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"Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make sense any more.”  Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi



Lead us from the Unreal to the Real

Lead us from Darkness to Light

Lead us from Death to Immortality

Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace.

From the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad


Another Quick Note re: Mercury Retro


I was talking with someone yesterday about their business. They had gotten a truly terrific business idea, were already a successful in business. They  were convinced that Mercury retrograde meant they couldn't hold meetings with potential partners and developers until the retro was over. I heartily disagreed. REsearching elements of the new business, REviewing the plans and ideas and even REsourcing what might be needed for the new venture could be done at this time. I even encouraged making and REviewing a business plan would be absolutely in line with Mercury retro.


It would NOT be advised to ink any contracts or blab the great idea. Rather keep it close and get all the little ducks in a row so when Mercury was moving solidly forward action would be well thought out and implementation would have been carefully examined. 

Just a brief mention here of the Hindu festival of Navaratri. This is a yearly festival that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga in some of her many manifestations. She is the great Mother who defeated Ignorance when all others failed. I honor her daily and especially during this time. We need her and her special skills now.

The Radical Virgo


Below is an exerpt from an article by Joyce Mason. It was published in 1992 in The Mountain Astrologer. The entire piece is longer and well referenced. I would provide a link to the full article, but I am unable to find one. Find links at the below this exerpt.


"What is a Radical Virgo?

At the beginning of this article, I promised to discuss the “radical” Virgo’s connection to sexuality, work, and enlightenment. Before I do that, let’s define the word radical. I mean it in these dictionary senses: positive Virgoness carried” (1) to the utmost limit, extreme; or a Virgo known for (2) favoring or effecting extreme or revolutionary changes.... [5] I would modify definition #2 to say: A radical Virgo favors and effects extreme evolutionary changes. S/he does this especially in the areas listed below.

The Radical’s Realms Sexuality. The Radical Virgo is beyond whether or not s/he has sex and onto whether or not sex has him/her.

There is nothing like watching a young Virgo’s struggles with virgin/whore syndrome. Virgo is, after all, an earth sign. Combine earthiness with a mission to learn discrimination, and one is likely to see a pattern of wide swings between promiscuity and celibacy, as s/he gets beyond the struggle and puts sex into proper perspective, as just one way of expressing the life force.

As discussed in my previous article, the concept of Virgo as prudish is absurd. The term virgo has been bastardized over the years by partriarchal power mongers who control both men and women by cording them at the second chakra. In other words, the Church has had an invisible energy leash around our etheric bodies, in the genital zone, making sure our kundalini energy dos not rise naturally to empower us with our own Eros or life energy. Hence, the handy separation of Virgin and Magdalene (whore), and the withdrawal of the very love of God for being erotic or alive.

For a complete discussion of the natural rise of the kundalini energy at the Uranus opposition), read Barbara Clow’s The Liquid Light of Sex: Understanding Your Key Life Passages. In the preface, Clow talks about cultural historian William Irwin Thompson’s concern about her thesis that kundalini rises in all people around age 40, timed with the Uranus cycle, and that this could mean all people could attain enlightenment at that time. Clow and Thompson agree that it doesn’t necessarily accomplish enlightenment. Both feel this cannot exist without compassion and the opening of the heart. [6]

The Radical Virgo knows that all people can reach enlightenment eventually—this is the perfection s/he strives for. S/he evolves naturally to raise the kundalini beyond the sexual center, through the heart and upper chakras, to harvest his or her life force through the fruits of service. Consequently, s/he ultimately learns to choose her partners carefully. As astrologer Jackie Hoag has said, Virgo is concerned with efficiency in relationship. While at first that may sound cold, it really isn’t at all.

Virgo is a tender, sensitive soul. S/he is also very focused on service, and when s/he can find a love who looks in that same direction, or even shares his or her work, that’s the ultimate. Otherwise, service and relationship will always be rival loves. The Radical Virgo simply has too much to do to flit from lover to lover. S/he couldn’t be him or herself without performing those works, and a monogamous relationship that supports his or her reason for being is “it.”

To sacrifice Self, s/he has learned, is too painful. Martyrdom has been done before. S/he would prefer not to be in a relationship at all—yes, even give up sex—rather than give him- or herself away. This means only one thing: a relationship with someone mature who doesn’t rely on this Virgo for sole sustenance, one where mutual growth and support is the keynote. The lucky soul who teams up with a Radical Virgo will find, despite all fears to the contrary, that this person has plenty of time to devote to their relationship, and plenty of erotic energy, for Virgos are recharged by sex within the boundaries of consensual commitment.


