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My Moon Guide

Updated 2/15

full moon releasing cycle aquarius san and leo moon 

Last Quarter Moon

February 15

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio



The Last Quarter marks the time for an action step in the releasing process. Since forgiveness is an activity that frees us from the past, take time to make a forgiveness list. It can be a sure step to release and let go so we will be able to move forward when the time is right.


The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio for this phase. This is a great time to be aware of resentments, grievances, wrongs, and slights that we have been holding on to. This is especially true of issues of misuse of power, cultural and institutional cruelty, issues of wrongs involving gender and sex. There may be people we had considered part of our band or tribe who disappointed or betrayed us or we may have been the transgressor or perpetrator. There may be sexual wounding for which forgiveness can be a remedy. Maybe there was a time when need, love, and sex made a toxic brew. Use this Moon to bring forward the idea of forgiveness to heal hurts that stand in the way of liberation and love.


Forgiveness is easier when we remember we are doing the best we can or could do and so are/were the others in our life who have caused us pain. Sometimes that “best” wasn’t good enough. These are the times that require forgiveness. Forgiving doesn’t “let anyone off the hook”. Forgiveness allows us to let go of the burden we carry when we hold on to hurts of the past. The actual lightening of the load comes in its own time, through grace. We do our part in willingness to forgive. By the way, make sure to own your part and put yourself on the forgiveness list. 


Pay attention to old habits that distort love, demand homage to self and self-will, and/or pervert power. It’s time to cleanse the ego. Allow forgiveness and the releasing cycle to do its work in its own way. 

Disseminating Moon

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra

February 12


You may find as you read your release list aloud, some item is more alive and connected than others. Let yourself get a real sense of the energy that is tied up in this item. Then take this event, concept, situation, whatever it is and imagine some way to link that to an opportunity to give or literally disseminate something. We are in the Leo Releasing Cycle with the Sun in Aquarius with the  Moon now in Libra. Both are air signs and this relationship between Sun and Moon is powerfully beneficial.


Here are some ideas for disseminating:

Aquarius energy is humanitarian, high tech, and futuristic. It is connected to groups of like-minded individuals. This is the sign of the world server. The Libra Moon brings to abstract Aquarius a relational quality that is much needed to get things going and encourage cooperation and balance. Leo, the Sun sign at the time of the Full Moon, is connected with children, recreation, creativity, arts, and theater among other things.


I might use this dissemination energy to support creativity and the arts for young people. Libra is based on relationship and fairness. This would be a great time to find ways to assist kids challenged by problems with the justice system or at risk because of relationship problems of their parents. Whether you disseminate personally or by donating to a cause, if you do so consciously and link it to your release list in a way that makes sense to you, you will be energizing the releasing power of the Moon in your life. Remember, acting on any one item on your list activates all.


These are just some ideas for using this DISSEMINATING MOON. Remember, it is important to make it an actual, down to earth, concrete activity in which you actually give in some way. Bring consciousness to that activity and allow yourself to experience and enjoy the act of giving.  Generosity is a show of trust in an abundant Universe. This act of release invites bounty- especially when the Leo New Moon cycle comes in the summer.


The Full Moon in Leo 

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Sun 20º  Aquarius/Moon 2º0  Leo

February 8 @ 11:33 pm pst




The Full Moon in Leo is the time to make your release list. To begin, look at issues of love and will, me and my community and blocks to creativity, love, and joy. This is also a great time for an ego cleanse. Is your ego as "strong and as small as possible as Carl Jung suggested it should be? Is there a conflict between what you know and what you love? Are you paying with your future to give yourself an ego boost now? Is it OK to be one among the many even when the many are a slect few? Is it OK to feel happiness and joy without expecting the "other shoe to drop" Do you rein in your genius for fear of being misunderstood, embarrassed or ignored? 


These questions might put you on the path to writing a Release List and here are a few more suggestions. WRITE your list down. READ it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. Remember you can add to it at any time. You might want to use the following prompts to get started.


I release blocks to feeling love, loved, and loveable.

I release arrogance and fear of rejection.

I release blocks to a healthy heart and good circulation.

