My Moon Guide
My Moon Guide

new moon manifesting CYCLE

november 23 - december 7

Sun 1º Sagittarius /Moon 1º Sagittarius

November 23 @ 2:57 PM PST

Waxing Crescent

Sun in Sagittarius/Moon in Capricorn

November 26



We are in the Sagittarius Building Cycle. The Sun gives us loads of fire to energize us and by Sunday, the Moon has moved into Aquarius so there is air for the fire. This is a grand time to take a look at your manifesting/wish list and select an item to be the focus for your manifesting exercises. Focus on any one thing will energize all the items on your list.


OK, so you have your one item. This is a great structure to focus on something exciting, big, and a bit out of your comfort zone. You might go back to last May/June Sagittarius Full Moon and look at your release list. This will give you some clues to your “reach” item as you review what you were ready to release. Now is the time to act as though your release has been successful and now that formerly distant goal is an easier target.  


There’s a little warning with this Moon.  Mars energy might be blocking your idea of how you might reach your goal. There might be frustration, irritation or even anger that things aren’t going the way you had planned. As this phase moves on trust your intuition a bit more. Think outside the box and expect inspiration that leads to a directional hint toward success. Catch yourself and try a novel approach. See what happens when you do your part, let others assist, and invite magic. Let innovation lead to the next indicated step.


Each New Moon gives us a chance to let the Universe* know what it is we want to come into our lives. The sign of this Moon’s rebirth is Sagittarius, the mutable sign in the element of fire, ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius energy is expansive, optimistic, and generous. Adventurous on all levels, this energy expands to discover new horizons on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.  The key words for Sagittarius are I SEEK. Let the abundant Universe know what you seek. Nothing is too big or too small to ask. A great and benevolent Power is waiting for you to seek connection. This is a time to aim high.


Sagittarius calls on us to examine what we believe and determine what gods or principles we serve. This is a deeply philosophical sign. So use the added energy of the other planets now also in that sign to aid in making your manifesting list. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius now and is aiding in the process of reexamining what you think, believe, and support. Venus is bringing love, comfort and beauty to the discussion. Saturn is emphasizing the importance of taking things seriously and being determined to give form to the project. Active and agitating Uranus, the Awakener is adding positive, though disruptive, energy. Take advantage of this potent time to be opened to truth in a new way. This is a moment of awakening!


Making a Manifesting List

Now that you have an idea of the energy frequency of Sagittarius, you can begin to make your Manifesting List - you can do this list in any way that works for you, but make it concrete- written. Don't just keep it in your head. Write it down and have fun with it. Make it as big and detailed as you like (Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is BIG. Match that energy and make your list over the top.)

Remember, this request is going to a most powerful Being. This Being loves you and is waiting for you to ask. So, go ahead and ask. Pretend you are a child making a list for Santa. Ask BIG.


Here are some ideas for the Sagittarius manifesting list:

I have healthy, strong and flexible hips and thighs.

I manifest satisfying and fun travel and adventures.

My mind is open to advanced ideas and inspiration.

I am successful in my academic career (this is especially for higher education).

I write, teach, and speak with authority and ease.

I am treated fairly and justly by the legal system.

I seek and find spiritual connection and bliss.

I seek and reach a state of advanced knowing and share my knowledge to inspire others.

I update my spiritual beliefs and rituals to adjust to shifts in consciousness.

I seek the best for humanity and myself.

I am fair and just.

I see the goal. I reach the goal. I set another goal.


Write your list. Fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. Add to it if and when you like.  Beatrex Quntana* suggests adding at the end of your list, “This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned”. I like this addition and use it all the time. It seems to give me permission to extend and expand my list.


*Beatrex Quntana – Living by the Light of the Moon

Balsamic Moon

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Virgo

November 19


We are in the final phase of the Releasing Cycle of the Taurus Full Moon – The Balsamic Moon. Our work is done. We have made our release list. We have done the work of disseminating, seeing our part in patterns we wish to change, and sought and given forgiveness.  We have identified and made needed adjustments and now it’s time to let go. Letting go can be a challenge. It demands we trust the Universe, say “Thank you” knowing we have done our best.


The actions I do take in this cycle are reading my release list aloud one last time and then burning the list as a symbol of letting it go completely. For the rest of the cycle I am going to rest and let the magic of the empty space open me to the coming possibilities of the New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday (11/23) afternoon, the day after the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter- but more on that closer to the New Moon. For now, your job is to take time to go within and wait.


For the Balsamic Phase there is harmony between the inner and outer as the Moon moves closer and closer to Her disappearance as the dark Moon. The coming New Moon at 1º Sagittarius  9 on 11/23 at 2:57 pm marks the beginning of the Manifesting Cycle.


"In the waning period of the moon the crescent shape is inverted (turning eastward), and the point reached as this typical shape is formed-by subtraction of light, this time-has been called in alchemical schools of astrology the "balsamic moon"-a term whose derivation appears unknown. This phase of the waning moon symbolizes in one sense, the final letting go of the seed of the cycle about to end. It also represents the moon's entrance into the sanctuary of the solar realm; and as she enters, she brings to the sun, as it were, the new "need" of the earth. She is the mother, or beloved, petitioning the divine spirit in the name of confused and disintegrating earth-creatures. She is the penitent asking for mercy, the nun offering her prayers for the sake of humanity lost in sin. She is the incense ("balsam"?) or prayer rising to the sun, calling for a new revelation, a new Messiah, a new body, a new image of reality, a new concept to resolve man's ever-recurrent doubts and uncertainties." -Dane Rudhyar from The Lunation Cycle


Last Quarter Moon

Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Leo

November 16



We are in the middle of this releasing phase that started with the Full Moon with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus.  By now you have made a release list. You have done the disseminating work and now you are set to use the energy of the Last Quarter Moon.  This phase is a great time for breaking the bonds that hold you to behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that no longer serve you and may even be standing in the way of the abundant and graceful life you want.

Scorpio, the current Sun sign, and Leo, the Moon sign for this phase, are both fixed signs. Taurus, the initiating sign of this Releasing cycle is another fixed sign. Stubbornness and self-indulgence (challenges to Taurus), egotism and arrogance (challenges to Leo) and jealousy and resistance to change (challenges to Scorpio) can join forces and bog us down, or we can use the friction of facing these in ourselves to fuel true soul driven growth. This is time to use personal will (Leo Moon) and align it with the forces of transformation (Scorpio Sun) to release obstacles to abundance and true wealth and value in life (Taurus umbrella).