Work. The Radical Virgo is beyond “workaholism” and onto work as holism.

This person has worked on him- or herself. S/he knows s/he’s okay and doesn’t have to perform constantly to prove it. What an entirely new perspective that places on work! Work becomes not an arena to pump up self-esteem, but the place to contribute one’s gifts. And the Radical Virgo simply does not hang out where s/he is not appreciated, or where his or her gifts are not valued by the powers-that-be.

Work becomes a canvas for self-expression and positive giving. If s/he is particularly Chironic, s/he may have several jobs and need them all because they express his or her multifaceted nature. This is different from work as addiction—doing to feel worthy. It is work that supports expression of self in a positive way. Often, work is play for these folks. (“People actually pay me to do this?”)

Enlightenment. The Radical Virgo is beyond Lysol and which toilet bowl cleaner deodorizes best and onto saving the world from going down the toilet.

Linking onto the issue of work, this new Virgo tends to have “big picture” jobs like ecology and counseling—jobs which help the macrocosm by profound interactions with the microcosm. His or her jobs have purpose, or s/he won’t play.

Clow calls the 6th house, traditionally ruled by Virgo, “the awakening point for most people.” [7] She entitles the 6th and 12th house sectors of the zodiac: “Be here now” (6th) and “Bliss” (12th). [8] I love her title for the 6th house because of my belief in Chiron’s current resonance with Virgo. Chiron has so much to do with coming into incarnation. As Clow has stated before, Chiron teaches us “not to jump out of our bodies.” [9] If Chiron were a movie, it would be called Being Here.

Paradoxical as it seems, it is through being here in our work that we ultimately get to bliss and enlightenment. “ ... Most people first discover how to be in the moment during engrossing work projects that enable them to filter out all their conflicts as well as the undeveloped aspects of self.” [10] Anyone who has ever been deeply focused, “losing themselves” in their work knows just what this means. It is the antithesis of what I call Worrygo, hovering over every detail. For the Radical, work instead becomes a mantra and mandala for letting go. Emptied, we have made sacred space so that light can flood in.

This reminds me of the word avoidance. Until we commit to the temporarily painful path of growth, most of us do “a void dance,” dancing as fast as we can to avoid the void, the empty space where we might (God forbid) really have to look at ourselves. Thank God for work, where the void might just sneak up on us with a blast of bliss, tempting us to sign up for the entire trip to enlightenment.

So, the 6th/12th house and the Virgo/Pisces continuums are intimately connected: the reward of right work is ecstasy. To get there requires Radical P and V (Pisces and Virgo), an evolution to the highest expression of these signs versus being stuck on false roads to heaven (like drugs, alcohol, and romantic co-addiction). Usually, these are temporary highs but long- term hells because they deplete the life force for giving.

Clow also talks about the seeming contradiction that to get to bliss and timelessness, we must fully enter into time. “The way to move into the present moment is to give your gift ... every time you totally offer your gift to the cosmos, you go into bliss.” [11]



How to Recognize a Radical Virgo

A Rad is likely to have Chiron prominent in his/her chart with a good dose of Aquarius or aspects to Uranus (to overemphasize already radical tendencies). Radical Virgos are not limited to Sun Virgos, but can be found among anyone with strong Virgo, Chiron, or 6th house emphasis, or any Virgo planet (or Chiron) in the first house or on the angles. Radical tendencies seem to come especially from the latter degrees of the sign. While any of these factors may point to a Rad, they don’t guarantee it—it’s a question of evolution. I know Virgos born days apart where one is a Rad and the other is far from it, simply because of differences in development.

What to look for: good at many things (versatile); is often described as “one of a kind” because of a totally unique perspective on life. He or she tends to “get away with a lot,” bending the rules with authority figures or telling the truth to those who usually will not hear it, often because of humor or some unique perceptual skill that enables him or her to push to the limit without going over the edge.

The Radical may be so busy creating new order in the world that his/her household is in constant disarray. S/he might have a strong tendency to be buried under papers, books, and magazines, because of Virgo’s love for words (and the need for all Radicals to be highly educated and up-to-date). This person is committed to healing the planet and may literally be a healer. A Radical Virgo is a heart person, and yet able to detach and see the larger patterns in life.