I release blocks to fun and playfulness (is there some judgment you carry about appearing silly?)

I let go of blocks to creativity.

I release Miss/Mr. Bossy Pants- or fear that people won’t like a powerful, decisive woman/man.

I release all blocks and obstacles to good relationships with my children and children in general.

I release my personal will to the Greater Will.


You may find your list growing as the Moon is shrinking- mine is. That's fine. Add to your list anytime during this releasing cycle. Remember, as you work on any item, all areas are activated and be sure to check here in a few days for the next step.

Gibbous Moon  

Moon in Gemini and Sun in Aquarius

February 5



If you have been watching, you have seen the moon growing every day. She is starting to look like a gleaming egg in the sky. This is the time to use imagination to help bring the items on your manifesting list into reality. The Sun is in airy Aquarius and the moon has just moved into Gemini--also an air sign.  Make use of the doubly mental configuration to perform the magic process of image fulfillment.


OK playtime! Here's how I use this cycle-


Take your manifesting list from its special place. I remember the Universe is listening and delights in bringing all and everything to you. Now highlight at least one of the things on your list to fully imagine as a full and complete reality (remember, activating one thing activates all things on your list).  Take your time with this and do your best to include every single one of my senses--see, feel, smell, hear, taste, and perceive the living in a reality where this item from your is fulfilled (this is image fulfillment). This is using your imagination as the tool it is meant to be.


For example, being an agent of change is on my list, along with expressing my uniqueness and using technology. I realize that I am doing just that as I update my site for this Moon phase. I am going to use the Gemini Moon energy to enhance my communication skills and the enhanced energy to connect with a power greater than me that guides this and all my actions. All my senses are engaged PLUS the super senses stimulated to make me sensitive to input from Soul and Spirit. 


Revisit this exercise as often as you like between now and the Full Moon on Saturday night (Pacific time). At some point before that Full Moon, read your list aloud and burn it or plant it as you might plant a seed. Then let it go and know that it is done. Practice gratitude for are grateful for all the blessings that come your way and remember all is in Divine order.



Worry is misuse of imagination. Be alert to worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts now. When they come, and you know they will, breathe. Let your in and out breath remind you that you and the Divine are partners in life. You are an instrument of Divine action, an agent of change, an agent of love.

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

February 1

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus



For this First Quarter Moon, the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius and the Moon is in the sign of Taurus. Aquarius is in the element of air. It is mental, abstract, future oriented, and innovative. Taurus is earthy and tends to be grounded and practical. Both are fixed signs and if they can get past stubbornness and work together, the grand visions of Aquarius have a better chance at becoming reality.


The challenge presented in this Moon centers around flexibility and willingness to let go of some of what we have in order to support the future. Aquarius is idealistic to a fault and Taurus can be acquisitive to a fault. Striking a balance between what you are willing to put on the line for an uncertain future is a big challenge and it’s especially difficult when that future is not all that clear.


I believe there is an alchemical path through the stand off that can take place when these two energies engage. To experience change in the Aquarian pattern, we have to move outside of existing paradigms; to manifest the abundance of the Taurus pattern, we are called upon to ground ourselves deeply in the here and now and be grateful for the abundance that surrounds us.


The conflict between these two generates energy that can be harnessed and used. Here’s how I’m using this pattern:

I am going to begin with gratitude and a gratitude list that focuses on valuing the many concrete blessings in my life. This will include all the things I have (“I have” is the key phrase of Taurus). My gratitude list will also include the groups, forward thinkers, and random “God shots” that have come out of nowhere and changed my life for the better. I’ll put on my list the times and situations where inner knowing has guided me (the key phrase of Aquarius is “I know).


Something always changes when I do that list. One of the main changes comes when I look at my manifesting list in the glow of gratitude and ask, “what action can I take now that affirms I am a confident co creator with the Universe?” The action I take will be concrete and intentional and perhaps something I never would have considered--a stroke of genius. It won’t get me all the way to my goal (probably), but it will demonstrate that I am willing to do my part and be tenacious and steady. Since this Quarter Moon is in fixed signs, it might be hard to get going and DO something, but action is required in this phase.