Take another look at your release list. Is there a person or incident that brings up a negative memory or a person, incident, or situation from the past that still has a hold on you? Are you still entertaining a grudge or betrayal? Now is the time to get real, get honest about your part and get over it. Own your own part in the offence and your part in staying stuck. Acknowledge what the other has done and your own part as well. Make notes and then apply the healing balm of forgiveness.


Disseminating Moon

Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Cancer

November 12


The Disseminating Moon is our opportunity to activate the releasing cycle by consciously giving something away. The releasing cycle of the Taurus Full Moon is concerned with wealth, money, and what we value. For this lunar phase, the Moon has moved into Cancer, the focus is on nurturing, home, food, security, and mother. This is a perfect time to demonstrate your confidence in an abundant life by making a donation to a food pantry, supporting work with and for the homeless, care of children or children’s nutritional programs. You could give of your time to make sure you connect with your mother, or a person who is as a mother to you.


The US celebrates abundance and sharing on Thanksgiving later on this month. Consider giving to local charities that provide food for those in need. This would also be an excellent time to support any effort to improve food security.

Giving is a sacred act. It connects us with the Divinity, that Being of limitless bounty. I particularly connect with the feminine expression of the Divine, Divine Mother. I ask for Her to present me with suggestions for my giving. She always responds. I am sure to find in the next day or so the perfect opportunity to give. I will likely see how well it fits into something on my release list.


I strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to give and as you do, imagine your giving as a way to unlock any fixed or stuck energy that has been standing in the way of you receiving all the best life has to give.


Full Moon in Taurus

November 8 at 3:03 am PST

Sun @ 16º Scorpio/ Moon @16º Taurus



This Full Moon falls on voting day in the US. Intense polarity and hidden agendas will take center stage. Full Moon time is the time of illumination and this one brings an eclipse that will tend to obscure what would ordinarily be easily visible. It is likely that what we value will be hidden as desire and money cloud real issues. Do your best to be willing to see what is actually before your eyes.


During Full Moon the Sun lights the day, and at night, the Moon illuminates the darkness by reflecting the Sun’s light back to the earth. This helps us see the shadow side of the Moon sign. This is time to see and own what is revealed in the shadow and release what no longer serves or benefits you. This is a time to let go and release. 


The Sun in Scorpio is illuminating the Taurus Moon and giving us access to the shadow side of attachment. The key phrase for Taurus is I HAVE. It is the sign of luxury, wealth, possessions and true value. Taurus elevates form and infuses light into matter. Since Taurus is a fixed sign in the element of earth it is extremely stable and seeks stability, but can also be stubborn and unwilling to make moves that might be uncomfortable.


This releasing cycle of the Taurus Moon is your time to examine patterns and behaviors within the Taurus energy field that you are now (or wish to be) ready for release. The more honestly you  ca  own and name these patterns, the more freedom and healing will come. This is a good time for spiritual practice around issues of attachment, craving, and both resistance to being in the world of form (immanence) and resistance to the formless (transcendence).


Here are some suggestions for a release list during the Taurus Full Moon:


I release throat and neck problems.

I release stubbornness, being bull headed, being a bully.

I release rigidity.

I release people, things, ideas that lack value for me.

I release fear of wealth/fear of poverty.

I release blocks and resistance to modifying business plans and practices block financial success.

I release money worry.

I release greed, possessiveness, hoarding, and craving.

I release all blocks and obstacles to prosperity.

I release resistance to being an agent of the Divine bringing light to form here and now in this world.


Make sure you actually write your release list. The writing helps see and identify patterns you wish to change and you will use it during the Release Cycle to do activities aimed at assisting the releasing process. All through this next 2 weeks remember any work done on one item on your releasing list activates all the items so most of your work will just be on one releasing statement. After you have made your list, read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. We will be using it as a guide for the next couple of weeks.


For this Moon the planet Uranus are conjunct (same degree and sign) and very close to the North Node. The Sun opposite is joined by Venus and Mercury and South Node. Equally distant to these opposing clusters is Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn wants us to learn and in Aquarius the focus of the learning is the future and betterment of all (Interesting how this may impact the COP 27 meetings). Uranus wants us to wake up and is often disruptive about that. Since the Sun and Moon are involved we are likely to take things way too personally. Neptune is offering the option of a spiritual approach. Yes. It is intense but it is our doing and the issues of the time are not going away. We must own our part in order to move forward.


Gibbous Moon

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces

November 4

This is prime time to use your imagination to bring your manifesting list to reality. The Sun and Moon are both in water, the element of emotion, intuition, and imagination.  The Scorpio Sun is still increasing intensity and the Pisces Moon is elevating feelings and awareness.


We can use the Scorpio focus and the Pisces sensitivity to see, feel, taste, smell, hear, and experience complete fulfillment of at least one of the items on the manifesting list. The Pisces Moon is perfect to conjure up the image and the Scorpio drive will animate it.

This is the time to read your list aloud. You may find some things on your manifesting list are already showing up in your life. Naming and acknowledging those gifts of life with gratitude is one of our tasks in co-creation. All that gratitude will fuel your ability to imagine even more blessings coming your way. 

Remember to take special care to avoid worry-the biggest misuse of imagination there is. Use your good and skillful will to rein in worry, jealously, and negative thoughts of all kinds. They are just not good for anyone right now. Sure, notice them and take any creative warning for what it’s worth and move on. 

Between now and the Full Moon early Tuesday morning, continue the exercise of using creative imagination. This might be a good time to take on the current chaos. Can you imagine the power of love and harmony soaking into the dry earth of conflict and despair? Try it. Imagine then, the seeds of a better world taking hold. Scorpio is the sign of death and ultimate rebirth. Pisces is the sign of deep spirituality. That kind of energy will surely sprout the seeds of change.


Take time to use the characteristics of the times to imagine the world you wish great, great, grand children to enjoy and tend. Imagine what deserves your service.  Pray and believe your prayers are heard and answered. Around Sunset see the egg shaped Moon in the eastern part of the sky a promise of a peaceful, beautiful, graceful and abundant future taking form.

