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FULL Moon RELEASing cycle

                      OCTOBER 20 - NOVEMBER 4

Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Cancer

Disseminating Moon

October 25


Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer is the set up of this Disseminating Moon.  This is the second phase of the Releasing Cycle. The Sun has moved from Libra to Scorpio, so we will go about our releasing activities with the energy of Scorpio under the Libra “umbrella” or influence. Expect the love of tact and harmony of Libra to be reduced for the remainder of this releasing cycle, while the intensity of Scorpio may actually assist us in letting go. This particular phase, the Disseminating Moon is our time to practice letting go by giving or disseminating from our own treasury. This giving can be giving of our wisdom, learning, time, attention, energy, or material wealth (read $).


Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon suggests our giving support feminine causes. What come to mind for me with this configuration is those organizations that stand against trafficking (8), that support safe places and homes (4) for women who are escaping dangerous and/or abusive relationships. Libra umbrella would broaden this to social justice organizations. You might also consider hospice, an organization that provides home for those dying or brings help to homes of those dying. This would be a good time to bring arts or music (in honor of the Libra umbrella) to hospice. These are a few ideas. The idea here is to find some way to be generous and give.


The practice of giving allows us to identify with the Divine, the Abundant Source of all that is good in life. The Divine gives through each of us. Giving increases gratitude and gratitude leads to giving.

In the next 4 days, make sure to find some opportunity to give/disseminate. Remember words have power and can be used now to bring harmony, home and transformation. Time to share.


Just a quick note about Mercury: Mercury is now solidly direct and moving along nicely. Get out the notes you took during the retrograde and begin putting into action the ideas that came during that time. -- oh, you didn't take notes? OK Keep in mind what a great idea that is for Mercury retrograde because the next one will be early January, 2022, in Aquarius!



7:57 AM PDT


Sun 27º Libra/Moon 27º Aries



The Full Moon is the time of Illumination—time to see through the dark and identify what holds you back. It is the time to set yourself free. A good Full Moon practice is writing a release list. The Sun sign, Libra, and the Moon sign, Aries, inform this list. Let the Universe know you have been doing your homework and using the light of the Moon and Sun to ILLUMINATE habits, patterns, parts of ego and self that you are ready to release. Take time to write your list down.


Notice what illusions regarding your self and self-image that you are now ready to release. The Libra Sun is all about “we” and the Aries Moon is all about “me”. This might give you some ideas for your release list. Are you letting someone else define you? Is there a passive aggressive pattern that is ready for release? Are you OK with being first? Here are some suggestions to get you going on your list. Use them to begin exploration into issues of who you are:


Aries on the physical rules infection, cuts, rashes,  acute injuries, surgery, and the head and brain. So you might use this time to release problems in those areas.

I release chronic inflammation.

I release the consequences of head trauma/stroke.


Aries is ruled by Mars and is the sign of personal assertion of the self and identity - I AM. So you may consider some of these release statements:

I release irritability, impatience, aggression, struggle, comparison, and toxic anger.

I release clothing that no longer suits me.

I identify and release outmoded or incorrect images of myself.

I release not knowing when to rest or quit.

I release _______________’s idea of who I am or who I should be.

I release primitive reactions that disengage my adult response.

I release blocks to being myself in relationship.



I release attachment to ego

I release shame patterns that block me from being who I truly am.

I release the sense of separation from the Divine.


Write out your list. Make it as long or as short as you like. Read it out loud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. Be sure to appreciate yourself for being brave and honest. Remember, working on any one issue later on will activate release on all the items on your list.


PS There is an interesting twist with this releasing cycle. Pluto the outer planet that works on us all with the energy of transformation is forming an angle of friction with the Sun and Moon. Since this will set the tone for the entire cycle and since Pluto is a ruling planet for Scorpio many of us will be feeling the intensity of this configuration. Pay attention to the weather in your inner landscape and the outer one as well. Pluto's mission is to bring about needed transformation and this energy cares little about your willingness to change. I suggest one of the things to release is the idea that you are the ringmaster in this circus.


Gibbous Moon 

Sat, Oct 16

Sun in Libra/Moon in Pisces



This is the last phase of the building cycle. It’s the time to use the magical power of imagination as a vehicle to bring your dreams to reality. You only have to use one item on your manifesting list to activate all the items, so either pick the one you have been using since the New Moon or pick the easiest to imagine fulfilled.


Use all your senses to fully and completely experience this item as reality through use of your imagination. See, taste, smell, hear, and feel this new reality. Make sure to add the element of emotion. This should be easy since the Moon is in Pisces, a super emotional sign and a sign with strong powers of imagination.  


Take all the time you need for this exercise. Then read your entire manifesting list aloud one last time. Acknowledge what has already changed for the positive. Finally, burn your list to release it to the Universe or release it to our Mother Earth and bury it, as you would a seed. Add the element of gratitude for all blessings that have already come to you and for what is on its way. You have done your part, now let go. Know that Divine timing is always in play and your wishes are granted and dreams fulfilled according to Divine Order. 


The Gibbous Moon is the phase that sets the frequency of fulfillment. When you harness the power of imagination to create fulfillment, a pattern is set in place.  Be open to notice magic at work.


The new Moon in Aries will be 8:00 am pdt, Wednesday, October 20.  Jupiter in Aquarius goes direct on Sunday and Mercury goes direct in Libra on Monday but will take a few days to get out of its storm.


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