Now it’s up to you. How are you going to use this opportunity? 

Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Aries

January 29




I am going to call this Crescent Moon for Wednesday, January 29, when the Sun and Moon form a very favorable sextile. This will be when the Moon is a crescent shape and the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon in Aries. Both of these signs are full of energy and drive. The fire of Aries ignites the fixed air of Aquarius. This is the pattern of enthusiasm. Energy for freedom, self-expression, and innovation is high. The future is unknown and unwritten. The world is full of possibility.  


This is a great combination for the enthusiastic activist. Embrace this strong and wild impulse and let your mind open to what wants to come from your future into your present. Worry about implementation later. For now let the lightning of genius strike around you. Keep a note pad handy for ideas and flashes of insight. This will show the way for action on some item on your wish list.


Commit to the future and the best for you and humanity. Do your best to bring focus on one or two items on your manifesting list. It won't be easy but it's well worth the effort. Choosing your focus now will give direction to the energy of the time. Remember we are all making our preparations for the coming Mercury retrograde and getting things finished that can be finished, signing what needs signing, and beginning what we can begin to finish and perfect in the retro.


Don’t worry that focus will limit you. It is important to remember, any activity on any item on your manifesting list activates all the items on the list. So pick a focus and look for your next indicated step and take it.

Aquarius New Moon

Sun and Moon 4º Aquarius

Manifesting/Building Cycle 

January 24 1:42 PM PST



When the Moon is new, both the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. There is union of outer, conscious self (Sun) and the inner, primordial self (Moon).  Together in Aquarius, Sun and Moon bring liberation and enlightenment for humanity. In this sign, the Water Bearer carries the water of life to all beings to refresh and renew them. In this sign innovation, inspiration, and invention reign.


This is the time to bring out and appreciate the unique elements that you and only you can bring to the world. Be brave enough to imagine an ideal world and find the group to work with to assist in giving birth to that world. Aquarius knows there is a better world possible and seeks to bring that world forward. This is a sign of tolerance, invention, and altruism. Aquarius energy is the foundation for groups of likeminded people gathering to manifest a humanitarian vision. This is the sign of the visionary, the rebel, innovation, and fellowship.


The New Moon in Aquarius is time to make your manifesting list. This is the time to let the Aquarian energy take you to new places and imagine a future that is wild and wonderful. Let genius guide you. As you write your list, let your imagination run wild. Use this time as an exercise based on the idea of a generous and expansive Universe listening to you, ready to grant your every wish.


Here are some suggestions for a manifesting list:


I find my group.

I play well with others. I am part of a great team.

I accept and express my uniqueness and yours.

   Love and Money

My business thrives through invention, innovation, and genius.

I love and am loved in surprising and delightful new ways.

I know how and when to use technology for my benefit.


I celebrate being an agent (angel) of change.

I contribute to the good of all humanity.

I am open to the magic of genius.

I am connected to the Source of wisdom and knowledge.

I know my hopes and dreams can become reality when I partner with the Divine.


Remember, you can always add, "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned."


Read your list aloud. Fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. Feel free to add to it. Aquarius is all about the future, so your list can easily be very future oriented. Aquarius is humanitarian and hopeful, quirky and genius. Let your list reflect that as well. 

Balsamic Moon 

Sun in Aquarius/Moon in Sagittarius

January 20


The Balsamic Moon is the last phase of the releasing cycle. Now is the time to move into the silent sanctuary known to you alone. This is you place of rest and restoration. In this phase we await the coming New Moon, the New Moon in Aquarius, the Lunar New Year. 


The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Sagittarius. This is not a particularly relaxing configuration, so it may take a bit of effort to relax and calm the mind of its chatter.  Try giving the mind a job: notice areas of your life where you may already be experiencing a sense of relief and release. Bring to mind the magic of forgiveness and breathe. This prepares you for the coming building cycle that begins with the coming New Moon.


You may wish to do a final reading aloud of your release list. Then burn your release list as a way of demonstrating you are ready to let go fully and completely and be in readiness for the coming New Moon Cycle and the Year of the Rat—a time for planting seeds and new beginnings. Take advantage of this second chance to begin the new year and a new cycle. 


