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full moon releasing CYCLE

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS  RELEASING CYCLE        GURU PURNIMA                                                          JULY 23 @ 7:38 PM PDT                                          SUN 1º LEO/ MOON  1º AQUARIUS                 

Disseminating Moon

Sun in Leo/Moon in Aries

July 27



With your release list as your guide, you can use the Disseminating Moon to get clarity about the one pattern that will act as your focus for the rest of the cycle. You may find as you read your list aloud some item is more alive and connected than others. Let yourself get a real sense of the energy that is tied up in this item. Then take this event, concept, situation, whatever it is and imagine some way to link that to an opportunity to give or literally disseminate something. 


We are in the Aquarius releasing cycle, and the key phrase for Aquarius is I KNOW. The Moon is in Aries, I AM.  There is a fiery energy in this pattern and it makes it easier to disseminate knowledge and information. Use this to your advantage to give of the bounty of your knowledge and personal energy. Give your attention and consciousness to honoring what you know and those things you have come to know as a result of curiosity and opening to the something new and innovative. The Aries energy will direct attention to the self and self knowledge.


Aquarius is about a better world for all. You might be able to find something you know that you can share that is related to innovation, the future, and the causes of equality and social justice. This is a time to come from your abundance and plant a seed for the future. This may be an opportunity in which self knowledge brings about an awakening or the ability bring awakening to others-- something you say or do or it could be financial support for a group of individuals supporting a cause based on humanitarian or egalitarian values. Remember, generosity always sets the stage for abundance.



July 23

7:38 PM PDT

Sun 1º Leo/Moon 1º Aquarius



For every Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposite sides of the sky, this is called an opposition in astrology. The Full Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun. This can bring ILLUMINATION that helps us see the other side of the Sun's focus. A peek into our own "dark side" can help us name and seek release of patterns, behaviors, people and things that block growth, happiness, abundance, and success.


For this cycle, the Sun is in the sign of Leo, the lion. Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. Key words for Leo are I will, I love, I create. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and it is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a fixed sign in the element of air and the key phrases for Aquarius are I know, I liberate.  


For the Full Moon, I like to make a RELEASE LIST. For this cycle use the Moon sign, Aquarius, for clues to what is being activated for easier release. Here are some of the things coming to mind with this Full Moon that is activating the Leo/Aquarius polarity:


I release inflexibility, rigidity, and the need for freedom at any cost.


I release dependency fears.


I release any problems with technology.


I release people, groups, and organizations that don't support me. 


I release boredom, detachment from feelings.

I release impatience.


I release needless rebellion or fear of rebellion.


I release fear of being too hopeful and optimistic, or too imaginative and innovative.


I release escape into the abstract to avoid connection or emotion.


I release fear of being called or considered "weird".


I release blocks to living out my uniqueness.


I release blocks to fulfillment of the vision of a better and kinder world that honors and supports all beings.


I release blocks and obstacles to recognizing and following my teachers, master, or guru.


I release blocks and obstacles to liberation for myself and others


You might want to use these as suggestions for your own release list. Take time to let your mind wander and follow trails of connection to discover particular situations and issues that arise. Since independence, rebellion, impatience with detail and boredom are in the Aquarian field, it might be a challenge to settle down and actually make the list. Do your best. Get a few things written, you can always add to it later on.


After you have made your list, read it aloud, fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. This is sharing your list with the Power of the Universe that is your beloved Friend. I encourage you to be brave and honest when making this list. This is your opportunity to free yourself of blocks and burdens. Use it and expect miracles.


Full Moon in Aquarius    July 23, 2021

Gibbous Moon -

July 20

Sun in Cancer/Moon in Sagittarius

Image Fulfillment



If you have been watching, you have seen the Moon growing every day. She is starting to look like a gleaming egg in the sky.  This is the final phase of the building cycle and your opportunity to use your precious gift of imagination to help bring items on your manifesting list from possibility to reality. 


Here are my suggestions for using this important and powerful Moon phase--


Look at the manifesting list you began with the New Moon. Read it aloud. Reaffirm gratitude for the many blessings and benefits that have already come your way. Remember the Universe is listening to and really wants to bring all and everything to you. Remember that phrase from the New Moon-- "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned". Then give yourself complete permission to use your imagination.


OK playtime!


Using imagination is playful and fun. We love watching children play because they are using imagination to create magical worlds that charm us and awaken our souls. The gift of imagination is your birthright. To use it effectively take time and include all of your senses plus a few extras. Imagine fully and completely an item on your manifesting list as a reality in your life. It can be any item because work on any item activates them all. I suggest you pick an item that has energy connected to it.


Imagine this thing, situation, new habit or attitude is a reality in your life and begin to clothe it in a garment of your senses. Give it shape and form by seeing yourself engaging in life with this new reality--If your list included manifesting your dream home, see yourself in that home, greeting friends, cooking a meal. Smell this home as bread is baking or flowers from your garden leave a light fragrance--what is that smell? Honeysuckle? Rose? Taste fresh water that cools you or morning coffee shared with a loved one. Are there friends with you?