It may be difficult, but give it a try. Call it an experiment and make notes on what you experience in a state of gratitude. How easy or challenging is it to fully and completely imagine all the good things in life taking form easily and pleasurably? Make sure to appreciate and note each and every movement toward that better, fuller, richer life. Use gratitude as fuel. 


**The time of the coming Full Moon in Taurus is  November 8 at 3:03 AM PST. This Full Moon delivers a Lunar Eclipse that will be visible in most of the US. Eclipse cycles are 19 years. Review 2003. What was going on in your life during this time of year?  Here is an interesting link


First Quarter

Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius

October 31


The First Quarter Moon marks the halfway point of the building or manifesting cycle of the Moon. For this phase, the Sun and Moon 90 degrees from each other and the Moon spends equal amounts of time in the day and night. The main characteristic of this phase is the friction between the solar and lunar energies. It is this friction that can provide the necessary energy to make change real.


The Quarter Moon always offers us an opportunity to adjust our goals and the approach we are taking to reach them.  Both Sun and Moon are in fixed signs with low confidence in “the other”.  The Scorpio Sun is intense and a desire to control what is beyond control. At the Quarter phase the Moon in Aquarius brings a kind of aloofness with insistence on freedom and liberation. The biggest challenge will be a tendency to be rigid and too idealistic when faced with reality and the need to make adjustments.


This is a configuration that might lead to feeling stuck. Gratitude is the tool to help loosen things up a bit. Can you remember a time or situation when you were just able to breathe and accept good things coming to you easily? Can you remember a situation in which it seemed the great Mystery or a power greater than you delivered a solution or benefit beyond what you could imagine? Open your self to these memories and let gratitude do its work.


Now, let’s say you are having a particularly bad day (it happens) and because of this bad day you are having a hard time thinking of any good thing or any reason for gratitude.

Try this:

Breathe, in and out. That is a miracle.

Walk across the room--yep, another miracle.

Can you remember a time in your life when you loved and felt loved in return? Miracle 3.

I’m sure you get the idea. There are plenty of sources to stimulate gratitude. It makes a difference and it delivers more abundance and blessings.


If even this is too much for you and I guess it might be, you might find radical acceptance is what you require. Life comes with a wide variety of experiences. Some are difficult beyond belief. We live in a world that highlights polarity. Sometimes the best approach is acceptance of life on life's terms. That is not always the most comfy or the easiest but often the only way through.

Find out what works for you and keep moving.



Waxing Crescent

Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Capricorn

October 30


With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Capricorn, the intense desire of Scorpio is linked with practicality and a strong executive function of Capricorn. It helps us manage and execute a plan and know how to get the assistance we need. For this phase we know we have the power to bring our desires to reality. It’s time to begin accomplishing at least one item on our wish list.


Take a look at your manifesting list and find an item or two to highlight. Remember, acting on one items serves to activate all the items on the list. Capricorn can help focus on one item on the list and develop a plan to put into action to make it happen.  


There’s a little warning with this Moon. Some of the planetary players in this Moon might resist any and all attempts at structure, especially if there is an idea that there is only one way to do things. Breathe through this. It will pass. Don’t buy into the distraction. Make a firm commitment to do your part in making your dreams come true. Then take the next indicated step with intention. Manifestation is in process and polarity is just a distraction.


Lead us from the Unreal to the Real

Lead us from Darkness to Light

Lead us from Death to Immortality

Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace.

From the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad



New Moon in Scorpio

October 25

Sun and Moon at 2º Scorpio

Solar Eclipse





Scorpio is a fixed sign in the element of Water. The key phrases for Scorpio are I DESIRE/I TRANSFORM. Scorpio is by nature intense, mysterious, and healing on a very deep level. The Scorpio manifesting cycle is the time to explore your heart’s desire, especially regarding the topics of sex, money, death, and experiences of transformation and regeneration.  Scorpio is a sign that requires us to face what is true Reality and acknowledge the only thing that does not change in this world—change itself.  



With every New Moon comes the opportunity to make a manifesting list. Since Scorpio is all about Desire, let desire be the intense driving force to activate manifestation.   Allow longing to arise without judging. Allow acceptance of endings, as endings are required for new beginnings and it is death that allows rebirth.


Scorpio can be dark and intimidating, but be brave and use curiosity to discover deep yearnings that may have been unaddressed or ignored. Make sure you write down your manifesting list. When you think you are finished, read it aloud, fold it in a special way and place it in a special place. Here are some suggestions for a Scorpio manifesting list:


I accept my sexuality, sexual wounds are healed and I have a healthy sex life.

I accept and own my power and intensity.

My investments are successful and bring great wealth.

I make financial decisions that are good for me and business partners.

My financial plan is responsible and brings financial security as its legacy.

I accept my mortality and have documents in place to share with loved ones regarding my end of life decisions.

My psychic powers and intuition become more and more accurate and reliable.

I receive money, property, or other items of value from inheritance, investments, a legacy, or mysterious sources.

I am rigorous in my truth telling.

I trust in a loving Presence and welcome transformation on all levels.

I embrace the Mystery.


 I thank Beatrex Quntanna for introducing me to the phrase, "This comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned". This helped me become more comfortable in making my manifesting list big and broad. It convinced me that my abundance and ease in life benefited others in ways I may never know. I am grateful for that message and the gifts that have come as a result.


We begin this cycle with a Solar eclipse and the next releasing cycle will begin with a Lunar eclipse. Eclipse season can give us opportunities to have a stop and start again. Consider using the message of the feast of Diwali to engage the feminine power to bring light into the darkness and to dispatch ignorance. Share that light that only you can bring to the world. 


Sun in Libra/Moon in Virgo

Balsamic Moon

Letting go

"By letting it go it all gets done."

Lao Tzu



The Balsamic Moon or the Waning Crescent is the final phase of the Moon's releasing cycle. During this phase the releasing work begun at the Full Moon is coming to completion.  The task of this time is to surrender to the darkening light and trust that emptiness is a safe place. How can we move to the next Moon if we are holding on to the last - even if we are holding on to letting go? This is the time to rest and cleanse. It is the time to enter into our inner sanctuary to make ready for the coming New Moon in Libra.