Last Quarter

January 17

Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Libra



The Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra for this phase. Capricorn is calling for us to be efficient, in control, and productive while Libra insists on a relational approach that is inclusive and fair. This presents the challenge and opportunity for a balance between career and relationship. All quarter moon phases present an opportunity or challenge to make adjustments that allow release of baggage from the past.


The power of forgiveness is a powerful tool that helps in letting go of resentments and wounds. To forgive doesn’t require forgetting nor does it mean allowing abuse or mistreatment to go unchecked. I like what I found on line regarding forgiveness and would like to share it with you:


What Is Forgiveness?

Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness.

Just as important as defining what forgiveness is, though, is understanding what forgiveness is not. Experts who study or teach forgiveness make clear that when you forgive, you do not gloss over or deny the seriousness of an offense against you. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses. Though forgiveness can help repair a damaged relationship, it doesn’t obligate you to reconcile with the person who harmed you, or release them from legal accountability.

Instead, forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger. While there is some debate over whether true forgiveness requires positive feelings toward the offender, experts agree that it at least involves letting go of deeply held negative feelings. In that way, it empowers you to recognize the pain you suffered without letting that pain define you, enabling you to heal and move on with your life.



 A positive use of this configuration might be to keep in mind bridging a singular power structure (J) and a relational approach that allows give and take through connection (G) to examine past wounds, enemies, and injustices. An example might be: Is your expectation that things need to be your way to be fair?


As you look at your release list, find some thing you have written that reminds you of past hurts, slights or injustices. Let feelings come. Experience them as fully as possible and you will find, if you breathe and let them follow a natural arc, feelings will intensify, peak, diminish and finally the feelings will pass. This is a very rich opportunity to let go and release these kinds of patterns, behaviors, and habits because it is good for you, because failure to do so diminishes you.   

Disseminating Moon

Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Virgo

January 13



The release list is made and as you take a look at it, you might see some themes or patterns. Pay attention to how your body reacts as you read your list aloud. Breaking the habit of ignoring messages from your body is a big step in the releasing process of this Moon cycle.


We are under the influence of the Cancer Moon. As the Moon continues its journey we can use the sign and phase to aid us in our releasing process. Right now the Moon is in Virgo, the earth sign that has a beautiful harmony with the Capricorn Sun. We can use this harmony to ease into release through intentional dissemination.


Here’s an example: I have included releasing obstacles to connecting with the Divine Feminine-Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the Great Mother, Divine Mother. Capricorn loves efficiency and order and Virgo rules service, cleanliness, and small animals. I can donate to the local Humane Society thrift store and honor both Sun and Moon. Since Virgo tends to the little details of life. I can feed my pets with more intention and distribute food for the wild birds. This is a perfect time to acknowledge the kindness of another by giving a hug- a great way to demonstrate releasing resistance to being in a human body.


Virgo is associated with the Divine Mother, the generous protector of all of life. The practice of giving allows us to identify with the Divine, the all merciful, all loving and all giving. As Divinity gives through each of us we experience release as an easy and pleasant activity. Our generosity opens the path to abundance. Make your giving relate in some way to an item on your release list. Give with intention and remember small is beautiful. Some time in the next 3 days, look for some opportunity to give with intention.


January 10 @ 11:21 AM PST

Sun 20º Capricorn/Moon 20º Cancer



The Full Moon is the time of ILLUMINATION. With the every Full Moon cycle we get an opportunity for release and clearing of the darker side of the Moon sign. We are given a chance to examine a particular area of life and let go of blocks and obstacles, attitudes and behaviors that stand in the way of gaining full benefit from that sign later on in the year.


For this releasing cycle the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in watery Cancer. The Moon sign, Cancer, rules emotions and instinct, the past, what nurtures us and helps us feel safe and secure, and our bodies in general. Cancer is the sign of mother, dominant caregiver, family, and home. Boundaries can be blurred in Cancer, as it is a sensitive and psychic sign that can be brooding and may isolate under stress.