Listen to the sound of a fountain or the laughter of children or the stillness of living in your own space.  Feel the textures of your furniture, or hugs from friends coming and going from your home. Feel the satisfaction and contentment of living in your home, of keeping your place in order and a place of beauty.  Remember the sense of perception. Perceive yourself in this environment moving in the space. Little details count a lot. Get the idea? Do as many of these visualizations as you like during the period between now and the Full Moon on July 23, just after the Sun moves into Leo. Give it a try.  Use the final degrees of Cancer to bring emotion to this fulfillment exercise.


Finally, make sure you read your list a final time and either burn it knowing it is done and coming your way in good time or plant it as you would a seed assured it will grow in its time. Do this before the Full Moon.


WARNING- This is a powerful manifesting period. Use mental discipline to think positive thoughts. Remember-worry is misuse of imagination. 

As the Moon is starting to look like a gleaming egg in the sky and growing to a full round circle, its time to use your imagination to bring your manifesting list to this world.

First Quarter

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Libra

July 17

Action and Gratitude


First Quarter energy is all about making adjustments, dealing with challenges and taking action. It’s time to act and let the Universe know that you are willing to do your part to make your dreams come true. Remember that whatever youI do toward making any one thing on your list become a reality, is activating all the other items on your list.


Though this phase begins with the Moon in Libra, She will be in Scorpio for most of this phase. It may be challenging to take action with the sensitivity of Cancer, people pleasing of Libra and the intensity of Scorpio. Self-sabotage or fixing on a past wound or hurt could come from nowhere to block forward movement with resentment, jealousy, or spite. Consider taking the high ground when you feel something seems to block your pathway to success. This might be aided by writing a gratitude list, an activity that opens the heart and invites the spirit of generosity and abundance.


To maintain focus and strengthen yourself use any doubt or internal challenges that face you to remind you of times when you succeeded in the past as if by the aid of a powerful unseen force. Maybe you will recall a “stroke of luck” or good fortune that came at just the right time or a believed defeat turn out to be a benefit.


Gratitude is like a nutritious meal. It strengthens and supports the entire system. It opens the mind and heart. Nourish the seeds of hopes and dreams with gratitude and remember, writing your gratitude list is an action taken to move toward your goal and any action toward your goal aids in realizing all goals.


Waxing Crescent

July 13

Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo



Here we are in the waxing crescent, the second phase of the building cycle of this Cancer Moon. During this phase It’s time to focus in on one  item on your manifesting list and get some ideas about the next indicated step. Remember working on just one item allows you to focus and activates all the items on your manifesting list.


You’ve made your list and now you’re looking for the opportunity to do your part in cooperation with the manifesting power of the universe to make it happen. The good news for is all you have to do is be present and open up the lines of communication. Then just follow directions.


The Sun in Cancer and the Virgo Moon work together beautifully. This is a fine time literally and figuratively to plant seeds for the future. Even if you put just one seed in a planter and think of your manifesting list you will have an example of intention, tending to what you put in motion, and being grounded in doing the many little things that make things grow. 


Just a note about this phase:

You might find that believing in the magic of this practice is a bit of a challenge. It brings up issues like self worth, connection to a power greater than yourself that you can relate to and rely on. Remember your list is at Santa Claus list and a chance to return to belief in magic and love. It’s fine to want lots of things and know that what is right at any moment will be in your life. Let go and play along with life. Things work better that way and remember also to be of service, that is the way of this Moon transit in Virgo.


Sun and Moon in Cancer

July 9



The sign Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and The Mother. This is the sign that rules our bodies-the vehicles of our human experience. It is the sign of the seas and its image, the Crab, lives on the border of land, sea, and sky. This remarkable creature protects its tender self with an outer shell and never quite manages to face life head on.


When I tap into this sign’s energy, I am filled with emotion. Feelings arise and often they are without language. Sometimes I seek to protect myself from feelings and this Moon is a good opportunity to celebrate and invite experience and the blessing of a human experience.


Since the New Moon cycle is the building or manifesting cycle. I suggest taking time to affirm happiness and joy and construct the pattern to contain more of it. Invite satisfaction and the thrill of experiencing the life you have and are meant to have. Use gratitude and appreciation of the great and small blessings that visit. Appreciate home, our beautiful blue planet and the little piece of heaven where you rest this precious body.


Take time to write out a manifesting list. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a very special place. During the Gibbous Moon, the final phase of this cycle, read your list once more and use your power of imagination to fully and completely experience fulfillment. Then release your list in some way. I burn my list as an expression of trust that what is mine is on its way. Some people plant it like a seed in the earth so it will sprout goodness and grow. You choose.


Here are some suggestions for a manifesting list  for this Moon. Use them as a place to begin your own list. You are precious and may ask for as much as you like-no limits. Enjoy the process. The Universe and Divine Mother are listening.


I feel safe and comfortable in my body.

Healthy and balanced meals are appealing and easy for me.

I feel financially secure and at home in the world.

I bring my dream home to reality.

I feel satisfied.

I update, heal, and “make right” my relationship with my parents, especially mother.

I feel happy, joyous, and free.

I feel comfortable receiving abundance, success, and happiness.

I welcome emotions.

I am devoted to the Great Mother and feel love and support from Her.


Then read my list aloud and fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. I always add, “This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned."-thanks, B. Quntanna                                                                       ______________________________________________

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