For this phase the Moon will begin in Virgo, travel through Libra and meet the Sun as it has just moved into Scorpio (10/23 @ 3:36 am PDT). Did I mention this will be a New Moon in Scorpio + Solar eclipse?  I am feeling it now and I’m guessing you are as well. I mention the Moon will be moving through all these signs to help you understand mixed feelings, changing points of view and all-around emotional discomfort during this time.


Much of the world celebrates Diwaii during this time of year. It is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and vanquishing of ignorance. The hero of this story is the feminine manifestation of Divinity. The goddess Durga is honored particularly in Her manifestations as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga. (  As you move into the energy changes, stay present in a state of the active receptive. This is the state of relaxed and ready to respond to what is necessary. Attention to the breath and heartbeat will help bring the focus to being connected with the Source of Life.  Move within and trust that in the darkness of your inner temple, the seeds of intuition and deep compassion awaken in their own way and time. The Scorpio New Moon comes on Tuesday, Ocotber 25 @ 3:49 am PDT . 

Here's how I am using this Moon:


I will review and read my release list aloud. I am going to notice those areas where I feel a softening or lightening and where forgiveness has done its healing work. Finally, I'll burn my release list and as fully and completely as possible just let go. 


Sun in Scorpio/Moon in Leo

Last Quarter Moon

October 17




We are still in the Libra Sun/Aries Moon pattern. For this phase the Moon will be in the sign of Cancer and the Sun is in Libra. The Sun and Moon are in a 90º angle, or astrological square. This is the time to make adjustments and face up to the challenge that letting go brings. The quality of a square is friction. There is real growth potential in this configuration if we can take the heat of using the friction as a power source.


Planetary placement for this Moon phase puts Sun, Moon, and Saturn in a T square and all the planets are in fixed signs. This suggests making adjustments, though necessary, has strong resistance. Emotions don’t want to surrender a bit of primacy and influence; ego digs in to hold on to power and may use coercion to do so. Saturn demands playing by the rules. Of course this is a simplification but that is a broad stroke image.     


Remember, all of humanity is being tested (not just you) and change is a demand of the time, not an option. We assist in change when we work in areas we have a degree of influence. That would be primarily oneself and those people and situations within one’s sphere of influence.  Use this time to be honest and face yourself and your part in contributing to problems. Demand of yourself rigorous honesty—this is not an easy task, but an act of service that is worth the effort. Invite the courage to make the adjustments that will lead change.


I have found using forgiveness during the Last Quarter phase works for me. I look at my release list, the sign of the Sun and Moon for this Full Moon (Moon Aries and Sun Libra) and the current Moon sign at this phase (Cancer).  The current Cancer Moon will bring up issues of nurishment (too much/too little), emotions (not addressed/running the show), security, home, mother. Look at what comes to your mind within this field and determine who or what can be or needs to be forgiven (forgetting is not a part of forgiveness. In fact we protect ourselves from repitition by remembering). Forgiveness can be liberating and help us let go of the burden of holding on.




I forgive myself for letting parents/lover/need for security, (fill in the blank) define me.

I forgive ___________________ for trying to define me.

I forgive myself for being overly sensitive or for denying my sensitivity.

Look for issues of codependence, people pleasing, and bad boundaries and determine where my forgiveness belongs.

I forgive myself for giving my power away to the bully/ thug/ black mailer/ ________________ .



I have found that taking some time for this brought helpful and powerful release. Though for this Moon I started with me, I noticed ripples went out to others as well. It is like a cleansing shower of grace to experience the relief of. forgiveness.


This Last Quarter Moon is particularly powerful and tense. The presence of Pluto is applying pressure to demand we release either/or thinking, the polarity paradigm, and take on the task of accepting life on life’s terms. We are all in this together so make the extra effort to be kind.


Sun in Libra/Moon in Gemini

Disseminating Moon

October 13


Sun in Libra and Moon in Gemini is the lucky set up of this Disseminating Moon.  We are in the release cycle of the Moon and in the process of letting go. It’s time to practice letting go by giving or disseminating from our own treasury. This giving can be giving of our wisdom, learning, time, attention, energy, or material wealth.


Mercury, ruled Gemini, suggests giving to those close such as neighbors, siblings, and community or to give through communication. Since Gemini is about thinking and has the gift of gab, this could be a great time to visit family or community members and inspire and activate them. Maybe you can promote communication or give an energetic boost to a favorite community cause. You might give a family member or neighbor a hand or give of yourself in some way. Consider a charitable gift to an organization that supports small local business, supports a local political campaign, or assists families in better communication.


The practice of giving allows us to identify with the Divine, the Abundant Source of all that is good in life. The Divine gives through each of us. Giving increases gratitude and gratitude leads to giving.

In the next 4 days, make sure to find some opportunity to give/disseminate. Remember words have power and can be used now to bring harmony. Time to share.


Just a note: A favorable relationship between Sun, Moon and Mars, and Saturn forms during this phase. It makes it easier to be active and successful using lessons of the past to act in support of a better vision of the world. Since Saturn is in retrograde motion, it may take a bit of time to materialize.




Sun 16º Libra/Moon 16º Aries



The Full Moon is the time of Illumination—time to see through the dark and identify what holds you back. It is the time to set yourself free. A good Full Moon practice is writing a release list. The Sun sign, Libra, and the Moon sign, Aries, inform this list. Let the Universe know you have been doing your homework and using the light of the Moon and Sun to ILLUMINATE habits, patterns, parts of ego and self that you are ready to release. Take time to write your list down.


Notice what illusions regarding your self and self-image that you are now ready to release. The Libra Sun is all about “we” and the Aries Moon is all about “me”. This might give you some ideas for your release list. Are you letting someone else define you? Is there a passive aggressive pattern that is ready for release? Are you OK with being first? Here are some suggestions to get you going on your list. Use them to begin exploration into issues of who you are:


Aries on the physical rules infection, cuts and acute injure, surgery, and the head and brain. So you might use this time to release problems in those areas.

I release chronic inflammation.

I release the consequences of head trauma/stroke.


Aries is the sign of personal assertion of the self and identity - I AM. So you may consider some of these release statements:

I release irritability, impatience, aggression, struggle, comparison, and toxic anger.