Capricorn, the Sun sign, is the earth sign that rules structure, organization, and governance. This sign represents our public life and career. It is status conscious and patriarchal. This Full Moon shines a light on the axis of public versus private life, home vs. career, inner direction vs. rules, and structure inner vs. outer.  


Let your mind wander in the areas suggested by the sign; discover where you feel constriction or blocks. Now is the time to look within and set about clearing the blocks and burdens on an emotional, physical, and soul level. It’s a time to let go of the past to be prepared to move into the future. Take time as you look within, to make a release list. Write it down. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place.


Your list can be as long or as short as you like, but you will probably find that once you get started the light of the Moon will reveal more and more to you. Use this time to identify and clear out what no longer nourishes you and what stands in the way of feeling safe and “at home” in your body and life and this world.  Here are some suggestions for a releasing list to use them as a start and make your own list.


I release poor choices in nourishing myself.

I release feels of dissatisfaction and scarcity.

I feel and release insecurity, moodiness, hoarding, and laziness. 

I feel and release toxic emotions.

I feel and release fear of life and death and accepting life on life’s terms.

I release blocks and obstacles to home improvement.

I release using my super sensitivity to control others.

I release problems with women and mother.

I feel and release resentment, anger, and negativity toward my parents-especially mother or mother figures.

I feel and release negativity toward my body and being human.

I release resistance and blocks to feeling and experiencing life as it is.

I release obstacles to connecting with the Divine Feminine-Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the Great Mother, Divine Mother.


This Full Moon includes a lunar eclipse. You may look back 19 years to the beginning of 2001 for a clue to issues that may be brought to a close or brought to a different level. The light of this Moon will help see the truth of our dependence, worry patterns, and negative patterns and behaviors. It’s the first Full Moon of the calendar year so clear and clean to make a fresh start in 2020.


A powerful feature of this Full Moon is the intense focus from the Capricorn side of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are clustered within 3ºs of one another and opposite the Moon. We can use this. This configuration will likely bring up fear and insecurity connected with being human. The Buddha identified dukha: birth, growing old, illness, and dying as the human suffering and sought to understand this condition. The result for him was enlightenment. Use this powerful configuration to address fear in a new way—as a prompt to finding Reality.

Gibbous Moon

Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus

January 6

Image Fulfillment


This is prime time to use your imagination to make your wishes reality. Take time to look at your list one last time. When I do this activity some of the things on my list have manifested. Yay, time for acknowledging that and saying “thank you”. Some items may have taken a turn for the better—Yay again and “thank you”. Some items I decide to wait a bit or maybe they just don’t seem that important any more. All good.

Now I turn my attention to the single item, I decided was my focus at the Crescent Moon phase. I remember, attention to any one item on my list activates all the items. For this phase, the Gibbous Moon, it is important to use a single item for the final activity of the Manifesting Cycle of the New Moon.


If you didn’t pick a single item way back 10 days ago, that’s fine. Pick one now. You might pick something that is already in process of becoming a reality. Keep it easy knowing work on any item activates them all. How get ready it’s time to use your super power—imagination. Think about the item on your manifesting list. Imagine it is now a reality. Use each one of your senses to experience complete fulfillment of your wish. Make sure to see, feel, taste, touch, smell, hear, and truly experience that satisfaction of experiencing the reality of a dream come true.


Let the Capricorn energy assist in very clear and down to earth details. You may even see the calendar flip forward marked with success after success. The Capricorn Sun and Taurus Moon will aid you in sticking to your plan and help you imagine luxury and an elevated style of life. Make use of that as you use your senses to have a full body and mind experience of fulfillment.


Later on in the time before the Full Moon and eclipse late Friday morning, make time to read your list aloud. Fully imagine just how you will be using those things, situations, attitudes and blessings that are coming your way as the result of your work during this building cycle. Finally you will want to either burn your list as a way of confidently trusting the Universe has taken your order and it is in process, or you might want to bury it as you would a seed that you are confident will sprout and be abundant. You choose.


I like to aid the process by naming clearly as many of life's blessings as I can while feeling intense gratitude for those many blessings that grace my life right now. (Yes, I am taking time to include all of you who check in with as part of that gratitude.) All that gratitude will fuel my ability to imagine even more blessings coming my way. 