People think this person knows everything, so they come to him or her for counsel. This comes from two characteristics: a Radical Virgo’s versatility and wide-ranging knowledge, and a strong sense of commitment, which puts much power behind his or her words. This tendency for people in trouble to come to them for help may have begun at a very early age, and led naturally to a career in the helping professions.

Finally, this person is not only perceived as one who knows everything, but one who does everything. A litany from those around this Virgo is, “I don’t know how you do it,” meaning accomplish so much. The Radical Virgo is so attuned to synchronicity, and so comfortable in the Pisces alter ego, that s/he can do so much because Spirit takes care of a lot of the details; most old Virgos would still be obsessing over them, and therefore, accomplishing nothing. S/he knows when to put down the day planner and tune up the heavenly hearing aid.

And speaking of Pisces, s/he draws them like bees to honey. Perhaps in the past, before owning his or her own Pisces flip side, only the drugged, drunk, or spaced-out variety applied. Now, he or she is blessed with a number of Radical Pisces—the enlightened variety, those who see their oneness with all and approach life with beauty, sensitivity, myth, ritual, and song.
The real giveaway to spotting a Radical Virgo is that this Virgo has gotten over cringing at the mention of the 12th sign and has “gone Fishing.”


This article was first published in 'The Mountain Astrologer', April/May 1992

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JOYCE MASON is an eclectic astrologer, writer, metaphysician, and certified flower essence practitioner with a BA in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). She has over 30 years' combined casework and astrological counseling experience. Her star studies began in 1980 and quickened in 1988 when she discovered Chiron. The missing link to understanding herself and the bigger cosmic picture, Chiron quickly became her passion and life’s work. Joyce was editor of the international newsletter on Chiron called Chironicles from 1992-95. Joyce lives in the Sacramento, California area. Contact her by e-mail: 

 This is an exerpt from the article by Joyce Mason found in The Mountain Astrologer.  Make sure to check out her other work.

Also you might want to check out the Mountain Astrologer

May 22, 2020


Let Instability Do It’s Work

Here we are at another Sun change of sign and New Moon. The Sun is just barely into the sign of Gemini and will be delivering clear Gemini energy. I came across some of my notes on Gemini and found this quote from the work of Alice Bailey, “Let instability do its work.” Alice Bailey was a 20th century esoteric teacher and wrote many books with the aid of her spiritual teacher. I think how apt this quote is for our time. We are experiencing tremendous instability on all levels - politically, culturally, environmentally, monetarily and in terms of world health and most likely personally as a result of all the areas impacted.  


I find it comforting to consider the idea that there is value in instability. Bailey did her work during and after WWII. The world was in upheaval and that upheaval seems to continue to this day. It helps to remember that change takes time. From the perspective of my human life, everything seems to be taking so long and there is no calm. From the perspective of a tree, like the giant sequoias, my lifetime is barely a speck.


Most of us have heard of the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. Interesting times are times of instability and flux. How we manage these times makes a difference. I get an assist from connecting with Gemini energy. Gemini rules the lungs. When in stress—breathe. Gemini rules the mind and thinking. During Gemini times, we need to calm our nervous systems and rest. These are times to use our minds and also to discipline them. Too much worry and anxious thought is not help. I try to remember that my mind is a servant to the soul. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, in myth was the messenger of the gods and trouble ensued when Mercury “went rogue”.


Bring things into line with questions like: Who and what do I serve? How may I best serve? What message am I carrying to the world and how? These questions seem so much more relevant and important in times of instability when each one of us can provide a tipping point.

The new group of world servers


Creative people from all parts of the world serving in all fields of human endeavor are subjectively linked by the quality of their thoughts and actions; collectively they are known as the new group of world servers. This rapidly expanding group is comprised of those who think and act in terms of the one life and the one humanity; their growing sense of synthesis means that they are those who, rather than emphasizing points of contention and division between peoples, are highlighting points of identification and unity through the unconditional love they express.

The new group of world servers is not an exterior organization but could be thought of as a subjective organization, a group of people united as one through the synthesizing nature of their vision and work. They may not be consciously aware of this affiliation, they may not know or meet each other in person, but members of this worldwide group intuitively recognize and resonate with others who share this vision of human unity and are working to implement it in their chosen field. Above all members of this group represent an inclusive attitude of mind and the purpose underlying their life and activity is that of world service.