I release clothing that no longer suits me.

I identify and release outmoded or incorrect images of myself.

I release not knowing when to rest or quit.

I release _______________’s idea of who I am or who I should be.

I release primitive reactions that disengage my adult response.

I release blocks to being myself in relationship.



I release shame patterns that block me from being who I truly am.

I release who I think I am.

I release attachment to ego and surrender it to service of the Divine purpose.

I release the sense of separation from the Divine.


Write out your list. Make it as long or as short as you like. Read it out loud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. Be sure to appreciate yourself for being brave and honest. Remember, working on any one issue later on will activate release on all the items on your list.


New Moon

Sun at 02º Libra/Moon at 02º Libra

September 25



Each New Moon gives us a chance to let the Universe* know what it is we want to come into our lives. For best results we use the sign where the Sun and Moon are meeting to direct our activities. For this New Moon, the sign for focus is Libra, the cardinal sign, in the element of air. Ruled by Venus, Libra is refined and beautiful, tactful, just, and peace loving.  All close relationships, loving, friendly, helpful, and unfriendly, are under the influence of Libra. In Libra, comes the recognition there is the Other, there is choice, and “I choose you”. For this reason, Libra rules marriage and intimate one-to-one relationships.  Libra demands balance. Balance is not a static state. It is a state requiring constant adjustment and evaluation.



* note: “Universe” is a stand in for that which is greater than ourselves and inclusive of our self and all that is. You might say: God, Source, Divine, or the One etc. Notice if you have a problem with this part of the manifesting process. If you do, you might want to include on your list for this Moon, “I have a strong and loving relationship with the Divine”.  It is important that you have a name that works for you when you call out to that Being. Rumi had his special name and I love and relate to it. He called this Being “The Beloved” and “The Friend”.


Making a Manifesting List

Now that you have an idea of the energy frequency of Libra you can begin to make your Manifesting List.  Do this list in any way that works for you, but make it concrete. In other words, don't just keep it in your head. Write it down and have fun with it. Make it as big as you like. Put in the details. Remember, this request is going to a most powerful Being that cares for you. This Being loves you and is waiting for you to ask. So, go ahead and ask. Pretend you are a child making a list for Santa. Ask BIG. My friend Beatrex* suggested adding to your list: “this or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned”. This keeps you open to the abundance and goodness that is longing to be manifest in the world through and for you.


Here are some ideas for the Libra manifesting list:

My primary relationship is loving and balanced.

I manifest a new relationship that is right for me.

My lifestyle is beautiful and refined.

I have balance in my life.

I choose relationships that bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

I see and accept the “other” as a manifestation of the Divine.

I cooperate with the forces of peace, beauty, and harmony.

My relationships are healthy/being healed.

I know Divinity as the Sublime Friend/the Beloved.

I am at peace with the reality that not everyone likes me.

I accept life even though it may not seem fair/beautiful/peaceful.

I balance seeming opposites: above/below, inner/outer, physical/metaphysical, immanent/transcendent.

These are just some ideas for you to use to make your own manifesting list. Now it’s time to write your list. Read it aloud with passion. Fold it in a special way. Place it in a special place.

Your best Friend is listening.


*Beatrex Quntana – Living by the Light of the Moon



Balsamic Moon

Sun in Virgo/Moon in Leo

September 21

Letting go



The Balsamic Moon phase begins September 21, the day before the Equinox when the northern hemisphere enters autumn and the southern hemisphere welcomes spring. This is the final phase of the releasing Moon cycle that began with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is the time to take your release list, speak it aloud and burn it. It is time for complete release and trust that all is in Divine order and your part is done. The rest is up to God, the Universe, the Divine—whatever your name is for that Power that is.


I love this phase because it is time to totally and completely let go and know I have done my part to identify and process inner material for release. This is the time to let go of those things that have served their purpose and no longer belong in my life. I remember that I can do my part—no more no less and it is up to a Power greater than me to set the timing and details.


During this time, I remain awake and alert to events, people, thoughts, and subtle influences that come to my attention. I believe these hold clues to the coming cycle, like seeds that hold the complete plant in pattern, but will need proper circumstances and time to come to reality.  I surrender in this time to the embrace of the Divine and enter my inner temple to await the rebirth that I know comes at the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new season and cycle soon to come.


The new Moon in Libra is on September 25, at 2:55 pm pdt. The Sun’s move into the sign of Libra and the Equinox marks a balance point in the earth’s orbit around the Sun. Day and night are equal and change comes as the balance is tipped.


I especially like what Dane Rudhyar has to say about the Balsamic Moon in his book, The Lunation Cycle. 

"This phase of the waning moon symbolizes in one sense, the final letting go of the seed of the cycle about to end. It also represents the moon's entrance into the sanctuary of the solar realm; and as she enters, she brings to the sun, as it were, the new "need" of the earth. She is the mother, or beloved, petitioning the divine spirit in the name of confused and disintegrating earth creatures. She is the penitent asking for mercy, the nun offering her prayers for the sake of humanity lost in sin. She is the incense ("balsam"?) or prayer rising to the sun, calling for a new revelation, a new Messiah, a new outpouring of spirit and light through a new lunar structure-- a new body, a new image of reality, a new concept to solve man's ever-recurrent doubts and uncertainties."  


Last Quarter

Sun in Virgo/Moon in Gemini

September 17 




We are in the middle of the releasing cycle of this Moon. By now we have made a release list and done the disseminating work. The Last Quarter Moon now requires us to do some deep and maybe challenging work. The Last Quarter is the phase of active participation with Divinity in the work of release, liberation, and freedom from negative patterns that repeat and do not serve us.


We are still under the influence of the Pisces Full Moon, but the Moon has now moved to Gemini making a Square (90º angle) to the Sun in Virgo. We can use the mental energy of the luminaries to remember those events in our lives that contributed to shame, blame, and trauma that lead to those negative patterns we seek to change.

Look over your release list and let your mind wander. Notice what occurs to you—any event, person, or situation that comes to mind is there for a reason. Honor it. Allow any emotions connected to these thoughts to be as they are. Breathe. Remind yourself these events are passed. Emotions may be experienced and with the breath may simply pass through you safely and easily.

