. Take time to read the list aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. At the end of this releasing cycle, you will read it again, note your progress, and burn the list as a final act of release.


***Special note: For this Full Moon: There is an abundance of Pisces energy for this Moon. Let Spirit guide this process for you. Rather than seeking escape use this energy to find Divinity in all that surrounds you and know you are part of and sustained by that Holy Mystery.


We can be of service by maintaining good health—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Practice good hygiene on all levels of life—wash your hands with soap and water. Clean your emotional and mental bodies with meditation and acknowledging nothing is permanent except change. Thoughts will come and go. Let them wash through you as water cleansing as it passes. On the spiritual, let Divine grace wash over you as a sweet rain.



Pisces New Moon

March 2                          Sun and Moon 12º Pisces




" I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service is joy." -Tagore


Drama, Dreaming, Dynamic


Pisces is about the mystery, the dream, and connection with the Great Oneness. This sets the tone for the entire building cycle, which begins with the New Moon. This particular Moon is lined up to bestow special blessings with reminders that this world can be transformed when we believe in something greater than ourselves. We may call it God, the Divine, the Universe, the Holy Mystery or any one of a number of names and this Reality calls on us. We are asked each day to show up as the best version of our self, to be present and bring Divine Love to here and now in the special way that each is designed to do. This spiritual approach is pragmatic and fully grounded rather than escapist or too drifty.  


For this cycle, there is an invitation to live a magical life and trust in a Power of regeneration and unconditional love. This is the time for magic, miracles, and manifesting from that sacred source of abundance. It also supports embodied compassion and doing our part in manifesting divinity on earth.


Under the Pisces influence we might be dreamy and fluid and in touch with our intuition. We can also be more than a bit flakey and on the look out for an escape. Pisces can be overly sensitive and subject to denial, but at its best Pisces is mystical, magical, compassionate, and strongly connected to Divine Love. In Pisces we believe and in believing manifest the miraculous.


The key words of Pisces are I believe. I'm starting my manifest list with “I believe in magic”.

Here are some other suggestions:


I believe we can have a better world and I can help make it happen.

I believe my intuition is getting stronger and more accurate.

I believe I can be present and responsible in the world and remain connected to Spirit.

I am compassionate.

I am sure footed on my life journey and guided by Spirit.

I am safe being sensitive.

Dreams bring good things to life.

I can be sensitive and intuitive and have good personal boundaries.

I serve the Divine through service to all beings.

I believe in a Power greater than me that I can relate to and trust.


It might be difficult to get language for the Pisces Moon, but allow yourself to float in the deep waters and ask for clarity on what is longing to come to you and write your manifesting list. It may be vague at first. That is the nature of Pisces. But it will take form. 



“Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events and bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.”

From the Mantrum of Unification. A.A. Bailey

Disseminating Moon

Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra

February 19


We are in the Leo Releasing Cycle.  The Sun has just moved into Pisces and Moon is in final degrees Libra on the way to Scorpio. Both are water signs and this relationship between Sun and Moon is powerfully beneficial. It supports you in releasing through disseminating or spreading/giving from your bounty. Read your release list aloud, and identify some item that feels more alive and connected than others. Get a real sense of the energy that is tied up in this item. Then take this event, concept, situation, whatever it is and imagine some way to link that to an opportunity to give or literally disseminate something. This is an easy way to begin the process of letting go.


Here are some ideas for disseminating:

For Scorpio and Pisces the giving could be of an emotional or spiritual nature. You could give your time, energy, money, and/or attention to support emotional or spiritual causes. Scorpio giving would for instance support hospice or places where individuals are in a process of deep transformation. With Pisces involved this could be for individuals in recovery or literally transitional housing. Find some way to give in some way of your bounty. This could be financial bounty, intellectual bounty, or a loving and kind act that is done with the intention of disseminating or spreading goodness.


These are just some ideas for using this DISSEMINATING MOON. Remember, it is important to make it an actual, down to earth, concrete activity in which you give. Bring consciousness to that activity and allow yourself to experience and enjoy the act of giving.  Generosity is a show of trust in an abundant Universe.