Their work is primarily, therefore, that of education and the expansion of human consciousness. Through the impression and expression of certain spiritual Ideas, they are bringing humanity to the understanding of fundamental ideas, which will inspire new modes of living.

(These are my thoughts NOT my words. These words are from the work of AA Bailey. I have since lost the pamphlet that is their source. sl)



December 21, 2019

8:19 PM PST




Today the Sun moves into Capricorn marking the Solstice. Here in the Northern hemisphere, we are entering winter. The night is as long as it will be and we are anticipating the return of the light. Many cultures use rituals that include lighting candles. This can remind us that just our small light can lift the darkness and when we come together with others we see and experience the warmth and brightness that happens when single lights merge. 


This year, the Sun moves into Capricorn and the Moon follows very soon.  Jupiter the grand benefic is already there as a king ready to greet the New Light. The Moon meets up with the Sun this year on Christmas night when there is also a Solar eclipse. This powerful stop and begin again in a powerful sign can give us an opportunity to design how we will use our power. We have the option to be agents of the Divine in bringing holy intent into form and choosing to fully incarnate into human form ourselves.


When we celebrate the coming of the Christ as a child to the human world, we are reminded we are each a Divine spark clothed in flesh. What a brave choice this is for souls. No wonder we give one another gifts! 


Special Notice for November, 2019



Space Weather News for Nov. 4, 2019

GET READY FOR THE TRANSIT OF MERCURY: One of the biggest astronomy events of the year is just one week away: The Transit on Mercury. On Monday, Nov 11th, Mercury will pass directly in front the sun, creating a jet black circular "sunspot" that anyone can safely observe. Find out when and how to look on today's edition of


You all know Mercury retrograde just now, but did you know it will be passing over the face of the Sun in just a few days? Above is a link to a wonderful site for finding out about special celestial events from an astronomy point of view.


From an astrological point of view:

Usually when planets are close to the Sun they become invisible, lost in Solar light, but in the case of Mercury and Venus, from time to time they make their presence known in a special way. Because of planetary orbits positions to Earth, these two planets can take a kind of prominence and may be seen to move across the face of the Sun rather than getting lost. For Mercury, this happens a number of times per century. November 11 is one of those times.


Mental process , Mercury, will become apparent. How we think about ourselves, Sun, will be impacted by this configuration. I am thinking that Mercury retro in Scorpio will force us to review times when ego-driven desire, a need to control the uncontrolable, and coersion impacted us in very real and direct ways.

Take a look at the chart of the current Full Moon in Pisces.

I'll be back in a bit to unpack it a bit for you.


Meeting Aquarius


            In the summer of 2017, the year of the great solar eclipse that crossed the entire USA, my husband and I took a road trip through California into Oregon. We were in a pretty luxurious RV that let us travel in comfort and bring our home with us. The two of us and our small dog stopped along the way in state and national parks. We might have been a bit ambitious in distance, but we saw beautiful country and enjoyed visits along the way. 

            One of our stops was on Mt. Shasta. We found a spot at McBride Springs Campground in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, a 12 space campground a short distance from the little town of Mt. Shasta City. McBride Springs campground is basic. There are no showers or flush toilets. There are sturdy bear boxes and there are trees and plenty of water.  We were completely self-contained, so McBride was perfect. We parked and began settled in by a sweet running creek.  

            The name of the park was McBride Springs, so we set out to find those springs. A short walk brought us to a path with a sign of a hand pump. Another bit of walking brought to muddy wet puddley bit and finally a fallen log making a bridge across a deeper puddley bit. At the log, a couple, each carrying a water tank passed us. We asked about the water and were told to stay on the path. We were told we would come upon a hand pump that drew up the sweetest water from deep in the mountain. 

            Sure enough we got to the place where the pump just came up in the center of a concrete square. It took serious effort to get the water up and flowing. But when it did, it was indeed sweet and very cold. We filled the 3-gallon water bottle we had brought and our smaller jugs as well. We heard a conversation moving toward us. It was a man and woman probably in their late 20s or early 30s. They were young and attractive, fit and friendly and each carried a large water tank.

            I almost always talk to strangers so I asked what they were doing. They explained they were coming ahead of a group of 12 that would be setting up camp higher up the mountain where there was no water. Their task was to bring water for the entire group for their stay. They filled their tanks and headed back to the road at a good clip while we followed behind at a slower pace.