As experiences come to mind, the mental nature of both Virgo and Gemini may become activated and seek to place blame, fix on details, and construct a story to go with the feelings. Ask: Am I willing to let this go? If you are willing, a great approach is a forgiveness process. Here are some tips on a forgiveness process I have found helpful:


Identify the direction of the forgiveness—are you wishing to forgive a parent, friend, lover, or other who has cause you harm or damage or is it more important to start with forgiving yourself? Below is an example for self-forgiveness.


I forgive myself for being a victim or martyr

  1. ID a situation in which I was a victim
  2. What did I do to get into the situation or perpetuate it? What is my part?
  3. Apply the power of mental clarity, curiosity, reason to answer
  4. Write it down – I (name the behavior or attitude with no excuses)
  5. Write I forgive myself for (the behavior or attitude identified above)
  6. Breathe and acknowledge that event is in the past. I can learn from it and let it go.

I found that taking some time for this brought helpful and powerful release and though I started with me, I have noticed ripples went out to others as well. It is like a cleansing shower of grace that let me enter the coming Balsamic phase fresh and clean and open.  Consider giving it a try.


**There is an interesting feature for this particular Last Quarter Moon. Neptune is in a tight opposition to the Sun and square to the Moon while Pluto is forming a trine to the Sun and Saturn is trine the Moon. In English how could you use this? First of all, squares and oppositions though uncomfortable generate energy for breakthrough. A higher vision helps but beware of “spiritual bypass”.  Make sure you are rigorous about telling yourself the truth. Pluto will intensify the pressure on the ego protecting self and Saturn will work to hold you accountable. Because the structure of the teachers’ (Pluto and Saturn) relationship to self and emotions (Sun and Moon) is the benevolent trine, the learning will be easier to take and also might be easier to miss the opportunity. Use it to learn. Use it to clear the past. Use it for liberation. Your good work with this aids us all.





The second phase of the Full Moon releasing cycle is the Disseminating Moon. This is the phase between the Full Moon and the Last Quarter Moon. During this phase, the Moon goes from looking egg like and oval to looking like a half circle. As the Moon is shrinking we are releasing.


Take another look at your release list. Read it aloud and as you do, notice if a particular person, event, or situation comes to your awareness. Just see what bubbles up from who knows where. Since focus on just one thing keeps your entire list activated, allow one item on your list to deepen as a result of what came to your attention as if by magic. Explore it. Come to know it. Can you connect it with something symbolically? Your action step of this phase is to disseminate something, give something from yourself that can represent what came to your attention as you let your unconscious lead you.


We are in the Pisces releasing cycle with the Sun in Virgo and Moon now in Taurus. This is a very harmonious configuration. The Pisces umbrella of this releasing cycle is spiritual and etheric while the Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon are earthy. How might that work for disseminating?


Here are some ideas for disseminating:

Use your voice (Taurus) to disseminate spiritual energy by singing, chanting, or praying out loud. Sound vibrates the air and the influence is subtle and powerful. Anytime is a good time for prayer, but I’d say now is particularly good.

Give (disseminate) funds to individuals or organizations that promote music and the arts, spiritual growth, peace, or recovery from addiction-all these are connected with Pisces.

Give (disseminate) from your personal treasure (Taurus) to a good cause. This “treasure” might be money, good items that you no longer want or need, or something from your treasury of wisdom.

Support agencies and activities that aid victims (Pisces) of crime, abuse, trafficking.

Support a monastery or ashram.

Visit a prisoner or persons who are sick, in hospital, or hospice.

Offer your time in meditation as world service.


These are just some ideas for using this DISSEMINATING MOON. Remember, it is important to make it an actual, down to earth, concrete activity in which you give or disseminate something. Bring consciousness to that activity and allow yourself to experience and enjoy the act of giving.  Generosity always sets the stage for abundance.

Full Moon

Sun 17º Virgo/Moon 17º Pisces

September 10, 2:58 AM PDT


Full Moon - Illumination 


At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun lights the day and the reflection of that Sun, lights the night. This intense illumination lets us see areas that are now open for release. The moon sign directs us to the area being revealed and gives us clues to the qualities, situations, blocks, and blind spots that may be ready for release. This is the time to be honest and brave and identify negative patterns that seem to repeat or simply name strategies that just don’t work any more—and maybe never did, and set about a process of letting go.


Making a release list can be the first step in systematically letting go. The idea is to identify those people, things, behaviors, qualities and attitudes that no longer serve you. Clues to narrow your focus are found in the Moon sign of the current Full Moon. For this Releasing Cycle the Moon illuminates the sign Pisces.

Here are some suggestions for releasing statements for this Full Moon:

I release foot pain. (Pisces rules the feet and suffering)

I release numbness and disconnection with my body.

I release resistance/objection to being human and present.

I release being a martyr or victim.

I release procrastination, mental fog, melancholy, and timidity.

I release addiction to _____________________ (this could be a long or short list).

I release escaping through drama or suffering or _____________.

I release blocks and obstacles to healthy boundaries.

I release codependency and the need to abandon myself to another.

I release unconscious blocks to happiness, success, and abundance.

I release blocks and obstacles to psychic ability and mystical experiences.

I release blocks to spirituality and connection with Divinity.


Take time to write out your release statements. This might be a bit of a challenge, since Pisces is vague. You might want to approach the list by going deep within and allowing insight to bubble up to consciousness. You might want to consider this Pisces release time is the time to release addictions, outmoded escape strategies, and blocks to using and developing psychic abilities and proper use of our power. It is a great time to identify self-sabotage and needless suffering.


Keep your notebook handy. The Virgo Sun will assist you in the details once you start putting things into writing.


The planet Mercury is stationary and is officially retrograde on the day of the Full Moon. This can be used to assist the process of review that might come in handy for some of the release work. This Full Moon also engages Uranus energy. Good use of this energy can use disruption, willingness to break out of old patters, and the urge for liberation to break open the doors of change.



Write a release list to aid in the letting go process. Your list can be as short or as long as you like, but it must have a concrete form. Always remember, by working on any one statement, you activate all. A prayerful, spiritual attitude can guide you to areas ready for release. Pisces influence can disconnect us from here and now and interfere with being realistic and honest about our part in the wound or trouble. If you notice this, breathe, occupy your body, and know that all is in divine order.

