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full Moon releasing cycle 

of libra full moon #2

       April 19-may 4



Sun in Aries/Moon in Libra 


April 19


For every Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposite sides of the sky, this is called an opposition in astrology. The Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun and allows us to see the shadow side of the Sun's focus. This is why we call the Full Moon phase the time of illumination. For this Moon the Sun is in Aries, whose keywords are I AM. Aries is concerned with identity and the expression of self.


At the time of this Full Moon, the Sun is in the final degree of Aries and the Moon is in the final degree of Libra. This year we will get a double dose of releasing in the Aries/Libra axis, but with the added feature of Uranus adding a powerful influence of change that is likely to be disruptive. The Sun will be moving into Taurus within hours of the Full Moon. Taurus is stable and this may aid is helping us deal with the intensity of this configuration. 


The Moon is in the sign of Libra and it is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Libra is the sign that rules intimate relationships, marriage, all one to one relationships, and known enemies. The key words for Libra are I BALANCE. 


The Aries/Libra axis asks us to hold both the energy of me and we and notice where the “we” part of the equation requires cleansing, an update and renewal. For this second round of releasing under the Aries/Libra influence, we will be processing under the influence of Taurus. Notice how different this is for you.


As with last month issues of illusions regarding relationships and balance are up for for release?  Blocks to allowing me and we to get along and honoring self and other may be on your release list. Relationship, harmony, codependence, and allowing oneself to be seen in an intimate way by the other are all part of the Libran field as are relationships with those we might know as adversaries or even known enemies.Now is the time to release what stands in the way of peace and connection. It is a time of release and forgiveness.


The Releasing Cycle is time to make a release list. Let your mind wander and follow trails of connection to discover particular situations and issues that arise in the area of intimacy, marriage, close friends and those close, but not so friendly. See the shadow and call it out. It is a good time to release hurts, resentments, and betrayals related to past relationships. Time to let go of bad choices in friends and lovers. The work you do now will open the space within that invites deeper and more meaningful relationships later in the year during the Libra New Moon.


Here are some release statements to get you started:

I release fear of abandonment. 

I release ambivalence.

I release relationships that are no longer good for me.

I release living through and/or manipulating that special someone. 
I release co dependence and people pleasing.

I release an unbalanced lifestyle.

I release needing to be right and believing I always know what's "fair".

I release lingering effects of betrayal.

I release all blocks and obstacles to peace.

I release blocks to good relationships.

I release fear of connection, love, and intimacy.

I release blocks to my relationship with the Divine.


Use these as a jumping off place to make your own list. Write it down. Put it in a special place. You will refer to it later on in the cycle as you do simple exercises to aid the releasing process. Make sure to take a look at the beautiful Moon as it lights up the night and illuminates what might be missed in the light of day.





Sun in Aries/Moon in Virgo

Gibbous Moon

April 15 





The Gibbous Moon is the last phase of the building cycle. Now is the time to use the magical power of imagination to fully and completely experience fulfillment of the items on your manifesting list.


The Virgo Moon strengthens your power to make use of your mind to fill in all the details of your manifesting list and imagine the habits of abundance assisting you in reaching your heart's desire. The Aries Sun brings the focus to you, your identity, and powers that are yours alone. This is the time to fully imagine doing just that with excitement and enthusiasm that include all the details. 


Read your list aloud. Use all your senses to fully and completely imagine your life with those items you have been working with as realities in your life. Experience these realities with gratitude and be sure to include ways in which you generously share your abundance. The final step is to let go completely and know your list will manifest easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned. 

Balsamic Moon

Sun in Aries

Moon in Pisces


March 31



This is the secret formula for Balsamic days. To bring form to the next Moon cycle, one must not think - or do - too much during the Dark Moon. Rather: rest and dream. Let intuition lead. The reward is a renewal of creativity, as sure as Sunrise."

Dana Gerhadt from Watching the Moon at


The Balsamic Moon or the Waning Crescent is the final phase of the Moon's releasing cycle. During this phase the releasing work begun at the Full Moon is coming to completion. The task of this time is to surrender to the darkening light and trust that emptiness is a safe place, a receptive place, a space between that invites. How can we move to the next Moon if we are holding on to the last - even if we are holding on to letting go? This is the time to rest and cleanse. This is the still time before birth and the coming into form of something new. 


The message of the Balsamic Moon is to become still and wait. This may not be what ego wants, but the Moon is in Pisces drawing us on an inner level to seek our own personal temple. Under the Pisces influence we should find it easy to move into a deep space of acceptance, love, and letting go. Try to remain in that space for the next day or so, even when the Moon makes the move into active Aries.


Here's how I am using this Moon:


I will review and read my release list aloud. I am going to notice those areas where I feel a softening or lightening. I'm going to remember my forgiveness exercise and finally, I will burn my release list and let it go. I will remind myself all is in Divine order.


I will move into my sacred inner temple. Using breath and heartbeat, I will focus on being present and connected with the Source of Life. This Moon phase demands stillness and I find that stillness when I become fully present.  I will move within and trust that in the dark the seeds of my future sprout in their own way and time. The New Moon comes just after midnight on Friday and I want to be ready. These are the things I'm doing. I hope it gives you some ideas for your own work with this Moon.

Sun in Aries/Moon in Capricorn

Last Quarter Moon

March 27


The Sun is in Aries and the Moon is in earthy Capricorn. This is the configuration of the Last Quarter Moon of the Libra releasing cycle. The focus is still on letting go of injustice, abandonments, breaks in connection, and relational breeches. This is our opportunity to heal and free ourselves from wounds we still carry from intimate relationships. It’s our best chance of the year to release hurts, slights, resentments that we have been holding on to. It’s time to see where we have used and been used by others and time to notice patterns, attitudes, and behaviors that have become habitual and convenient, but are outdated and no longer serve us.


This Libra Full Moon is our yearly opportunity prepare for healthy relationships by clearing the residue of the past. Your release list holds the clues to what you are holding on to, so go back to it and begin making a Forgiveness List. Something like, "I forgive __________ for hurting/abandoning/betraying me".


When I do this, I make sure to look at my part and put myself on that Forgiveness List as well. This allows me to be kind to myself and identify patterns and habits that are ready for release. It helps me with the inner work of honesty regarding my actions. This leads to surrender and letting go.


I might forgive myself for making poor choices of partners or abandoning myself to a relationship. I might forgive myself for failing to allow the other to be themselves and not who I think they should be. I can be honest about my own dependency or holding on to being the victim in a relationship. The Capricorn Moon asks us to include where and how issues of power played a part in relationship challenges. See where these prompts take you in making your forgiveness list.


I know I can forgive and remember the action that stimulates this process. In fact, remembering can help keep me safe and lead to new behaviors. The Capricorn Moon is also asking me to be concrete, thorough, and real about this. That is the path to real freedom. I know also that I can burn the forgiveness list for a complete release.  These are the things I'm doing. I hope it gives you some ideas for your own work with this Moon.



This New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology the zodiac is represented as 12 different animals. This year is the Year of the Pig. 

The year of the dog is behind us now--tell my dog that! Every year is year of the dog for this guy. Here's a wish for a very happy year of the earth pig!

You might find Donna Stillhorn's info on Chinese astrology interesting. Here's a link.

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