During this special time take special care to avoid worry—the biggest misuse of imagination there is.  Use your good and skillful will to reign in worry, self-criticism, and negative thoughts of all kinds. They are just not good for you or anyone especially right now. Sure, notice them and take any creative warning for what it’s worth, but  just don't dwell on these thoughts. 


Between now and the Full Moon on Friday, continue this exercise. Feel personal will coming more and more in line with what I call the Divine Will and feel the comfort and confidence that comes with that strong connection. In the evening look up in the sky and see the egg shaped Moon and know there is a beautiful and beneficial future forming. You might call it an experiment and make notes on what you experience in a state of gratitude. How easy or challenging it is to fully and completely imagine all the good things in life coming your way? Many of us have to increase our tolerance for wealth, pleasure, and fulfillment. You might consider this a good time to set a course for success, accomplishment, and a supportive structure to your life. The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter is doubt that it can really be this simple. This is a good time to believe in magic.

PS  There is a powerful Full Moon and lunar eclipse Friday, January 10 at 11:21 pst. Use the creative time of this Gibbous Moon to align with a the forces of grace and goodness. 


Quarter Moon

Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Arues

January 2



The First Quarter marks the time for an action step in the direction of your intention. This is likely to contain some challenge or at least require an adjustment. For this Moon with in the sign of Aries, the challenge is personal. There is likely to be internal rebellion, impatience and/or aggression and that aggression could be active or passive. Take note of resistance from ego to do the work you know has to be done.   

A great strategy for dealing with this resistance is to wear it down with gratitude. Take time to make a gratitude list. You might want to look for situations where you were acknowledged for your hard work or where the reward and recognition was entirely internal. Gratitude for bosses, mentors, parents who saw you at your best and brought that out. Gratitude for people you may have found useful to reach your goals and gratitude for your own hard work and persistence.

The attitude adjustment that comes with gratitude will aid in harnessing the action oriented energy of the Aries Moon and will help light the way to the next indicated step. There is no need to know all the steps, just the next logical one. Take that step even if it’s a small one. Even if ego or the little "I" doesn't want to, take that step anyway.

Crescent Moon

Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Pisces

December 30



The Crescent Moon is our opportunity to focus on an item on our manifesting list and line up the energy to bring it to reality. This is intention.


If you have engaged the Capricorn energy, your list is ambitious. You might feel embarrassed to have asked for recognition, a great career, or the secure and burden free life you want. That is just the critical aspect of Capricorn making sure you know you deserve it and you are willing to do the work.


Breathe and feel yourself concrete and present. Capricorn and Saturn are just reminding you there might be some effort on your part required. The Pisces Moon helps you connect with that Power greater than yourself. Trust that connection to assist you in opening to inspiration that will guide you to your goal. This Moon phase helps with the focus necessary to get a plan or strategy in place to go about doing your part. 


So take a look at that list you made for the New Moon and determine which item resonates with you as a good place to set an intention and focus your attention. Remember, any activity on any single item on your manifesting list activates all the items on the list. 

New Moon in Capricorn

December 25, 9:13 pm pst

Sun and Moon in Capricorn

Solar Eclipse



As the Sun and Moon meet in the sign of Capricorn, we begin a Building Cycle in the element of earth. This is the final New Moon of 2019. We are ending the year as we began it with a New Moon in Capricorn. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto all join the Sun and Moon in Capricorn for this Moon and Mercury will enter Cap on Saturday. This is a very structured and focused pattern. The eclipse on the New Moon is a full stop and begin that provides a great opportunity to put the past in the past. Since eclipses have a 19 year cycle, this one harks back to 2000, the beginning of the calendar millennium. It connects back to 2010, the beginning of the decade and of course it links back to the last Full Moon in Cancer—lots of connections and lots of opportunity.


Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign in the Element of Earth. The personal self reaches its zenith. Position, usefulness, structure, and discipline can be the focus of this Building Cycle. Cardinal signs bring in the new energy and change with the new season. Now is the time to focus on the structure of the year to come. This is the time to be concrete and practical in plans, goals, and intentions. We can expect work (Capricorn always carries work) but we can also expect benefit as a result of the work. Jupiter is a generous boss.