Gibbous Moon

September 6

Sun in Virgo/Moon in Capricorn


This is prime time for manifesting using the tool of imagination. The Virgo Sun requires the use of detail while the Capricorn Moon will support a vision that is practical and down to earth. This double earth combination of Virgo and Capricorn at the time of the Gibbous Moon is supported by Uranus in Taurus (this configuration is called a grand trine). Use the Uranian influence to think outside the box when you use all your senses plus imagination to fully and completely imagine your manifesting list as reality. Just use one of the items on the list. Activating just one with intention and intensity will activate all.


It’s time to read your list aloud, and fully imagine just how you will be using those things, situations, attitudes and blessings that are coming your way as the result of your work during this building cycle.

Count your blessings and acknowledge those things on the manifesting list that have already begun to show up in your life. Use all your senses to imagine the finest details of your desires taking form. Take special care to avoid worry-the biggest misuse of imagination there is. Rein in worry, jealously, negative thoughts of all kinds.

Between now and the Full Moon on Saturday morning at 3 in the morning pacific time, continue this exercise of using all of your senses to have a full experience of actually living the life you imagined when you made your manifesting list.


All day Friday the Moon will be in Pisces. This placement will aid imaginal work and open the door to magic and spirituality. Feel your personal will coming more and more in line with what I call the Divine Will and feel the comfort and confidence that comes with that strong connection. As you notice the egg shaped Moon, experience a beautiful and beneficial future forming.

You might just call it an experiment and make notes on what you experience in a state of gratitude. How easy or challenging is it to fully and completely imagine all the good things in life coming your way? Many of us have to increase our tolerance for wealth, pleasure, and fulfillment. You might consider this a good time to set a course for happiness, fulfilling service, and love. Remember to make sure to appreciate and note each and every movement toward your better, fuller, richer life. Use gratitude as fuel.


On Saturday, the day of the Full Moon in Pisces, Mercury will be just beginning the retrograde in Libra. This Mercury retrograde in Libra will give us a chance to review relationships, communications, friendships, agreements and disagreements. The likelihood of misunderstanding is high. Use it to review, revise, reconsider, and maybe renew how you communicate in 1on 1 relationships. Where has it served you to be tactful and diplomatic and where have you given your power away for the sake of maintaining a relationship?


Later in the month Mercury will be backing into Virgo and your review takes on a different flavor. More on that later, but there are hints in Astronews. Check it out.


Waxing Crescent

Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon




Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon

Years ago someone described the Crescent Moon as the “Cheshire Moon”. For this phase I look at the evening sky, after sunset and see the Moon smiling at me like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. This is the phase that supports growth. During this phase I like to focus on one or two items on my manifesting list and get some ideas about my next indicated step.


I’ve made my list and now I’m looking for the opportunity to do my part in cooperation with the manifesting power of the universe to make it happen. This harmonious relationship between the Sun and Moon blends the practical and orderly Virgo energy with the intensity and drive of the Scorpio Moon. The good news for me is all I have to do is be present and open up the lines of deep communication. The natural order will reveal itself and all I have to do is follow orders to take my next indicated step.


PS Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon would be a great time for planting. Make sure you keep in mind summer plants are out and fall and cooler weather plants are in. There are lots of cool weather crops, like kale, broccoli, carrots, beets, peas, and carrots. This is a great time for planting greens. It’s all the little things that help keep life fresh.



Mercury will move into its storm Friday/Saturday. By then you should have taken care of any official business and be ready for all the "RE" activities of the retrograde- review, redo, rest, re-examine, repair, rewrite, release what you can of old baggage (especially around relationships. This is the perfect time edit, re write and review plans and projects already in process. This is not the time to begin something.


Make sure you have a notebook handy during retrogrades of Mercury. This is a time you will likely come up with great ideas, but this is not the time to begin new things. Write the ideas down and review them and maybe you will even rework some of them. When the retro is over, Mercury will briefly be in Virgo- a great time to begin a project, a new job, or get the details of your plan in action.





AUGUST 27@ 1:18 AM PDT



The Sun and Moon are in the same sign for each New Moon. This helps us examine and focus on the particular area of life and energy frequency that is being activated at this time.  I have come to deeply appreciate Virgo as the sign of service, work, and loving care. This is the sign of discernment and analysis and when true to itself, the sign in which the mind is in service to a power greater than itself.


Virgo, the maiden, is one of only 3 signs of the zodiac represented by a human form. It is a mutable or adapting sign in the element of earth. Virgo is said to be ruled by Mercury. Some modern astrologers attribute ruler ship to Chiron (Clow; Mason) while others suggest Vesta (Bloch and George). Certainly our old version of Virgo is not enough to contain its many gifts and assets.


The gifts of this pivotal sign are needed at this time when there is so much to digest.  The body function under Virgo's rule is digestion, the gut. Work, service, small animals, and routine are Virgo issues as is health, healing and the practice of the healing arts. Key phrases for Virgo are I analyze, I heal, I discern. The Virgo approach can take things apart and reassemble them for maximum benefit and efficiency.


To use Virgo energy, enlist the help of the Divine Feminine, often portrayed as a virgin. This aspect of the Divine is sure to listen and help identify, refine and reach our goals. Ask Her help in making your manifesting list. Take time to write your list as this helps make it more concrete. No need to limit or even be “realistic”, though Virgo energy might suggest just that.


Here are some things I'm thinking of putting on my list:


I work “smart”.

I am efficient and organized.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

My mind is orderly and disciplined.

I establish a good routine of exercising my physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

I am discerning without being judgmental.

I know Divinity is in the details and I am pleased to deal with the small stuff of life.

I accept “good enough” when it is good enough and let go of perfectionism.

I have a job I love that satisfies me (and I know when to quit).

I am healthy/healed/ and a healing presence.

I am happy serving the Divine in Its many forms.


That is the start of my Virgo manifesting list. It’s good enough for now. I am going to be working on this list and hope you find time to do so for yourself. I like to add "this and better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned."


I’ll write my list. Read it aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. Have fun with this. Now is the time to discover the hidden power of Virgo as a new and different expression of the feminine.