The Full Moon in Leo is time to make your release list.


Now is the time to look at issues of love and will, me and my community, and blocks to creativity, self-expression and joy. This is the time for an ego cleanse. Is the ego as “strong and as small as possible” as Jung suggested it should be? Is there a conflict between what I know and what I love? Am I paying with my future to give my sense of self a boost now? Is it OK to be one among the many even when the many are the select few? Do I rein in my genius out of fear of being misunderstood or ignored? Can I release what keeps me from living life whole-heartedly?


These questions might put you on the path to writing a Release List and here are a few more suggestions. WRITE list down. READ it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. You can add to it at any time.


I release blocks to feeling love, loved, and loveable.

I release arrogance and fear of rejection.

I release blocks to a healthy heart and good circulation.

 I release blocks to fun and playfulness (is there some judgment you carry about appearing silly?)

 I let go of blocks to creativity.

 I release Miss Bossy Pants- or fear that people won’t like a powerful, decisive person.

I release blocks and obstacles to whole-hearted living and joy.

I release my personal will in service to the Greater Will.


Write your list down and read it aloud. This helps set the vibration of your release in motion. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. You will be using it during the next few weeks. You may find your list growing as the Moon is shrinking-- mine does. That's fine. Add to your list anytime during this releasing cycle. Remember, as you work on any item, all areas are activated.


PS take some time to look at your birthchart to find where in your chart this Full Moon plays out. The Sun and Moon are opposite at the Full Moon. This Full Moon's placement will let you know the area of release for you during this cycle.

Aquarius New Moon

Sun and Moon 12º Aquarius

Manifesting/Building Cycle 

January 31 9:47 PM PST



When the Moon is new, both the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. There is union of outer, conscious self (Sun) and the inner, primordial self (Moon).  Together in Aquarius, Sun and Moon bring liberation and enlightenment for humanity. In this sign, the Water Bearer carries the water of life to all beings to refresh and renew them. In this sign innovation, inspiration, and invention reign.


This is the time to bring out and appreciate the unique elements that you and only you can bring to the world. Be brave enough to imagine an ideal world and find the group to work with to assist in giving birth to that world. Aquarius knows there is a better world possible and seeks to bring that world forward. This is a sign of tolerance, invention, and altruism. Aquarius energy is the foundation for groups of likeminded people gathering to manifest a humanitarian vision. This is the sign of the visionary, the rebel, innovation, and fellowship.


The New Moon in Aquarius is time to make your manifesting list. This is the time to let the Aquarian energy take you to new places and imagine a future that is wild and wonderful. Let genius guide you. As you write your list, let your imagination run wild. Use this time as an exercise based on the idea of a generous and expansive Universe listening to you, ready to grant your every wish.


Here are some suggestions for a manifesting list:

I find my group.

I play well with others. I am part of a great team.

I accept, express, and celebrate my uniqueness and yours.

My business thrives through invention, innovation, and genius.

I am open to receive and use flashes of insight and intelligence.

I know how and when to use technology for my benefit.

I celebrate being an agent (angel) of change.

I contribute to the good of all humanity.

I am open to the magic of genius.

I am connected to the Source of wisdom and knowledge.

I know my hopes and dreams can become reality when I partner with the Divine.


Remember, you can always add, "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned."


Read your list aloud. Fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. Feel free to add to it. Aquarius is all about the future, so your list can easily be very future oriented. Aquarius is humanitarian and hopeful, quirky and genius. Let your list reflect that as well. 


*this New Moon comes with some challenge. Uranus is in Taurus 90º from Sun, Moon, and Saturn in Aquarius. Be aware there may be a tendency to explosive upsets either metaphorical or otherwise. Rely on a true spiritual connection and respect of order to help.

 **Mercury is still retrograde and nearly at a standstill prepare for direct movement by using stillness as a tool. Sometimes more can be accomplished by waiting for the right time for the right action.

happy lunar new year         year of the water tiger

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