            Back on the road the couple we had met were ready to set off to fill another couple of tanks. They had a big job ahead, but were in good spirits—motivated by a sense of service to the group. It was thinking these thoughts about them that I realized I was face to face with Aquarius. They were the water bearers for the group of 12. 

            It was clear their task was not taken on as a burden. They were serving the greater good and that was reward for them. They were energetically tending to the needs of the future and clearly doing their task as equals—another attribute of Aquarius.  

Part of living a magical life is being open and curious and willing to engage life enough to see what is before your eyes. I didn’t expect to find and drink from the pure deep water of a sacred mountain, but I did. I didn’t expect to meet an astrological archetype, but I did. You never know when or where symbols will show up, but you can know for certain they will. 



The Real Work


It may be that when we no longer know what to do
we have come to our real work,


and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have come to our real journey.


The mind that is not baffled is not employed.


The impeded stream is the one that sings.



~ Wendell Berry ~


(Collected Poems)



This great poem came to me through Panhala ( done  by Joe Riley). Now, I don’t know who Joe Riley is or what else he does in his life, but this is a man who understands disseminating in a serious way. For years, poems and images have shown up in my email. They are always on target and thought provoking. From time to time, there is a break and I miss it. Then there was the email problem that changed how I give and get my email. In that period, I lost Panhala. I am now back on the case to have it back in my life.


This poem addresses a couple of elements of the current astrological weather. One is the real work of Mercury retrograde. In the mental confusion that is Mercury in Pisces, we lose our place in our continuing narrative about what we really think is going on in life. The impediments and blocks, the seeming lost opportunities, missteps, and fumbles help us hit our personal “reset” button.


The mind dislikes any and all doubt and confusion, though the fact is we are always out of our depth most of the time. We find unreasonable comfort in believing we are in charge and know what’s really going on. This poem encourages embracing the confusion and openness that comes with it in order to attend the real work of life—living it.


This site and this poem are also wonderful examples of the Disseminating Moon and the work that goes with it. We contribute to life, we disseminate our gift to the world, when we use ourselves as the vessel through which life flows. The message that comes through each individual is made unique and distinct by the blocks and impediments that are unique to that person. Each voice in the chorus of humanity is required for the song to be just right.


Disseminate, share, yourself and your voice. You alone can do that and we need your voice. Bless your obstacles and impediments. Honor the wonder, confusion, and bewilderment when it comes. We are all shaped by Mystery. 



Full Moon September 24, 2018


I had the idea that it might be a good idea to take a look at the chart for this Full Moon. It comes just 2 days after the Equinox which puts it squarely in an angular position on a natural chart.  Here's my takeaway on the message of this chart:

There is a definite karmic element. Saturn is at the top of the chart and in precise square to the Sun and Moon. Saturn is structure and in a position of mediating the opposition of Sun and Moon.  The darkness that is illuminated by this Full Moon is aggression and what we do to tone it down to maintain relationship or what we give up of ourselves in relationship. It might just be a study in the difference between being "nice" and being 'kind". 

To be "nice" one gives up oneself and there is always some hidden (or not so hidden) aggression as a result. There is judgement as the other is seen as unable to competently handle the truth or the presenting reality. To be "kind" the other is honored as having the capacity to face reality and the natural consequences of their behavior and/or choices.


July 20,2018

Second Mercury Retrograde of 2018


Here is the general info re: Mercury retrograde this year. Remember, Mercury retro is a GOOD thing. It forces us to take a pause in our forward motion and review what has occured to us during the forward period of Mercury. 

In mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods. Mercury skims the boundaries between earth and the heavens, between genders, between humanity and divinity. Mercury impacts how we think, do business, and communicate. Mercury aids us in translating ideas into words and products. 


Mercury is always a close companion to the Sun and is never far from the great luminary. 3 or 4 times a year Mercury slows its forward motion and seems to move backward, this is called a retrograde motion and it is said to have an impact on us from about 7 days before and after the days of actual retrograde motion. The retro motion lasts about 3 weeks. This year, Mercury will retrograde in each of the 3 fire signs. Mercury will pass through Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. 



Before the retrograde get repairs made, documents and agreements signed, travel plans set and projects officially begun. Once Mercury moves to nearly a standstill begin operating as though it were already retrograde. Use the retrograde to review, rewrite, relax, and renew. On reflection, edit and make necessary adjustments. This is a great time to research in order to make better decisions on action after the retrograde is over. Each retro is flavored by the sign Mercury occupies for its backward glance.