I like to remind myself during the manifesting cycle of something I learned from Beatrix Quntana. She always added to her manifesting list, “this or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned".  Thanks you BQ.

Balsamic Moon

August 22

Sun in Leo/Moon in Gemini

Letting Go




Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. - Rumi


During the Balsamic Moon we enter into our internal sacred space. For Leo time, this is the time this is the deepest place of your heart, the place of complete vulnerability, the Temple of Love. Let go of ideas here and surrender with intention to the Power of Love Itself.

It is likely the mind will rebel at the stillness of this deep space. Treat it like a dog. A dog is meant to be the faithful servant of humans. A good dog can be on guard and relaxed. It can protect and be a good companion without yapping and demanding constant attention. This takes some training, but with that training it can learn to SIT AND STAY. The same is true of the mind when it is taught with love, will, and practice.


Take time during this phase to look at your release list. Read it aloud. Notice any sense of new flexibility and freedom. Recall your exercise in forgiveness and appreciate any new sense of lightness of being. Engage a strong sense of gratitude and know that release is coming in the most easy and pleasurable way. The Power and Source of all life is on your side and regardless of your attention that Force is working tirelessly for your liberation. 


After you read your list, burn it. Let it go. Know that all is in Divine order. Move into your own deep place of peace and connection. This is a good time for prayer, journaling and poetry to calm the mind. 


On Monday, August 22, the Sun will move into the sign of Virgo and will remain there for this final phase of the Full Moon releasing cycle. The New Moon in Virgo is at 1:18 am on Saturday, August 27. Between now and then, do what you can to calm your mind. Meditation (of course), journaling, writing and reading poetry or inspired writing can all help with this. Taking care of small details and attending to the little things in life with attention, love, and care are activities that fall into the Virgo energy. And of course, be kind.

        AUGUST 11 - AUGUST 27

Sun 19ºLEO/Moon 19º AQUARIUS

August 11 – 6:36 PM PDT

August 11

6:36 PM PDT

Sun 19º Leo/Moon 19º Aquarius



For every Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in opposite sides of the sky, this is called an opposition in astrology. The Full Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun. This can bring ILLUMINATION that helps us see the other side of the Sun's focus. A peek into our own "dark side" can help us name and seek release of patterns, behaviors, people and things that block growth, happiness, abundance, and success.


For this cycle, the Sun is in the sign of Leo, the lion. Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. Key words for Leo are I will, I love, I create. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and it is the Moon sign that gives us our clues on what to examine for release. Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It is a fixed sign in the element of air and the key phrases for Aquarius are I know, I liberate.  


For the Full Moon, I like to make a RELEASE LIST. For this cycle use the Moon sign, Aquarius, for clues to what is being activated for release*. Here are some of the things coming to mind with this Full Moon that is activating the Leo/Aquarius polarity:


I release inflexibility, rigidity, and the need for freedom at any cost.


I release dependency fears.


I release any problems with technology.


I release groups, organizations that don't support me. 


I release boredom, detachment from feelings, and impatience.


I release needless rebellion or fear of rebellion.


I release fear of being too hopeful and optimistic, or too imaginative and innovative.


I release escape into the abstract to avoid connection or emotion.


I release fear of being called or considered "weird".


I release blocks to living out my uniqueness.


I release blocks to fulfillment of the vision of a better and kinder world that honors and supports all beings.


I release blocks and obstacles to liberation for myself and others



You might want to use these as suggestions for your own release list. Take time to let your mind wander and follow trails of connection to discover particular situations and issues that arise. Since independence, rebellion, impatience with detail and boredom are in the Aquarian field, it might be a challenge to settle down and actually make the list. Do your best. Get a few things written, you can always add to it later on.


After you have made your list, read it aloud, fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. This is sharing your list with the Power of the Universe that is your beloved Friend. I encourage you to be brave and honest when making this list. This is your opportunity to free yourself of blocks and burdens. Use it and expect miracles. 


*If you know just a bit about astrology, look at your personal natal chart and find the house ruled by Aquarius for you in particular. This will direct you in a more specific area of life impacted by this Full Moon. S


New Moon

Sun and Moon in Leo 

Sun 5ºLeo/Moon 5ºLeo

July 28 – 10:55 AM PDT



When the Moon is new, the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. The Moon has completed a full cycle and is now joining the Sun and giving Herself to the expression of the Sun’s sign. This is a time of new beginnings, building, and setting a pattern of manifestation because there is new energy building that we have to opportunity to use.



Use this time to make your manifesting or wish list using Leo as the focus. Make sure you write your list and especially in Leo, make it bigger than life, like the Sun sign Leo. I always like to add, "This or better than this comes to me easily and pleasurably for the benefit of all concerned"*.  Remember you can ask anything and expect everything.


Leo is a fixed sign in the element of fire. It is ruled by the Sun and is the sign of the heart and the will. Leo is about self-expression, fun, and creativity. Leo is the time to own our loveable and regal self and enjoy our chance to play on the stage of life.  In Leo, we align our will with the will of the Greater Will and open our hearts to the Divine.


Key phrases for Leo:

I love

I will

I create


Here are some suggestions for a manifesting list. Use them as a jumping off spot to make your own Leo List.


I have a healthy heart and circulation.

I express myself freely.

I love, am loved, and feel loveable.

I enjoy life.

I show my brilliance and let my light shine.

I allow myself to be seen.

I have healthy self-esteem.

I fulfill my inner child's need for appreciation and praise.

I increase my tolerance for pleasure and joy.

I love and enjoy my children.

I love expressing myself creatively.

I am an expression of my soul's purpose.

I accept myself as a beloved child of the Divine.

I align my will with Divine will.


Write your list down. Make it as big as you like. Remember Leo is expansive. Jupiter in Aries is making a trine to this New Moon and will add energy, joy, and abundance to any action taken on this New Moon. So make that list grand and expansive.


Read your list aloud. Fold it in a special way and put it in a special place. This is sharing your list with the Power of the Universe that is your beloved Friend. You can expect miracles with a Friend like this.


Remember Leo is the time to roar! This fire sign helps you focus on the heart, love, and will. When we are connected through the heart and the deepest meaning of love, we connect with real power. Once that power is engaged, we realize our royal lineage and generosity, compassion result.


happy lunar new year         year of the water tiger

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