Use the manifesting or building cycle list to identify for yourself and the Universe what you would like to have in your life. When you make your manifesting list for this cycle, make it ambitious and practical—these are traits of Capricorn. Include accomplishment and recognition for jobs well done. Make sure there are items on the list that will be easy for you to accomplish as well. While you work the building cycle you will pick one thing as a focus. Just one is plenty because work on any one item activates all the items on the list.


Write out your manifesting list. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a very special place. During the Gibbous Moon phase, you will read your list once more and use your power of imagination to fully and completely experience fulfillment. Then bury your list, plant it, as an expression of trust that the Universe is listening and good fulfillment is on the way.


Here are some things I am putting on my list, you might want to use them as a guide to making your list.  


Career options open to me that use my abilities and bring success and recognition. 

I am comfortable with my age and aging.

I have healthy, strong teeth, knees, and bones.

 I use my personal power and position kindly and effectively.

Those in authority aid me.

I take care of business and enjoy it.

I cooperate in manifesting Divine structure.

I am comfortable, safe, and secure, in holding positions of authority in harmony with my soul’s calling and destiny.

I celebrate and cherish the precious gift of a human incarnation.

I use my special combinations of traits, skills, and gifts to make the world a better place for all.

I ask to be used as a vehicle of expression for the Divine.


 Remember as you make your manifesting list to keep some items practical and doable. Guarantee yourself a sense of success. I like to add to my list "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned" (this thanks to Beatrex).  Also, it’s never too late or the "wrong" time to add to your list. 


Balsamic Moon

December 22

Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Scorpio 




The Balsamic Moon is the last phase of the releasing cycle that began with the Full Moon. During this last phase the Moon loses Herself in the central light of the Sun until She re emerges as the next New Moon. This time will be a bit different because there is a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon. The Moon will pass between the Earth and Sun for an annular Solar Eclipse. Though the US will be in the dark already for this eclipse, we will all feel the impact and intensity. In fact, I am certain we are feeling it now.


The Balsamic phase is the time to move gently within. Our task is to be present and available for the Divine to work with us and on us. The Scorpio Moon that begins this phase with the embrace of mystery and magic supports the work on us. The Balsamic Moon is the final phase of this releasing cycle that will end with the coming New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas night. Take time to focus on your breath.


Use this time before the New Moon and eclipse to make a full list of all that you wish to release from this last Full Moon, from this last year of 2019, from this last decade 2010-2020, from this last 19 years (the time since the last eclipse of this pattern (that would be since 2000). It is time to identify and release concepts and thought patterns, structures and institutions, leaders and policies that have failed. This is a big deal.


Most of us remember the turning of the millennium from 1999 to 2000. Now is time to see what it has brought and if this is the direction we wish to go. As you breathe, exhale the old concepts and thought patterns. Notice how breathing out makes room for the in breath, for inspiration. Inspiration literally means to be filled with spirit. Remind yourself that as you breathe out old paradigms, thought forms, and dogmatic positions, you open to that which is Spirit filled and Soul designed. Make sure to find a quiet moment to read your release list aloud and burn it, letting it go completely. Then simply be present in empty and open anticipation for the coming new life and the transformation that comes with it.


On December 26, after the Moon is New, take to your writing again. Write what it is you willingly bring in to the coming year and decade. What inner and outer structures do you envision for your life and the world we all share? What structures and processes will make a better world? Envision your alignment with the Source of all Power and sing/say/chant your wishes and dreams.


This is an opportunity to make use of a full stop and begin again moment. May we all do our part to contribute to bringing closer a world filled with light and goodness. Join me in sending love and blessings to one and all.

Happy Return of the Light




This New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology the zodiac is represented as 12 different animals. This year is the Year of the metal Rat. 


The year of the dog is behind us now--tell my dog that! Every year is year of the dog for this guy. Here's a wish for a very happy year of the metal rat!

You might find Donna Stillhorn's info on Chinese astrology interesting. Here's a link.

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