So what is so good about Mercury retro? 

If we go full speed ahead all the time, we exhaust ourselves and miss oppotunities for course corrections. Mercury retro is time for the pause. These are the times when with a look at the past and a pause for reflecton,  we get a better sense of our current course and where we are headed without adjustments. Insights that come at this time lead to a clearer path to our goals and objectives. 


You may not begin something new during this time, but you will likley get some excellent ideas. Carry a notebook or dictate notes so you will have these ideas to put into action when Mercury is once more guiding us forward.

2018 Mercury retrograde in Leo

posted July 20, 2018


"It's perfect for reviewing the past, reclaiming the present, and researching the future."  Jim Shawvan in Llewellyn's 2017 Daily Planetary Guide


Mercury is retrograde-settle down! You have nothing to worry about. This happens 3 or 4 times a year and it gives us all time to catch up. This retrograde will spend the entire time in the sign of Aries. Mercury moves into Leo on June 29, and will be there until September 6, 2018. The retrograde ends August 19, but we are still under its influence until August 24. As you know, it's good to get all business done a few days ahead of the retrograde and commence initiating new projects a few days after the stationary period. 


Yes, it's still best to avoid signing contracts, read them extra carefully if you must sign. Retrograde Mercury is not a great time to move into a new place or begin a new project, or begin a new job. The retrograde in Aries is a great time to do some research into examining the image you put forward into the world. It isn't the time to put that image out as yet, but it is surely the time to review and see if what you are putting out in the world to represent you is still relevant.


The key words for Leo are "I will".  Mercury is our thinking. A good question for this retrograde is "Who or what do I love?".  Mercury retro in Leo is a perfect time to reflect on your ego and sense of self. What are your sources of re-creation? What is your hearts desire?


I think of the question,  "Whom does the Grail serve?"  Are you a living expression of the unique aspect of the Divine that you and you alone can be. Is your ego aligned with the prescious spark of Divinity that is you greater and best self? What do you use your life energy to create and is that changing or changed? Is Love reigning in your heart? 


I have noticed some people feel a distinct urge to make changes and big moves during the retrograde period or just before it begins. In the retrograde period, the thinking function is altered. The mental process is no less sharp, but is more strongly influenced by other factors such as feeling, intuition, maybe even a bit of "fuzziness". This is not a bad thing, but can be anxiety producing for individuals who rely on facts and analysis. Review with a bit of "fuzzy" thinking can help us see things in a different light that can lead to positive change, but this new view is not necessarily comfortable. There is also the idea that Mercury rules the nervous system and those sensitive to its influence may ordinarily feel a bit anxious and much more so under the retrograde influence.  


Here's an idea. Start making and using your own Mercury Retrograde log. Keep track of your ideas during the retro and how they develop during the direct motion. Keep track of your urge for change and anxiety levels prior to, during, and just after the retrograde. Use the very Virgo process of observing and documenting the observations of nature in order to understand and form ideas of what is happening with a clear sense. 


Take a look at ASTRONEWS on this website to see more about Mercury retrograde. I have learned to appreciate these retrograde periods that let me look at each of the signs Mercury explores in a new way. Maybe you will observe in a new way as well. If you are interested in where Mercury was at the time of your birth, that is something shown in your natal or birth chart. It is definitely something I can help you with. You can reach me through this website or at

reviewed and revised for first retrograde of 2018 on 7/20/18


Let Instability Do Its Work


Here we are at another Sun change of sign and New Moon. The Sun is just barely into the sign of Gemini and will be delivering clear Gemini energy. I came across some of my notes on Gemini. I found a quote; Let instability do its work. I think this quote is from Alice Bailey, a 20th century esoteric teacher. I think how apt this quote is for our time.We are experiencing tremendous instability politically, culturally, environmentally, and most likely personally as a result of all the areas impacted.  


I find it comforting to consider the idea that there is value in instability. Bailey did her work during and after WWII. The world was in upheaval and that upheaval seems to continue to this day. It helps to remember that change takes time. From the perspective of my human life, everything seems to be taking so long and there is no calm. From the perspective of a tree, like the giant sequoias, my lifetime is barely a speck.


