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Updated 8/20

full Moon: sun in leo   moon in Aquarius            Releasing cycle 

     August 15 - august 30

Disseminating Moon

Leo Sun/Aries Moon

August 19


With your release list as your guide, you can use the disseminating Moon to get some clarity about what item will be your priority. As you read your list aloud which item is more alive and connected than others? Let yourself get a real sense of the energy that is tied up in this item. Then take this event, concept, situation, whatever it is and imagine some way to link that to an opportunity to give or literally disseminate something. 


Since we are in the Aquarius releasing cycle, and the key phrase for Aquarius is I know, I am going to give my attention and consciousness to honoring what I know and those things I have come to know as a result of curiosity and opening to the something new and innovative.


Since Aquarius rules astrology, I can disseminate something I know concerning astrology. As I do this, I can release the fear that I have of being be judged as "weird" and "unscientific" for using astrology as a counseling tool.


You might find something you know that you can share that is related to innovation, the future, the causes of young people, or the causes of equality, equality or humanitarianism. This is a time to come from your abundance and plant a seed for the future. This may be something you say or do or it could be financial support for a group of likeminded individuals supporting a cause based on humanitarian or egalitarian values. Remember, generosity always sets the stage for abundance.

Aquarius Full Moon

Leo Solar Festival


August 15


At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite sides of the sky. One lights the day and the other the night. Those things usually hidden are revealed through the magic of reflection. This is the time to be honest and look into our own darkness for relief and release. The clearing that can come from this time makes way for the abundance to come when direct light activates the area now in the dark.


The Full Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun and allows us to see the other side of the Sun's focus. This is why we call the Full Moon phase the time of illumination. For this Moon, the Sun is in the sign of Leo, the lion. Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. Key words for Leo are I will, I love, I create.


The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and it is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a fixed sign in the element of air and the key phrase for Aquarius is I know.  Aquarius is the sign of liberation, humanitarianism and radical change. Aquarius holds the promise of kinship among people and a better world for all. This Full Moon can aid us in identifying what holds us back from freedom and a world in which our dreams come true. All we have to do is release.


Take time to write a release list in tune with the sign of the Moon (if you know the house position of the Moon in your birthchart, use that to guide your release list). Here are some suggestions for a release list for the Aquarius Full Moon:


I release fixed ideologies.

I release blocks to connection with like-minded groups.

I release all fears, blocks, and obstacles to using my imagination.

I release any problems with technology.

I release groups, organizations that don't support me. 

I release boredom. 

I release needless rebellion or fear of rebellion.

I release fear of being too hopeful and optimistic.

I release obstacles to knowing what I know and honoring it.


You might want to use these as suggestions for your own release list. I take time to let my mind wander and follow trails of connection so I can discover particular situations and issues that arise for me. Since independence, rebellion, impatience with detail and boredom are in the Aquarian field, it might be a challenge to settle down and actually make the list. Do your best. Get a few things written, you can always add to it later on. After I have made my list, I read it aloud, fold it in a special way and light a candle.



This New Moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year. In Chinese Astrology the zodiac is represented as 12 different animals. This year is the Year of the Pig. 

The year of the dog is behind us now--tell my dog that! Every year is year of the dog for this guy. Here's a wish for a very happy year of the earth pig!

You might find Donna Stillhorn's info on Chinese astrology interesting. Here's a link.

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