Most of us have heard of the Chinese curse; May you live in interesting times. Interesting times are times of instability and flux. How we manage these times makes a difference. I get an assist from connecting with Gemini energy. Gemini rules the lungs. When in stress—breathe. Gemini rules the mind and thinking. These are times to use our minds and also to discipline them. Too much worry and anxious thought is not help. I try to remember that my mind is a servant to the soul.


Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, was the mythic messenger of the gods. This trickster of a deity was rarely straightforward and often a troublemaker. In story it is often a challenge to determine who and what Mercury served. I take this uncertain time to ask of myself,  "Who and what do I serve? How may I best serve? What message am I carrying to the world and how?"  These questions seem so much more relevant and important in times of instability when each one of us can provide a tipping point. 


-this drawing with the caption on the wall of The Beginning is Near seems just right for now. I don't know the artist, but thank them and hope it's ok to have it here.

Preparing for the Full Moon

and Retrogrades


For those of you new to ideas in astrology this is a little note.

Because planets have eliptical orbits around the sun with us, from time to time they seem, from the perspective of earth, to move backwards. We say in these cases that the planets are in RETROGRADE MOTION. This happens cyclically and the retrograde times are opportunities to reflect, correct, examine, and make corrections-among other things.

Right now (just before the Full Moon on April, 2017), Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in retrograde motion. These are all visible planets-Mars is the only visible planet that is not retrograde right now. The visible planets are personal. We feel them and their influence in our personal lives. 

Mercury - We are familiar with this one, since it happens 3 or 4 times a year. This retrograde begins in Taurus and moves back into Aries. In general, this would be a review of what you value and your personal wealth (interesting that taxes come due during this retrograde). Mercury moves back into Aries providing an opportunity to review just who you think you are and what actions you have taken to demonstrate that to the world. Where this is in your personal chart is very important in determining more clearly personal impact of this retrograde.


Venus - Venus moves in a retrograde motion about every year and a half.This is the valueable time we review what we value and what we love. This retrograde begins in Aries and moves back into Pisces. The review is uncomfortable as we are given time to review our actions and how consistent or inconsistent they have been in the service of love. The return into Pisces allows us to either seek escape from our part or go deeply and be rigorously honest and serve soul(Once again the placement in your personal chart is an essential element in gaining the most value from this).


Jupiter - Jupiter moves in a retrograde motion about every year. This means we spend about half of the year in review of all things Jupiter. We review and reflect on expansion, abundance, hubris, and inflation. Jupiter is the grand benefic and as such has a positive influence most of the time, but bigger is not always better. The entire retrograde is in Libra. This suggests a good time to review relationships and how fair you feel they are. In myth, Jupiter's largesse was rarely a benefit to relationship. Time to take a look . Take time with this one and note its placement in your chart.

Saturn - Saturn also seems to be in retrograde motion about every year. Saturn is the karmic teacher. Saturn tends to be limiting and painfully honest and in Sagittarius could likely impose painful justice. Find out where Saturn may be forcing you to take a cold honest look at your life and behaviors.

Some of you might be interested in the chart for this New Moon in Aries. You don't have to know a lot about astrology to figure that a square doesn't have a lot of movement to it. There isn't a lot of flow. A square puts points against one another and that is what we see in the chart of this New Moon and we will see in the coming Full Moon as well. The difference will be the coming Full is even more filled with obstruction and disharmony. 

Certainly you are seeing this around you. Here's my suggestion for this. You can make a choice regarding where and with whom you will put your energy and allegiance. Think you position out carefully. Take time to breathe and monitor your connection with what might be called objective reallity. Things may or may not turn out the way you think they should. Your task is commitment to integrity. 

 Wild Ride


I probably don't have to tell you there is rough weather currently and coming. If you are weak or ill, rest. If you have energy and a plan, act. If you are fuzzy headed and rudderless, pray and do the job in front of you. Help when and where you can. Ask for help when you need it. Review and examine what you love and value and why. Commit to love and beauty and learning what needs to be learned. 

There are certain activities that connect us to Life in a deep way. When we note the changes of season, or the cycles of the Moon, we include ourselves in the changes of nature. We can use the natural currents of unseen energy in much the same way a sailor uses the winds and currents to reach distant shores.

A magical life is one that notices and makes use of the multitude of small miracles that are part of everyday life. To live a magical life it’s essential to be present and pay attention to the sweet magic that surrounds us all.

Wonder is an essential element of a magical life. 

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